10 Best HR Practices In India To Develop Better Workplaces

There were days when many organizations were reluctant to discuss or concentrate on HR best practices. They used to think that HR activities are not the important things that should be done on a regular basis. But HR activities should be done properly on a regular basis with zero error. But without properly defined hr practices it will be hard to outline which activities are required and which are not. In 2021, many companies will prefer to follow the best hr practices in India. 

What are these HR best practices? 

When regular HR activities are not HR practices, what are these HR practices! We can say that a good HR practice is nothing but a plan, principle, or an effective idea. Generally, these plans or ideas are universally accepted as they help in the best business execution. If you are running an organization, it is important to follow the best HR practices in India. In this way, achieving your organizational goals will be easy for you. Along with this, you will also be able to extend the strengths of your organization and slowly build a talent pool

Difference between HR practices and HR activities? 

When it comes to following the best HR practices in India, a lot of employers get confused between the best HR activities and best HR practices. If you too are facing the same situation, this section of this blog is going to clear all your doubts. 

When it comes to optimizing human capital investment, we can say that both HR practices and HR activities will play a vital role together. You need to understand how these two things leave effects on your business organization individually. Leading business organizations in any industry mainly combine these two things in a strategic order so that they can easily reach their business goals. 

Generally, the HR head of an HR of any organization prepares the framework, rules, and regulations in order to properly set a direction to manage all employees easily and efficiently. The HR manager will implement the HR plans or practices in synchronization with the company’s executive plans. There are some effective Universally recognized best HR practices that completely transform the work culture, environment, and productivity of an organization. 

  • Planning and implementing the best HR department goals
  • Creating effective plans that can actually manage the workflows of the HR department
  • Enabling calculating parameters to check the effectiveness of HR programs
  • Enabling diversity in plans in order to add some quality to the workplace
  • Generating leadership programs and talent acquisition ideas
  • Generating various employee motivation ideas and programs
  • Planning the best performance monitoring and assessment program
  • Setting up policies to conduct employee advancement programs, and so on

When it comes to HR activities, we can say that routine HR activities are nothing but a way to apply the strategies determined by the best HR practices. HR activities actually help in carrying out the goals of the HR department. Generally, HR activities include: 

  • Payroll 
  • Surveys
  • Selection and recruitment
  • Onboarding and training 
  • Compensation and favors
  • Employee relation and labor
  • Retention
  • Security and health
  • Employee attendance 
  • Overtime and bonuses, and so on

If we become a bit simpler, we can say that the HR practices are nothing but a process to identify business requirements and build plans based on them. On the other hand, HR activities are responsible for executing the plans that are essential for meeting business goals. 

There are lots of HR practices that companies should follow. It is also true that every business is unique in its requirements and goals. Today, we are going to share a long list of the best hr practices in India so that you can easily create a better workplace. Only good HR practices can smoothen the path of success and turn the organization into an industry leader. We have a long list of the best HR practices in India that Indian companies can follow and enjoy the benefits. 

The best HR practices in India a company should follow in 2021

  1. Developing a happy workplace- Expert HR professionals say that one of the most effective ways of keeping employees motivated as well as determined is to offer them a safe, healthy, and happy work atmosphere. When an employee gets comfort, motivation, and positivity, he/she will choose to stay in that company for a longer span of time. In order to follow such an HR practice, being an HR professional you need to conduct surveys to capture the thoughts of your staff and remarks regarding the present situation of the office. If you are clueless about how to track employees or conduct a survey, you can take the help of advanced HRMS software such as HRMWARE. You can track everything and decide what can be the next most effective step for the growth of your organization. 
  1. Open book management style- open book management style stands for enabling a completely transparent system. The company should share company updates with all its employees. It will make the employee passionate about the business goals of the company. You will be able to motivate all your employees and for them achieving goals will be easier. When they have a better understanding of your goals, they will automatically improve productivity and you will suffer from poor employee engagement and retention. In order to keep the entire system truly transparent, HRMS can best help you. From organization policies to payroll details- accessing everything will be easy and secure for an employee. In order to bring the desired transparency into the system, it will be better if you take the help of an HRMS system. 
  1. Bonus and awards on good performance- you are offering salaries to all your employees. This is a good thing. But if you fail to make your truly hard-working employees special, soon they leave for an organization where they will get the right form of appreciation. Offering bonuses and awards to employees actually helps organizations to boost employee retention and engagement. Bonuses and awards are also great motivational things. Employees will go miles extra so that they too can get bonuses and awards. 
  2. 360 performance management- how an employee is performing you should get feedback on that from various sources. You should collect feedback from peers, juniors, managers, and so on. Here, you should value each person from the list. You should tally feedback with the performance record you have. In order to collect as well as storing performance records, you should take the help of a cloud-based human resource management system software such as HRMWARE. With feedback from various sources and data records, you will be able to do 360-degree performance management. 
  3. Neutral evaluation system- in order to run a business organization and to motivate all employees at the best level, you should develop a neutral evaluation system. It will help you in linking the performance of each employee to your corporate goals and significance. You should ensure that each employee should have well-defined reporting relationships. In order to make the evaluation system effective, you can enable a self-rating process for all your employees. The evaluation procedure needs to be neutral and based on the achievements of the employees. 
  4. Sharing knowledge- Over time, your company may have offered a lot of tips and suggestions to all its employees so that they can grow faster and achieve the business goals easily. Every employee should get a platform where he/she can explore all tips and suggestions provided by the employer. This kind of requirement can be easily satisfied with the help of a cloud-based HRM software solution. You will be able to store as well as display organizational tips and news for all your employees. They will explore your hr management software solution and know more about you. 
  5. Highlight performers- You may know that real examples leave the best impact on the mind of your employees. No matter if it is an organizational scenario or anything else. If you can set an example others will surely follow that example. In order to make this possible, you should appreciate the best performers of your organization and set them as examples. Their news of success should be shared with all employees regarding branches and there should be a display board. In this way, employees will get a real-time example and focus more on their performance. It will make them understand what their employer is actually in search of. 
  6. Rewards and recognition- There are some people who are working at your place and improving themselves on a regular basis. They are doing great contributions to your organization on a regular basis. We have seen that many companies do not put much effort into recognizing the real talents of their organization. And as a result, a lot of talented employees leave the organization and the organization fails to maintain the quality of work. In order to improve employee engagement and employee retention, you should appreciate the best employees and reward them rightly. 
  7. Open house discussion and feedback- You will agree that ideas rule the world. Organizations that want to become the leaders of the industry, should focus more on their ideas. Idea generation is not easy as here you need to activate a lot of resources at the same time. You should allow your employees to create and discuss ideas in terms of planning the growth strategy of the organization. If you do not let your employees take an active part, you will actually miss a lot of amazing ideas that can completely transform your organization. Open house discussions, employee management meetings, tools, and suggestion boxes, and so many other things are there that you can actually use in order to get new ideas to keep your organization updated as well as profitable. 
  8. Delight your employees- the workplace can be boring if there are no pleasure-some activities conducted by the HRs of an organization. Employees will come, perform, and return to their homes. If you too enable such a process, you will definitely suffer from poor employee engagement and retention. In order to eliminate the monotonous working hours and to bring some refreshment to the workplace, you should properly delight your employees. According to your budget and schedules, you can conduct various kinds of games and refresh your employees properly. While planning delighting activities for all your employees, you should ensure that the productivity level should not get affected due to delighting activity. 

These are the best hr practices in India when it comes to keeping a workforce functional and boosting the employee engagement and retention rate. Enabling all these hr practices is a bit challenging if there is no support from an advanced and cloud-based hr management software solution. 

In order to follow these best hr practices in India, many companies enable HRMS systems like HRMWARE. If you are yet to enable such a system, this is the best time to go for an hr management system. HRMWARE will let you follow all the best hr practices in India without pouring any additional effort. 

Enabling HRMWARE is super easy as all you need to do is just call +91 9038 457 911 and get it activated in the next minute. This advanced cloud-based system comes with all the best features, analytics, and metrics. It will help you in tracking A to Z things about employees and you will be able to plan the best HR practices in India. 

These are the best HR practices in India that any organization regardless of its size and type can follow and ensure the path of growth. Activating these HR practices manually will not be possible for you. You can power your organization with an HRMS and following these best HR practices will be super easy for you. HRMWARE is now free for organizations that are running with up to ten employees. No matter if you are running a big organization or a small one, HRMWARE is ready to power you in all ways.