10 best tactics to successfully create a recruitment strategy

Hiring the right talents is the key to hitting the business goals. The hiring can be all good if you equip the process with a robust recruitment strategy. Being the creator of a future-proof human resource management software, we are bound to take a close look at the hiring processes, patterns, and trends of various industries. The right human resource management starts with great hiring. And that’s why we suggest every business owner concentrate on their recruitment strategy before starting the actual hiring work. Hiring can be extremely easy and effective if there is an amazing recruitment strategy. Today, we are here to let you know some steps or tips to create a recruitment strategy that will perfectly take care of all your hiring requirements. 

What is a recruitment strategy? 

A recruitment strategy is basically a recruitment plan. The recruitment strategy will explain the need for new hires, time to hire, and how to hire. The entire process will be logical and systematic and directly linked to the overall company objectives. 

You should design the recruitment strategy in an advanced way so that you can easily implement it and communicate effortlessly. The strategy should be clear, transparent, and logical in all ways so that all associates can be well informed about the goal. 

Why do you need a recruitment strategy?

We all know that the main aim of the recruitment policy is to ensure a transparent process to have the best candidates on board. If you can design the recruitment process well, you can easily hire candidates based on their merit, skills, and experience. In order to keep the recruitment process super smooth, experts always suggest going for a superior recruitment strategy. If you too are planning to create a recruitment strategy, you should explore its importance too. Otherwise, you may feel that you have no answer when you will think about why you require a recruitment strategy. 

Transparency in the hiring process

The recruitment strategy is there to ensure that all procedures related to recruitment and selection are properly transparent and there is no fishiness for the candidates. It also ensures that all processes are being rightly followed by all associates in the recruitment procedure. Once you can design a completely transparent process, you will be more confident about your end results. 

  1. Better and merit-based hires 

You have to conduct the recruitment in a fair and legitimate manner. A robust recruitment strategy helps in eliminating discriminatory behavior from the process. Apart from this, the recruitment strategy also helps in keeping every job application confidential. Ensuring proper security to job applications and the personal details of employees is gravely important. You can easily maintain all these things with an advanced recruitment strategy. 

  1. Consistency in the process 

The recruitment and selection processes should be consistent otherwise, you have to deal with inconsistent results. There should be equal selection criteria. If each candidate needs to face unique criteria, having a candidate will seem like a dream. For all stages of the recruitment process, there should be predetermined criteria. In this way, eliminating bias and discrimination from the process will be easy. 

  1. It adds the credibility 

If there is an advanced recruitment strategy, it will be easier for you to set a credible impression of your organization. If candidates find your organization credible enough, they will not hesitate to apply or accept the job offer. It is also true that there are a lot of fake companies which only scam candidates. We suggest setting a recruitment strategy that will add credibility and make candidates confident enough to apply for your offered jobs. 

  1. A perfect job description

If you are equipped with an effective recruitment strategy, it’s sure that you will be pretty confident. Your confidence will reflect on the job description. The job post or the job description is the very first thing that can impress your target candidates. In a job description, required skills, education, experience, and job details will be mentioned. So that candidates can decide whether they are fit for the job or not at a glance. In this way, it will be possible to easily hire the right talents without wasting a lot of time.

Once you understand what is a recruitment strategy, it’s time to explore the ways to develop a great one. Maybe you still have one you need to review and confirm it is satisfying all the growing requirements of your organization. The recruitment strategy needs to be reviewed and redesigned on a regular basis. Based on the trends, changes in the industry, and growing requirements, all leading organizations prefer to create a recruitment strategy. 

If you too are planning to have an effective one prepared and activated, you can follow our tips to create a successful recruitment strategy. 

10 tactics to have a powerful recruitment strategy

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Improve your online marketing assets 

You know that when you post a job ad, candidates will search your company details. They will explore your company website, search for you on social media platforms, and do their own research. If you have a poor website or poor appearance on social media platforms, they will change their mind to apply for your offered job and apply somewhere else. And that’s why we suggest improving the online marketing assets. Once you improve these things, you will be able to create a better impression of your organization and grab the attention of candidates even before they apply for you. 

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Take the help of social media like LinkedIn

Modern companies prefer to hire new candidates using various social media platforms even though we do the same. According to LinkedIn, someone is getting hired every 8 seconds. Social media platforms are supportive enough to post job details, communicate with candidates directly, and get resumes within a short span of time. Apart from this, on LinkedIn, recruiters are able to search for skilled candidates according to their criteria

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Optimize the job description with the right keywords 

While preparing the job description, you need to be more careful. You should choose the best words and keywords to describe the position, requirements, and the company. If you wisely input the valuable keywords, your job post will get better reach. More candidates of the same domain will find the job ad and you will get more applicants to find the best ones. The online job posting portals will work based on those keywords and inform similar candidates so that they can apply for the position. In order to reach and attract more candidates, it is obvious to optimize the job description with the right keywords. 

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Do research about the salary range

The salary range is a vital factor to impress a candidate. Before posting the job ads on popular online job posting portals, you should conduct proper research about the current salary range in the market according to the industry. There are various types of portals to offer salary range ideas and insights such as salary.com or payscale.com. After exploring the salary range on these portals, you can discuss the same with your interviewees to get sure that your offered salary range is up to the mark. 

 There are many misconceptions about the salary range such as every year the salary range will increase for various job positions. But in reality, there are a lot of factors that decide the range in the market. Technology, recession, political decisions, investments, and so many other factors are there to decide the salary range of a particular market. 

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Highlight the company perks 

There are some seconds only to win a candidate at the very first move. There are a lot of companies that post job vacancies on a regular basis. It is a pretty simple thing that a candidate has more employers to apply to instead of you. Yet some companies are great at grabbing candidates’ attention at the very first move. If you closely evaluate their hiring approach, you will find out that in the job post, they mention the best perks of joining their company. You should follow the same. 

You can mention the perks, growth, and company preposition in the industry to make a candidate feel secure to join you. Candidates are always eager to join a company where they get solid growth opportunities. In the job post, you have to show the company is able to offer all growth opportunities in a precise manner. 

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Keep searching for them 

After posting the job ad, your duty to search for the right candidates does not end. You may think that candidates will reach you after seeing your job posts. It is true that they will come to you but that does not mean you do not need to pour more effort to reach them. You should continue the practices to find and directly contact relevant candidates using various platforms. You can use powerful keywords in order to find candidates who can be interested in your job offer. You can take the help of online job portals and social media platforms to reach the right candidates directly. 

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Schedule as many as interviews required 

If there is no certain limit of interviews for a job vacancy, you can carry out a solid number of interviews in order to find the best candidates. You can conduct telephonic, face-to-face, and video calling interviews in order to find the best fit for your organization. It is not that with the help of the process, you will get the best fit for the current vacancies but also you get resources for future vacancies. 

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Include managers and team leaders in the process

When it comes to hiring new candidates, you should include team leaders and managers in the interview procedure. Team leaders and managers know more about the work and which candidates can perform the tasks easily. We have seen that many companies do not include team experts in the process and as a result, experts need to spend more time on candidate training and development. If more time needs to be invested in employee training and development, it will directly hit the productivity level. 

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Conduct reference interviews 

It is not that you can get referrals only from your own employees. You can get referrals from your interviewees. While communicating with your interviewees, you can ask them to refer their known candidates who would like to work in the offered positions. In this way, you will get more active candidates and your hiring process will be easy. Sometimes, hitting all active candidates cannot be possible. But you can get more and more active candidates via reference interviews. Actually, candidates know who is willing to change the company in their circle. Winning these referred candidates is easier than winning a reluctant passive candidate. 

  1. Create a recruitment strategy: Identify how to attract candidates 

You have to master the ways to attract candidates. The way you can win a candidate who is actively looking for a new job is that way you cannot win a passive candidate. The process, the style, and even the hiring approach will be different. There should be different tactics to apply according to the candidate type. Each tactic should be well measured otherwise you can enable something wrong and make your recruitment process more complicated than ever. 

You should put effort into all channels. You should post vacancies on your website, various job portals, and even on social media platforms to get more applicants and referrals. 


In these 10 ways, you can easily set up a truly effective recruitment strategy. If you create a recruitment strategy, it will make your recruitment process future-proof. Once you are backed by an advanced strategy, from hiring the right talents to retaining them- everything will be super easy. Recruitment is the first bold step to develop a strong workforce. Having a strong workforce means you will be productive and prone to growth even when the market will go through ups and downs. These ten ways are tried and tested by us. If you want to know more about crafting a recruitment strategy for your organization, reach us to discuss.