7 reasons why you need an applicant tracking system for hiring

Do you know how to ensure the success of a business organization? Success can be easily achievable if there are the right employees on board. Having the right candidates to handle critical responsibilities is tough. In this candidate-ruling market, winning the most eligible candidates is challenging and recruiters are leaving no stone unturned to let the organization have the best people. If you are in the same phase, this blog is meant for you. We all are realizing that recruitment is getting tougher each day yet some organizations are winning best talents easily. How they are making it possible or what more do you need to be the leader- everything will be discussed in this blog. 

When we discuss modern recruitment challenges and winning strategies, we must agree that without having an ATS, it’s very difficult to balance with the global market. All leading organizations’ recruitment departments are rightly equipped with the best Applicant tracking system for hiring. In 2021, we can see that all lots of small companies, startups, medium-sized organizations, and obviously giant ones are enabling the applicant tracking system as an integral thing. Why? Do you need to do the same? We all need these answers to power our recruitment processes properly. How an ats can help an organization, let’s know that below. 

  1. Reduce the overall recruitment cost

You are familiar with the cost-per-hire term. It stands for the total amount of monetary investment that organizations require in order to recruit an employee. The cost-per-hire calculation includes a lot of factors such as variables, recruiters’ salaries, employee referral bonus, travel and relocation costs, job ad costs, etc. 

An Applicant tracking system for hiring will concentrate on all these factors and reduce the overall hiring costs. For example, we can say that, after posting a job ad, you will get lots of applications. But if you let your recruiters manually screen and shortlist those applications, they will require days after days. And just to perform the first stage of hiring, you have to pay a lot of money. The same task can be done within minutes if you enable an applicant tracking system for hiring. Thousands of applications will be screened and shortlisted by the ats and recruiters can use the saved time on other important areas of recruitment such as relation-building with candidates. 

When time-consuming and copious tasks get done by humans, a lot of errors can take place. These errors can make the process complicated and recruiters need to spend more time in order to correct those issues. Sometimes, errors can drag an organization to the courtroom. In order to save time, keep the process error-free, and save a lot of money, there is no better solution than installing an Applicant tracking system for hiring. 

Advanced applicant tracking systems provide insights and let us easily understand which source of hire is truly effective for us. When we can recognize the best source, automatically we stop investing in random ways and save a lot of money. 

  1. A standard and accurate database for all candidates 

Those days are gone when recruiters used to write down candidate details in a file and store it for years. This process was not only time-consuming but also prone to error. Thanks to modern applicant management systems as these systems are equipping us with easy to access and high secured databases. 

These advanced databases are easy to update and we can use them in the way we want. There are some advanced HR management software solutions that come with the ats benefits such as HRMWARE. HRMWARE will help you have an advanced database where you can store current and future candidate details and access them according to the requirement.

Developing a candidate base is important to have successful hires instantly. And having such a base will be easier than ever with an advanced database system offered by HRMWARE, the best Applicant tracking system for hiring. When we post a job ad, a lot of candidates apply, we cannot hire them all. But that does not mean those candidates are not valuable to us. Advanced ats for recruitment help us in shortlisting candidates. For candidates who get eliminated in the first or second final round, organizations prefer to have a list of those employees in order to develop an effective candidate base and get the best talents from there in order to satisfy the future requirements. So, HRMWARE will provide an advanced database system where we can have current candidates’ details and we can easily develop a candidate base in order to fill future requirements of the organization. 

  1. Accurate statistical information on the HR team’s performance 

It is not that only enabling the best technologies or redesigning the hiring policy will make organizations enjoy lots of amazing benefits in terms of recruitment. How the HR team is working is also important to ensure success. Today, we do not need to depend on words, we can measure effort and success. The applicant tracking system for hiring will offer accurate insights into the performance of the hr team. 

Today’s recruitment is tricky than ever and that’s why recruiters are bound to try and test various ways to bring the best benefits to the table. When they apply a new way or the current method is beneficial or not, we need to understand that. An Applicant tracking system for hiring helps us in understanding the effectiveness of a method and how the team is working. From those accurate insights, we can easily understand what more we needed to advance the process and ensure maximum benefits. 

Hr management software like HRMWARE comes with the applicant tracking benefits. Such a cloud-based system is enriched with robust analytical elements and as a result, getting the best insights seems an easy thing for all subscribed users i.e. organizations. 

  1. Advanced career site management 

When organizations decide to spend money on technology to make all organizational operations error-free and time-effective, we suggest going for technologies that offer more. I mean there are multiple tasks associated with hiring and human resource management. And for each task, we cannot enable separate software solutions. You should choose only those solutions which offer maximum benefits instead of a single-time investment. 

For example, if you are investing in hr software, check if it offers applicant tracking and career site management benefits or not. Just to screen resumes and sort applications, we should not invest only in an ATS, there should be more benefits. You should invest in software systems like HRMWARE. Here, you will get hr management benefits, applicant tracking benefits, and career site management benefits. 

Career site management requires a lot of effort and sincerity. Wherever you post job ads, willing candidates will come to your website and check the career page to get sure about the vacancy. Updating the site according to the condition is tough for some organizations as HRs and recruiters remain busy all day. In such a condition, the career site management facility of HRMWARE can please you. 

You can prepare various job posts and save that in the system. According to the requirements, you can make the ad visible to candidates, and then again you can hide it. You can enable any kind of changes in the posted ad whenever you want. This facility is not available at any job ad posting portal. If you try to enable changes on posted job ads on your career site, you have to face a lot of steps and spend a lot of time. But HRMWARE can manage it for yourself. You have to just log in and share the changes and it will instantly reflect on the career site. 

Even if you do not have any career site or career page on your website, still you can post jobs online and get applications. HRMWARE will create a microsite to post your job ads and your target candidates will be able to directly apply from there. You will receive all applications in HRMWARE, you can screen and sort them automatically, store them for present and future use, schedule interviews with, and so on. This is not only an applicant tracking system for hiring, this is a holy grail to manage all your hiring and hr responsibilities. 

  1. More than an applicant tracking system 

When you are investing in technologies, try to ensure that you are enabling maximum benefits for your organization. We have already said that there are various tasks in recruitment and human resource management and for each task, we cannot have a software solution. There should be one system that will cover a lot of tasks. HRMWARE is such a versatile Applicant tracking system for hiring with hrm benefits. 

After hiring the best talents, you can easily onboard candidates. It offers employee self-onboarding facilities. If you are running your organization remotely, this software can help you a lot. Using any browser, your employees can access this SaaS product and perform their tasks easily. From publishing job posts to managing candidate data and from enabling self-onboarding to managing payroll- HRMWARE can offer all benefits that any modern HR department is in search of. 

Payroll, attendance management, employee onboarding, salary management, employee performance tracking, and so many other tasks are there that require technology backup for accuracy. This software solution comes with advanced analytics and the department can easily do expense management, performance management, and so on. When you get accurate data and hr reports, it’s become easy for you to make an effective data-driven decision to take the organization to a new level. 

  1. Easy to scale and manage 

When it comes to choosing an Applicant tracking system for hiring, you should go for an option that is truly scalable. Maybe today you have a small organization but in the future, it will definitely grow. And then you may need to invest again in an applicant tracking system for recruitment if you do not install a scalable one today. 

While choosing the ays for recruitment, you should check all factors very well and get sure about its scalability. HRMWARE is a perfectly scalable system with various pricing models. There are various subscription plans for small businesses, startups, medium ones, and giant organizations. 

When your organization will start to grow, it will require more candidates, more employees, and more power to manage everything accurately and that you can easily expect from HRMWARE. 

  1. Offers the ultimate support 

You should go for solutions that offer you the maximum benefits in all ways and support you enough to make you grow. HRMWARE does the same for all its users. It will be a free applicant tracking system for hiring and hr management if you are running with up to 10 employees. It’s not a demo, it’s more than a demo. We know that running and ensuring the growth of an organization is tough especially when the market is facing rapid changes. 

When you will enjoy a solution free of cost, you can easily decide which feature you still need. Apart from this, you can save a lot of money and use the saved money on other important areas. 

For a startup or a small business organization, it is really tough to invest in new technologies as there are already a lot of expenses on hand. And that’s why you should go for a solution that is inexpensive but offers ultimate support for your hr team. 

Concluding to

These are the 7 reasons or 7 benefits that you should consider while choosing the best applicant tracking system for recruitment. HRMWARE alone can offer all these benefits along with some other exciting perks that we cannot even imagine. This is a technology-driven era and there is no escape from technologies to run a business organization. But for that, we cannot spend our hard-earned money on any random technological solutions. We have to research well, think out of the box, try and test solutions, and then we can make a wise decision. When it comes to ats for recruitment, the mentioned solution can be a perfect pick without investing a lot. We must say, you need such a companion to survive, grow, and lead in the industry.