8 best employee activity monitoring benefits you must get now

Even in 2021, many organizations hesitate to do employee activity monitoring as they think it may sound like that they do not trust their employees. But now the scenario has changed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in-house organizations started to run remotely overnight. The shift was sudden and most of the organizations were not properly ready. If you too are one of them, you should start employee activity monitoring. Now employees are not in front of your eyes and they are performing from far away. And that’s why you have to take all the required measures in order to keep them rightly engaged and improve the productivity level. Increased productivity is one of the best ways that will make an organization grow or enjoy some added advantages in the post-COVID world. 

For many business organizations employee activity monitoring is relatively a new thing and they are still unaware of its all the stunning benefits. Today, we are going to discuss the best benefits of employee monitoring that an organization can enjoy in 2021 and in the near future. 

Benefits of employee activity monitoring in your organization

  1. Easy identification of mistakes- when you are keeping a close eye on employees, it will be easy for you to identify any mistake or error by your employees in the course of the day. If you find out that any of your employees are committing a mistake or having an error unknowingly, you can reach that employee and fix the issue as soon as possible. Or you can make notes and discuss that while conducting a performance review. 

For employees who are interested in self-check, such an employee activity monitoring system will also help them to find their own mistakes and rectify them as soon as possible. They will be more aware and able to improve their own performance without having any kind of guidance and motivation from seniors and coworkers. They will be able to grow in their own way. If they are unable to find the best and right ways to perform the tasks, being the leader, you can help them out there. You will also be able to see the measures that they take in order to rectify their own mistakes. 

  1. Better employee-employer relationship- we have seen that many employers think that if they do employee activity monitoring it will affect the relationship he/she has with his/her employees. But this is an absolutely wrong perception. When you properly note down the mistakes and correct them in the best way, your employees will understand that you actually care about them and want to take them to the next level of professional development. 

You may know that some of your employees fear having conversations with you and as a result, they cannot convey their difficulties or plans to you. But if you note down their mistakes and do regular communication with them, they will feel more connected to you. They will get scopes to share their problems and point of views with you and this is truly needed in order to get new ideas and new growth dimensions. 

  1. You will find out the strengths of your employees- employees do not only want to make you know the mistakes or errors that they are committing while performing their tasks but also they want you to find out their strengths. When you can know the strengths of each of the employees, you can plan better employee improvement strategies and take their skills to the next level. Running an organization does not only mean taking the best productivity from employees but also preparing employees for the future challenges and requirements of the organization. 

It is also true that finding the unique strengths of each employee is a bit tough if you are trying to handle all the things manually. And that’s why we suggest organizations take the help of employee activity monitoring solutions. In this way, you will get completely error-free results with real-time data. It will help you in knowing the actual strengths of your employees without any kind of filter. Nearly all leading companies are conducting employee activity monitoring with the help of cloud-based solutions in order to analyze correctly and make informed decisions easily. 

  1. Proper identification of performance monitoring- when you can monitor each and every organizational activity of your employees, you will be able to easily find out the best performers of your organization. You can congratulate and reward them in the best possible ways so that they can stay at your organization for a longer span of time, increase employee engagement rate, and create a better work culture. Other employees will also be inspired in this way. When employees know that they are getting monitored, they try their best to prove their skills and efficiency to the employers and managers. 

But you have to make sure that your employees are liking the idea of employee activity monitoring. If they accept and start to trust the system, they will grow faster and do self-rectification faster than ever. And it is really important when it comes to turning an employee base into a talent pool. 

  1. A properly designed safety measure- the not-so-sincereness among employees is too contagious! If an employee finds out that other employees are not bothered about the safety measures, that employee also starts to neglect the safety measures. If your employees continue such a practice for more days, it can lead them and you towards great danger. Any kind of legal hassle can take place at any time. In order to avoid all these unwanted hassles, today’s smart organization owners are taking the help of employee activity monitoring system software solutions. 

Each and every step of each employee will be recorded in real-time and the owner will be aware of everything. In this way, designing the safety programs and boosting the sincerity of the employees- everything will be easily possible. After analyzing the nature of employees towards the safety measures, you can also plan better training programs that include safety as a vital component. 

  1. Easy identification of employees violating company policies- this is another amazing benefit of employee activity monitoring. It is sad but true that there will always be some employees who are not honest about their commitment and company rules and policies. Being the employer if you failed to identify them, it is going to affect other employees of your organization. They will start to do the same as they will see that even after violating policies there is no action from the management or the employer. In this way, your entire company culture and work environment will be ruined. In order to save your organization from such bad practices, you need to perform employee activity monitoring minutely. 

In order to make this thing possible, you can take the help of cloud-based employee tracking software solutions. In this way, you will easily identify employees who are violating company policies and influencing others to do the same. You can spot them, correct them, or even take strong action in order to save your company policies and culture. 

  1. Increased productivity level- we have seen that many organizations are running with a large workforce still they are suffering to get the expected productivity level. If you are facing the same situation, it’s time to do effective employee activity monitoring. It will help you in finding out the loopholes. In this way, you will see where your employees are spending a great time but that is not related to their productivity. You can guide your employees about their time spent on various aspects. 

Apart from this, time theft is a great concern especially when an organization is running remotely. The employee activity monitoring software system will help you in checking that any employee is misusing the performance hours or not. You can schedule meetings and make employees understand how to perform more and take the production to the next level. 

  1. Increased employee efficiency- employee activity monitoring is directly connected with employee efficiency. When employees know that they are being tracked by a robust system, they become more sincere automatically. They do self-check during the entire performing hours. Performance, behavior and so many other things are there that they keep checking on in order to prove their efficiency. 

Effective employee activity monitoring helps in keeping employees more focused and less distracted in work. These things together simply improve the overall productivity of a business organization. When employees become truly efficient, they try to solve their own mistakes as soon as possible. Managers, employers, and HRs get time to focus on other important areas when employees become more sincere and find out ways to solve the issues that have taken place in the course of the work. 

These are the best 8 benefits that any organization can enjoy by active employee activity monitoring. In 2021 and in the near future, it seems that most of the organization will operate remotely and that’s why it is important to keep a close eye on the activity of employees. Time theft, buddy punching, and no other related problem will take place. You will be able to run your organization remotely without facing any kind of interruption. 

Kindly note: employee activity monitoring is important but that does not mean you will monitor everything about your employees. You cannot monitor your employees everywhere. It will be unethical if you keep an eye on your employees in each part of the workplace. There will be some specific rules that will differ from one state to another. You cannot monitor your employees’ activities when they are on break, having lunch, or even in the washroom. If you try to commit such a thing and your employees find out, you can be dragged to court. And you know that the legal consequences will be drastic. So, it will be better if you take care of forbidden areas and do not violate laws by any chance. 

How does employee activity monitoring help in project management improvement? 

You know that you are bound to meet the promises you have made to your clients. But sometimes many organizations fail to deliver the work within the deadline. Among many reasons, poor productivity is a common reason. This failure is actually a sequence of events that have taken place on a regular basis. Being the owner of the business, you have just missed noticing all these things. But with an active employee monitoring system, you will not miss a single thing that will affect your organizational productivity and project management process. 

The system will help you in understanding the strengths as well as weaknesses of each of your employees. So, after analyzing the project requirements, you will be able to assign the task to the best set of employees and ensure the pace of the project development, you will stay completely worry-free about the delivery of your project to the client. In order to make all these things possible, you must require an employee activity monitoring system software with cloud benefits. 

HRMWARE is an amazing employee activity monitoring software solution with a great set of features. From recording employee information in real-time to offering data-driven and error-free reports- you can enjoy everything with this amazing cloud-based software solution. You can use this software as a complete human resource management software solution. From attendance management to payroll management and employee tracking- you can do many more things with this versatile software solution. 

HRMWARE is not only amazing for its next-gen feature sets but also reliable and free for organizations that are running with up to 10 employees. We can understand that being the owner of a small business, it is not possible for you to monitor each employee of your organization as there are so many other tasks on your plate. With such a versatile software system, you will be able to monitor your employees’ activities and lead them towards the best way. This software solution is able to satisfy all requirements of all organizations irrespective of size and type.