9 exciting benefits of cloud-based HRM software outweigh the cost

It’s 2021 and we all are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you are still trying to continue with manual human resource management practices, we must say you are just stifling the growth of your organization. It is not that enabling multiple software solutions is the best solution. A host of software solutions and a bad software solution- you should say NO to all. Apart from this, many business owners find investing in HRM software is an expensive choice. And they cannot make such investment especially when their businesses are facing complications due to the covid-19 pandemic. But according to experts, enabling a cloud-based HRM software system during the pandemic is an effective decision that can ensure the best growth of the organization while making all the steps purely future-proof. 

Why are organizations reluctant about investing in an HRM system during the pandemic? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has just changed the ways we used to live, work, socialize, and all. A majority of companies were forced to turn the in-office setting into a remote office overnight in order to survive during the pandemic. The shift was sudden and forecasting the future was tough. Due to the lack of stability and sudden crises in the market, many organization owners were not interested in spending money on new things as they were not sure what the future would hold. They wanted to do proper budget management so that they can keep their employees and make the business survive until the stability comes back. 

Why did a group of businesses decide to continue the remote work regime even after the pandemic? 

The change or shift was too sudden and we cannot deny that. But many companies have enjoyed amazing productivity just by letting their employees working from home during the pandemic. When they can get increased productivity even without maintaining a physical office, there’s no reason to stop that practice. It also helps owners to save a lot of money. The pandemic has made them realize a new way of making the business profitable without spending much money and effort. 

Then why are some companies facing employee and HR management tough in remote work regimes? 

Not all companies are rightly equipped with the best set of technologies and strategies. There were some companies that used to manage employee and human resource management things manually before the pandemic. And they are facing the most difficulties due to such a sudden shift. From attendance management to payroll management and productivity- they are facing challenges in every area of the organization management. If you too are facing the same and yet reluctant about investing in any cloud-based HRM software solution, the below sections are going to help you. 

Why should you invest in cloud-based HRM during and after the COVID-19 pandemic? 

  1. Less paperwork and no error- we have seen that many organizations used to continue with paper-based manual human resource practices. For them, adjusting to the remote world is a bit tough. Paper-based HR management manner is not appreciated in 2021 as the way is prone to error. You know that we humans are prone to error and any error can take place in hr management if you perform all tasks manually in a paper-based style. Some errors become critical in the future and make the company face a lot of hassles. Especially if there is an error in the payroll, the company can be dragged to court and reputation will be ruined overnight. In order to avoid all these risks and keep all practices error-free, fast, and free from paper, many organizations are tending towards cloud-based HRM software. 

With such a software solution, there is no need to spend lots of hours and effort on paper-based manual tasks. From attendance management to calculating wages, everything will be recorded and calculated in real-time without a single error. 

  1. Accurate performance management- we can understand that when employees are working from far, managing their performance and productivity becomes challenging to HR managers and employers. Time theft, buddy punching, poor quality work, and so many other things can take place and destroy the growth opportunities of an organization. In order to avoid all these risks and to do accurate performance management, we suggest companies enable cloud based HR management software solutions as soon as possible. 

From attendance details to time spent on a specific task of each employee- everything will be recorded in real-time and the HR manager and employer will be able to design the best performance boosting strategy. Such software solutions also offer organized data sets and data-driven reports with graphical views so that managers and employers can easily make quick and effective decisions for the organization. 

  1. Easy payroll management- managing payroll things is one of the most complicated tasks of the human resource department. In order to perform this task, HRs need to put full concentration and work constantly without any break. Actually, if they get distracted and any error takes place, the entire practice will be ruined. Even a small issue in the payroll can bring serious legal hassles to an organization. 

In order to do error-free and efficient payroll management, enabling cloud-based hrm software is an ideal way. With zero to little human effort, it will perform all payroll management tasks such as wage calculation, payslip generation, leave calculation, additional benefit calculation, and so on. HRs do not need to spend hours and hours performing these things manually at the end of each month. They can manage payroll for thousands of employees in just a few minutes if they are equipped with a perfect cloud-based HRM software system.

  1. Increased employee engagement- when employees are working from home, maintaining a high rate of employee engagement is a bit tough task. Before the pandemic, employees used to have fun with their co-workers and communicate easily. Now they can communicate with the help of communication tools still there’s a gap that many of your employees are presently feeling. In order to keep employees truly engaged, monitoring them and doing effective communication simultaneously is important. With the help of a versatile cloud-based HRM software system, you will be able to track employees and keep them engaged easily. 

Reaching organizational notices and tips to each of your employees is tough if there is no direct medium. Many software solutions like HRMWARE come with announcement features so that each employee can be updated about each notice and organizational news. In this way, no miscommunication or confusion will not take place. 

The HR manager or the employer will also be able to check that all employees have seen the notices or not. You know that when an organization tries everything possible to keep its employees updated, employees automatically become more engaged with the organization. The tracking system also lets the managers and employer know which employees are not so engaged and then they can plan new strategies in order to boost the engagement among those employees without making them stressed. 

  1. 24/7 access to compensation information- while performing in the office, for any compensation-related query, an employee could have visited the HR department at any time and resolved the issue as soon as possible. But when employees are working from home, attending to hundreds of calls and satisfying lots of queries become tough for HRs. If HRs avoid answering all questions in a course of the day, employees may feel a lack of transparency in the organization. In order to avoid all these chances, smart employers are equipping their employees with a cloud-based HRM software system. 

In this way, employees will be able to access any critical information about their pay and benefits at any time. They just have to log in to the system and they will be able to check every detail whenever they require it. You know that cloud-based software solutions do not require any additional software application or hardware to let their users access its benefits. Just a browser is enough. Via such a system, an employee can update the bank account (according to the organizational policy), get printed payslips, and check other provided benefits easily. And for all these queries, an employee does not need to call an HR executive. It saves a lot of time for the HR executives and they can concentrate on other important areas of the organization. 

  1. Amazingly secure HR management practices- again we will say that when employees are working remotely, security becomes a major concern as you do not have 100% control of their devices. Along with this, in recent years, HR databases have become soft targets of cyber attackers as here they get complete information about a person and they can easily misuse that. But if you go for a cloud-based HRM software system, there is less chance of such a mess. Cloud solutions are highly secured and messing with data sets is not possible. Here, everything gets recorded in real-time and that’s why data manipulation cannot take place. Only allowed persons with the right user ids and passwords will be able to access the data sets according to the requirements of the organization. 

When it comes to hr data management, we will suggest you stick to one versatile solution, switching between various software systems and selecting files from other storage make the entire process less secure. But with a cloud-based versatile solution, there is no such chance of security lack. 

  1. Cost-effective HR practices- in order to perform human resource management remotely, there is no logic to spend lots of money and time on various software solutions and manual practices. Both techniques are prone to error and require a lot of money. And that’s why many business organizations regardless of the size and type are enabling cloud-based HRM software. In this way, they do not require various systems or spend money on manual practices. 

From attendance management to payroll management- they can perform everything under a single roof even without spending a lot of time. Your HRs will get lots of free time to focus on other growth factors of the organization instead of wasting time on manual HR practices. Just a single software solution will be enough to satisfy hundreds of requirements of modern human resource management. 

  1. A scalable solution- from the pandemic, we have learned that any change in the market can take place at any time and that even can be completely unpredictable. On the other hand, a business grows with time and its requirements also change simultaneously. In order to satisfy the new requirements, activating a new system every time is not possible for any organization. And that’s why we suggest going for cloud based hrm solutions that are completely scalable. In this way, you can scale up and down the system easily and satisfy your future requirements without facing any interruption. 
  1. Data-driven reports- HR executives and managers spend a lot of time preparing reports based on organization data and checking their accuracy. Even after hours of effort, making reports completely error-free seems impossible. But when it comes to making effective decisions for the organization, we cannot deny the presence of data-driven and error-free reports. 

cloud-based HRM software systems like HRMWARE come with automatic data-driven report generation benefits. You know that here all data gets recorded in real-time and reports get prepared based on those data sets. And that’s why there is no such chance of data manipulation or errors in the reports. These reports also come with graphical views so that everyone can understand easily and quickly and make informed decisions and ensure the growth of the organization. 

These are the top 9 benefits that make every smart business owner invest in a cloud-based HRM software system. These stunning benefits simply outweigh the expense and other negative things from the way. Even expense will not be a bar for small businesses if they plan to go for HRMWARE. HRMWARE is an amazing cloud-based HRM software with stunning benefits and is free for organizations that are running with up to ten employees.