Ai in the hiring process for a better-optimized hiring experience

The starting of the COVID-19 pandemic coined much unemployment. But in 2021, the situation is getting better and a lot of business organizations are experiencing increased and fast employment. Without any doubt, this is a positive sign. It is also evident that the hiring world has changed completely along with the work process. Many companies have decided to continue remote work even when the pandemic is over. This is actually a better move to get more employee productivity. Pandemic has proved that when employees are working from their homes, they are more productive than their office counterparts. In order to support remote work as well as hiring, many companies are taking the help of AI. AI in the hiring process may be a new thing but experts believe it is going to completely transform the hiring experience. 

We all know that AI is in its very first step and there are miles to grow to unfold all benefits of artificial intelligence. The weak ai is adding many benefits that we could not even imagine in the previous era. How ai is shaping the hiring process or the recruitment world, we are going to discuss that today. Being the creator of advanced hrm software solutions, we have enabled some benefits of ai and cloud. And that’s why it is obvious to let our readers know how ai and we together are going to shape their hiring experience. 

8 ways ai is changing the hiring experience 

  1. Superior job-candidate matching 

There are a lot of resumes available at online job portals. We have seen that in most cases HRs just go through job titles or qualifications and start to shortlist. The pressure of hiring candidates to fill open positions within a short span of time is huge. As a result, HRs cannot spend a solid time reviewing each resume. Due to such a practice, a lot of qualified candidates can get removed from the process and the HR executive can end up shortlisting the wrong candidates. 

When your candidate search regime will be powered by ai, screening thousands of resumes will be a matter of minutes. Ai is able enough to take all information efficiently and accurately. In this way, you will be worry-free that each resume will be screened properly and no overlooking will take place. Within a very short span of time, you will be able to understand which candidates are the right fit for the open job positions. 

We have seen that when it is about screening resumes manually, HRs commit a lot of mistakes due to lack of time. In this way, they lose lots of candidates that are actually good fits for the organization. In order to remove all these errors from the process, organizations are powering their hr departments with ai-backed hr management or applicant tracking systems. 

  1. Smooth and proper communication 

It can completely transform the candidate experience via intelligent and proactive communication. A lot of candidates refuse to join an organization when they do not get satisfactory candidate experience. Candidate experience starts from the very first step of the interview. Typical phone calling interviews are not that effective in drawing good candidate experience. 

According to expert HRs, artificial intelligence is truly helpful as well as superior in comparison with pre-qualifying telephonic conversations. It is a very common thing that candidates do not have a lot of time to say everything over a phone call. In the same way, HRs also do not entertain a too-long telephonic conversation. Telephonic communication is actually an age-old process and we have found it not so effective in creating a better candidate experience. 

There are some ai-powered systems to properly communicate with all willing candidates. Chatbots will encourage candidates to have detailed conversations so that candidates can easily clear their queries. Communication is effective when it comes to impressing candidates and hiring them. Truly willing candidates will have a lot of questions about the job post, company, job responsibilities, and so on. Ai-powered chatbots communicate with each candidate and provide short and properly relevant answers. In this way, candidates spend more time learning about the company. 

Apart from this, these chatbots also help in collecting data. Candidate data is truly important to improve the overall recruitment and hiring procedure. These data sets will help you in knowing candidate feedback, what they look for in their future company, and so much other important information that can improve the hiring setting and keep you ahead in the race of hiring good candidates before your competitors do. 

  1. 24/7 available to connect with candidates 

When you reach potential candidates, they may not be available for you at that time. On the other hand, HRs cannot be at their job desk round the clock in order to connect with their target candidates. Whenever your target candidates will be free to communicate with you, AI will do it on your behalf. When you get support from artificial intelligence, time constraints will be a matter to worry about. Systems backed by artificial intelligence are well capable of engaging every single candidate at any time. When it is about candidate engagement, AI can offer ultimate benefits that we could not even imagine. 

Ai-powered systems are able to maintain a personalized manner and deliver the required value to every candidate through the entire recruitment and hiring process. Ai in hiring process means your candidates can return at any time to get appropriate answers to their additional questions. In this way, candidates will learn more about the organization and develop a solid engagement. When candidates feel engaged with a company even before having any interview or joining, they find it more comfortable to join that company in comparison with other companies that do not entertain constant communication or engagement. 

  1. Fast and accurate screening 

It is not possible for any HR executive of this planet to review thousands of resumes and applications physically or cognitively within some minutes. If they try to do it manually, it will require months. Waiting for months after months to fill an open position is not possible for any company. On the other hand, the market is filled with tremendous competition. Giant organizations are not keeping any stone unturned when it comes to hiring talented employees before their competitors. In such a situation, surviving with a manual appeal is not possible. 

In order to get over such a situation and to improve the hiring process, small to giant companies are tending towards enabling ai in hiring process. Ai-powered hr management software or applicant tracking systems are capable of reviewing thousands of resumes just within some minutes. In this way, you will enjoy an accurate and consistent process. Such a practice can effectively reduce the total required time, sort the talent pool, and schedule interviews only with the best candidates. Artificial intelligence simply lets us enjoy a bigger pool of opportunities. We can select the best candidates from a long list of eligible candidates. It simply makes our decision more effective for the company. 

  1. More transparent opportunities 

AI in the hiring process actually helps us in designing a more transparent candidate experience. It is always there when it comes to satisfying candidates’ needs with appropriate answers. When ai is in the process, no candidate will feel neglected. When each candidate feels valuable, they will prefer to join the company instead of accepting other options. 

Candidates can return at any time and clear their queries regarding day-to-day responsibilities, work culture, benefits, and scheduling. Before appearing on a face-to-face interview, all candidates want to get a deeper understanding of the company and ai helps companies to serve that. When candidates are confident about a company, the chance of joining the company increases many times. 

A transparent environment is also important especially when the market is filled with lots of fake companies. Candidates simply fear getting trapped by a company that scams its employees and other people. In order to be safe and ensure career growth, modern candidates prefer to check everything about a company before joining. If you can create such a transparent atmosphere, candidates will prefer to join you. 

We have seen that many companies prefer to share more details with a candidate after joining but it can cause more confusion to the candidate. We prefer to share the required information while having interviews so that candidates can have positive thinking about us. 

  1. Improves candidate profiles 

An ai-backed system also helps in improving candidate profiles. These systems simply highlight the skills and other relevant information about a candidate so that the candidate can easily get shortlisted. Apart from this, while having conversations with chatbots, candidates can understand what more should be added or eliminated from the resume in order to make it more acceptable to recruiters. 

When candidates will be confident about their resumes, they will act more positively. We all know that recruiters prefer to have candidates with a positive attitude and confident candidates are more positive to take new responsibilities. 

They also get a chance to perform self-analysis in order to improve their skills and be more competent. Candidates with the mindset of improving skills on a regular basis add more and more benefits to a company. 

  1. A more human hiring experience 

When we think about artificial intelligence, we start to imagine that it will be completely handled by tools and machines. But the reality is far different. Ai is not there to completely replace an HR department. It is there to let all HRs perform their tasks much faster with more accuracy. Ai in the hiring process simply makes the process faster and does not tolerate any error. Due to manual errors, a lot of eligible candidates get eliminated during the shortlisting process. But with an ai-backed system, there is no such chance. There is no scope to miss a talented one or no chance of doing injustice while shortlisting candidates with the required skills, qualifications, and experience. 

AI frees HRs from such time-consuming tasks and they get more time to concentrate on the human aspects of the job. No longer HRs will deal with time-consuming mundane tasks, they will concentrate on the process and candidates. 

The initial steps in hiring will be handled by ai with accuracy. HRs will be there when it comes to interacting with truly eligible and shortlisted candidates. The entire interaction will be more transparent as well as effective. A human hiring experience contributes to candidate satisfaction and creates a meaningful hiring experience for both company and candidates. 

  1. A complete cost-effective practice 

We all know that hiring new employees to fill open positions is a costly endeavor. There are so many tasks on the list such as posting job applications, screening applicants, hosting many interviews, training employees, and so many other things. To perform all these things, companies need to invest a lot of time and effort. Companies need to ensure that they are investing for the right individuals. 

Enabling ai in the hiring process requires some investment and there is also some maintenance cost. But ai creates a more effective hiring funnel and in the long-term, it adds many benefits and ROI that we could not even imagine. 

AI will reduce the need for having more recruiters, conducting lots of interviews with not-so-appropriate candidates, and so on. It also ensures you hire the best candidate to fill the vacancy on the first try. Repetitive attempts mean more costs and with ai, you can make successful hires at the very first try. 


We can say that ai powered hiring is much more successful in comparison with manual practices. It is safe, faster, accurate, and transparent. In order to enjoy the maximum benefit of ai, you should invest in ai powered hiring tools such as HRMWARE

Having ai in the hiring process means you are simply going to completely optimize the process and transform the hiring experience for both company and candidates. Having an accurate and fast-paced process is beneficial to win amid suffocating market competition.