Automate Your Employee Onboarding Process With A Single HRMS

Employee Onboarding

Recruitment and employee onboarding are the two most challenging tasks for any HR professional. To maintain the talent pool balance of an organization, HR professionals need to perform these tasks nearly regularly. After finding the right candidate for a vacancy, the larger journey starts and that is onboarding that candidate successfully. The employee onboarding process is truly sensitive. Even at the last minute, a selected candidate can change the mind and join somewhere else. And HR needs to start the entire process from the very beginning. But an HR do onboarding with care and logically, he/she will be successful in bringing quality candidates to the company and make them perform up to the mark. 

What is employee onboarding? 

The definition or meaning of employee onboarding may differ from one company to another. But the employee onboarding process is quite similar in all organizations. Only the period and tasks involved in the process will vary from one company to another. Employee onboarding is also known as organizational socialization. It is a unique process of helping newly hired candidates to adjust to social and performance aspects of their new roles smoothly and quickly while the candidate should learn the attitude, skills, and behaviors required to effectively perform in an organization. 

The onboarding period starts from the minute an HR makes an offer to the time a newly hired employee starts properly producing in a role. This period includes a lot of things such as orientation programs, setting up performance metrics, training plans, feedback loops, and so on. 

Your employee onboarding efforts will not fail if you take the right turn. You should choose the right employee onboarding process after analyzing the culture, work environment, and requirements of your organization. 

What is the employee onboarding process? 

The employee onboarding process will vary from one organization to another. We have seen that it is just a one-day matter in some companies while some companies extend the process for long 18 months. We can say that nearly all organization starts this employee onboarding process right after sending the offer letter to a selected candidate. If your onboarding procedure is complicated or the newly hired one does not get the required guidance as well as support, he/she may not join or quit quickly. So, you should design well this process and pay more attention to the employee onboarding process flow. 

Why should you do employee onboarding correctly? 

  • It is the first interaction that a newly hired candidate will have with your organization. And you know that the first impression always matters. An impressive first impression helps you in making employees more engaged and connected to the organization. 
  • If you fail to meet the expectation, employees may regret joining your organization.
  • If newly hired people get a negative impression from your onboarding process, they may quit your organization quickly, and then you have to start the candidate searching process from the very beginning. 
  • A well-designed employee onboarding process always helps in letting new ones adjusting to their job roles, know more about the organization, get clarity on their job objectives, create a good relationship with other employees, and so on. 
  • A proper and memorable onboarding process makes your newly hired feel properly welcomed and they get a positive impression of the organization. 

You can design and automate your employee onboarding process with an HRMS solution. It will help you in speeding up each step of the entire process and there be more clarity. When you can reduce the hassle of paperwork and automate nearly everything, you can better concentrate on the personal growth of each employee instead of getting puzzled in the formal onboarding procedure. 

When it comes to taking the help of human resource management software, you can go for HRMWARE. This is an amazing HR management software with the best set of features that can simply take your onboarding procedure to the next level. You may think that enabling such a software solution will make you pay a lot of bucks. But in reality, HRMWARE is cost-effective and it is free for organizations that are running with up to ten employees. So, if you are running a small business or having a startup, enabling HRMWARE will be the best decision. You can automate your onboarding process, create a great corporate image of your organization to the newly hired ones, and make everything more transparent even without spending a penny. 

A proper employee onboarding process flow 

Releasing the offer letter- The HR manager sends a warm welcome email to the selected candidates with important documents like the offer letter, digital onboarding forms, policy documents, and so on. 

Offer acceptance- If the candidate confirms the joining, the HR manager will call again to review firms, benefits, policies, and so on. 

Waiting period- The employee may need to serve a notice period to his/her present company. Or maybe during this waiting period the candidate is evaluating other job offers from other organizations. You should create a good rapport to bring the employee to your organization. 

Joining day- The joining day is truly vital. The new one will have mixed emotions. You should make the process properly transparent. On that day, you should provide IT assets, obtain required office supplies, set up a salary account, and assign a mentor. 

Coordinate with related departments- The newly hired employee needs to properly coordinate with co-workers and managers to work together. As an HR you should make the process easy for all. 

Training and orientation- via the orientation sessions, you will be able to provide the new one an overview of the culture and goals of the company. In this phase, the new one should get all the required information from your side. Once the candidate feels ready, you should start the training procedure and boost his/her skills to perform up to the mark. 

The first quarter- The first quarter or the probation period is important to check that the new employee is performing up to the mark to satisfy the requirements of the team and the company. This phase includes more guidance for the new ones and it should be properly filled with active dialogues about the progress of the employee. 

To bring quality employees and to retain them for a longer period, you should follow this follow properly. You can automate the flow or the entire employee onboarding process with an HRMS like HRMWARE. It’s like doing more with less!