Easy and issue-free employee exit management with HRMWARE

That day comes! That day comes and you need to let an employee leave your organization. Employees will resign, retire, or you can terminate them. Everything is natural. But the process should be truly organized otherwise it can directly hurt the production, reputation, and culture of your organization. We spend a lot of time knowing how to easily onboard employees and get the best productivity. But we do less research on exit management while it is a very important aspect to keep an organization unaffected by any employee exit. Exit management is getting tougher each day as the market is filled with too many tempting opportunities for talented employees. If you want to keep the company unaffected by employee exit, you must have a good employee exit management policy.

Employee offboarding and exit management are crucial things to keep the workforce productive. There are some employees that do not bring value to the organization, employers need to let them go and recruit more skilled employees. Employee offboarding with a manual process seems like a hectic job with too many errors. If you do not follow a proper exit management policy, it can bring lots of legal problems to your table. In order to make employee exit smooth, systematic, and legal, modern employers are taking the help of advanced HR management software solutions. Yes, it’s all about employee management at different stages. 

Employee exit management is a crucial task. A simple mistake in the process can completely ruin your company’s culture and reputation. We have seen that many companies commit some mistakes while letting an employee go and as a result, companies end up hurting their own culture and values. We do not want to let you commit the same mistakes. Below, we are going to discuss those mistakes so that you can easily avoid them. 

Employee exit management mistakes 

  1. No exit interview 

When an employee applies to resign, many companies do not conduct any exit interviews. And as a result, they do not get clear insights on why employees are leaving the organization. There should be an employee exit interview and it should be purposeful. While having the exit interview, the hr should know the employee’s overall experience with the brand, team, company environment, and what’s to improve. Apart from this, HR should concentrate more on why that employee has taken the decision to leave the organization. 

  1. Neglecting security measures 

No matter how trustable the employee was, it is always better to take all the important security measures while an employee is leaving your organization. When an employee leaves, your employee exit management policy should include practices like IT close accounts, password changes or account deletion, restrict access, and so many other measures.

In the same way, employee information should be kept with proper security. So many personal and sensitive details an employee needs to share with his/her organization. And all those important and sensitive details should be secured with the best measures. 

  1. Being too impersonal 

If the situation is okay, hr managers and other team managers can keep a good relationship with the ex-employee. But sometimes, it is not possible as companies need to terminate some employees permanently. In such a case, not having a relationship with that employee is good. 

But if an employee is simply going somewhere else to join a better position or does not have any bad records, having in touch with that employee is actually a good practice. Instead of breaking bridges, keep the door open for leaving employees as they can be your future potential contact. 

  1. Skipping important offboarding steps 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are forced to maintain a remote workforce. Due to the remote work style, many companies are skipping the proper offboarding steps. That’s what you should not continue. It is also true that due to such an overnight shift, they have too many tasks on the board such as adapting new technologies, equipping employees, training them, and so on. 

Due to these many changes, some companies could not follow all the steps. They also could not update the policy according to the remote work style. You are suggested to update the employee exit management policy first and then follow all-important steps one by one. 

  1. Absence of cross-departmental flow 

Only the human resource executive or the hr manager should not be there during the employee offboarding. The process should initiate a collaboration between the department of the leaving employee, IT, and HR. The closer these departments collaborate the smoother the offboarding process will be. 

Many companies conduct employee exit management by the HR department only. But this process is not appreciated, especially when companies are running remotely. Each associated department should take responsibility and contribute to making the process smooth. 

These are the 5 employee offboarding and exit management mistakes that we are coining during these new normal remote workdays. If you stay aware of these mistakes and keep the process error-free, everything is going to be systematic and easy.

Employee exit management is going to be super easy and completely error-free if you power the process with a robust software solution like HRMWARE. HRMWARE is a cloud-based human resource management software with world-class features. It can smoothen your process that you could not even imagine. How it can make employee exit management easy and error-free, let’s explain us- 

How does HRMWARE help in employee offboarding and exit management? 

Employee status 

All your employees in your organization are holding a specific job position. We can classify them into two stages such as active employees and non-active employees. This is a very common scenario in all organizations out there. Once a candidate joins an organization, we accept him/her as an active employee. 

Once an employee resigns or retires or you terminate him/her, he/she will serve the notice period. After completing the notice period and all offboarding procedures are done then that employee will be accepted as a non-active or left employee. The offboarding request cannot be accepted sometimes according to the employment terms and conditions and in that case, no status change will take place. 

Set offboarding policy 

Just like the employee onboarding policy. There should be an employee offboarding policy too. According to the job role, company location, and so many other important factors, the company offboarding policies can be different. It is obvious that there will be various requirements and processes that you need to follow while lettering an employee to leave the organization. Creating policies according to different requirements and processes is tough. In order to make the task easy, we have designed an advanced HR management software HRMWARE and it will let you create as well as configure offboarding policies according to requirements. 

With HRMWARE, you are all set to create offboarding policies and easily customize the number of notice period days and approval process. Apart from this, you will be able to make required changes in the present policy and instantly notify all employees. 

This HR management software will help in making decisions about how each offboarding policy will work in terms of leave policies, notice period, approval, and default offboarding policy. 

The old offboarding policy can be deleted. But if the policy is assigned to an active employee, the system will not delete that policy. Each and every measure of the software aims to bring the required transparency. 

Create an effective offboarding approval process 

There can be two types of offboarding approval processes or flows such as offboarding initiation approval and resignation approval. The resignation approval flow takes place when an employee applies for resignation from his/her current job profile. The offboarding initiation approval takes place during the start of the offboarding and at the start of the notice period. 

There will be one default resignation approval and offboarding initiation approval flow in the hr management system. The admin or the hr manager will get the option to create new flows according to the requirements. After the creation of these flows, it may take a bit to configure everything. Once it is properly configured, the admin or the hr manager can easily assign it directly to the employees. The system will come with an offboarding policy system and enable it across the entire process. Each step related to employee exit or offboarding will be checked against the policy and after that, the step will be accelerated. 

Our HR management software has enabled two steps in the offboarding approval process in order to keep the entire platform error-free and truly transparent. Those two steps are- initiate offboarding and finalize offboarding. The first step will let the hr activate the offboarding process only for approved resignation requests or the hr can also initiate a fresh offboarding process. The step i.e. finalize offboarding is there to let the hr managers take important actions for the offboarding process. The HR manager can close pending actions and finalize everything related to offboarding on or after the last working day of that particular employee. 

Resignation initiation 

The employees will get a direct option to apply for resignation. The hr management system will offer a profile facility for each registered employee. Employees will be able to apply for resignation via that profile section. The process is pretty simple and straightforward. 

The resignation request will reach multiple people. 

Responsible people also have facilities to accept, deny, and delete the request according to the company policy. The admin will also get an option to modify the resignation request in order to solve the mistakes that an employee can make while submitting the resignation request. 

Onboarding initiation 

Our system is robust enough to let the HR admin generate an offboarding initiation request and can easily customize the necessary details. Apart from this, he/she can add various other fields to add more details like reasons for leaving, experience with the organization, and so on. 

After that, there will be a tab where the request will reach and the responsible people in the process will get options to either accept or reject the request. 

Apart from this, relevant users will get instant email notifications with the right set of information. The entire process will be transparent and everything will be safe and secured. After all, it is all about dealing with confidential data and that’s why we prefer to keep it as safe as possible. 

Offboarding finalization 

Once all associated tasks are done in the offboarding initiation phase, the hr admin can easily go for the offboarding finalization process. Employee exit management is a super-sensitive task and every HR needs to manage it with good care. With our HR management system, HRMWARE, the admin can easily check all associated details that have been added in every step of the initiation process, edit some fields, and complete all pending tasks to let an employee leave with satisfaction. 

Once all pending actions are completed, the admin or the hr manager is all set to finalize the employee offboarding. Once you confirm an employee’s exit with HRMWARE, the ex-employee will not receive any kind of email or any reminder. Apart from this, that employee will not be able to access the system further. The process is truly professional, hassle-free, and completely secure. 


HRMWARE is a robust HR management software solution with the best features. It can completely transform your employee exit management experience. Your employees may come back to you and you have to keep the door open for them. The smoother the offboarding will be the more satisfied your employees will be. They will say good things about your company in their circles. Apart from this, a smoother process that obeys all legal processes does not bring complications in the near future. 

In order to keep the process smooth, hassle-free, and fast, you must take the help of an hr management software solution. The growth requirements, competition in the market, and the pandemic are making every process more complicated than ever. You should pick up the best tools to keep everything perfect and properly streamlined.