Employee Recognition Process: where to invest and how?

A company stands strong with the effort of the employees who invest their valuable time and efficiency to produce the best. And as a result, the company can secure its position in the competitive market. But to get the best from the employees, the company also has some responsibilities. And that is to keep the employees motivated and encouraged. Recognizing and appreciating hardworking employees is the essential step that a company must take to keep them satisfied. Otherwise, potential employees tend to opt for another option where they get more value for their work efficiency and productivity. So, now, different companies are investing in the employee recognition process and applying many modern tricks to find the best talents. 

Before knowing the tips for the successful implementation of employee recognition processes, you should clear the doubt about whether making this investment is essential or not. The purpose of employee recognition can help employers to take the right decision.

Should you invest in the employee recognition process or not?

Employers make every investment in the business thinking of its return value. So, before investing in the employee recognition process, know really it helps in business growth or not. 

Improves the working environment

When we outline the purpose of the employee recognition process, its positive impact on the working environment becomes undeniable. Satisfied employees work with happiness and self-confidence when they are recognized by the authority. Appreciation is always encouraging and it doesn’t take much.

If employers congratulate the employee who has delivered a project successfully on time to the client then it changes their mood. And their happiness reflects in their work as well. They become more engaged with the upcoming works and try their best to keep their performance consistent.

Higher employee retention

Employee retention has become a real challenge for companies in the competitive market. Keeping talented employees in the same company for years is not that easy and you need to implement different techniques. You can use the employee recognition program as one such tool because appreciation is the key to satisfying and engaging the employees. And when the employees work in a satisfied company, the chance of switching job becomes less.

Now, employees also find companies where they will get the proper value for their work. So, reputed brands are choosing to invest in employee recognition programs and reducing employee resignations at valuable positions.

Increase the productivity rate of the company

All companies want to increase their productivity to expand their businesses and make more profit. Employers can improve the productivity rate of employees by encouraging and appreciating them. When an employee receives the best value for their hard work then they try to focus on the work to produce more. Employers can measure the productivity rate after implementing employee recognition programs to check the reality. 

Moreover, the employees also improve their work quality to get appreciation from the authority and take the career graph to the peak. The recognition and the appraisals from the authority create an attachment with the employees and make them more loyal to the company. As a result, they devote their best and try to earn more success for the company. 

Attracts the best talents

An experienced and qualified candidate finds an organization where the workplace culture is positive. Companies that appreciate their employees, build up a good impression in the competitive market. This promotes a good workplace culture where talented candidates want to work and get valued.

Furthermore, the employees get various developmental scopes as the appreciation training program from the authorities. It helps them to add extra value to their career as well. So, talented employees always search for the scopes where they can develop different modern skills. So, recognition and appreciation welcome the potential candidates who want to prove their talent and improve their abilities.

Improves the mental health condition of the employees

In recent age, mental health problem has become one of the main concerns in all sectors. Employees and employers have also become conscious of their physical and mental health conditions. They are trying to limit the stress of work and search for a healthy workplace culture.

Employee recognition programs can meet this requirement of employees. They find it joyous and satisfactory when they receive a token of appreciation from the management and leaders. The employees get encouragement from the leaders to boost their productivity. When the employees work in a place where they get value and respect for their abilities, they can work with ease and self-confidence. So, the overall mental condition of the employees improves. 

How to implement the employee recognition processes successfully? 

If you are planning to establish an effective employee recognition process then you should follow some initial steps. The right step-by-step guideline can help to achieve the goal successfully. Let us check those steps here. 

  1. Fix the time

    To organize a peaceful employee recognition process, employers need to fix a time when they want to praise the employees for their achievements. The management may decide to take yearly or quarterly initiatives to identify potential candidates and highlight their contributions.

    If the employees know when their performance will be evaluated then they can prepare themselves. Determining a particular time can also keep the management away from biased decisions.
  2. Specify the reason

    Do you want to appreciate an employee? Then there must be some reason for choosing the name. You need to specifically mention that reason while giving a thanksgiving note. The complete appreciation details prove the authenticity of the decision. The employers and employees can prove their originality and transparency.

    Before highlighting a reason to support valuing an employee you need to make sure that backup documentation is ready. The decision should solely depend on the performance and efficiency of the employees.

    The specific reason behind appreciating an employee can also motivate the other employees. They can also understand how to go ahead to reach the position and get the prizing. So, while writing up the appraisal note, the employer needs to give the essential details along with a clear state of the reasons behind choosing him or her.
  3. Choose the suitable employee recognition process for your company

    Identifying the right talent for your company and promoting their skills is another way of highlighting your company’s achievements and boosting the abilities of the employees. But there are different employee recognition processes available in the modern market and employees should be very conscious while choosing one. Let us check the available processes first.
    1. Micro recognition: under this recognition process, the management can evaluate the performance of the employees on a regular basis and send an appreciation or thanksgiving note accordingly. The regular evaluation of employee performance can keep the values and the progress of the company transparent.
    2. Informal recognition: informal recognition is when an employee achieves a milestone. A team can celebrate success after delivering a project on time or getting appreciation from the client. The informal lunch party or pizza party thrown by the team leader can be an ideal example of an informal recognition process.
    3. Formal recognition: this type of recognition process is suitable when you want to establish a well-structured recognition program. Under this process, the management needs to go through the proper nomination and selection process before selecting an employee. This type of formal recognition process is chosen yearly or quarterly mainly. The management needs to plan properly to achieve the goal under this recognition process. The budget of the company remains high under such a process as well.

  4. Plan fresh rewards

    When you are planning the final step then you need to be a bit creative thinker. You should choose the prizes that give enjoyment, refreshment, and understanding of the value of their contribution to the company. The innovative idea of choosing a striking reward like a free family lunch at a five-star hotel, a free trip to the favourite city, or free shopping can bring joy to the employees. They become more engaged and energized when they get such opportunities from the management.
  5. Take feedback from the employees

    After completing the entire employee recognition process successfully, the management should collect feedback from the employees. The employees should share their personal opinion and experience about the initiative taken by the company. The success of the process depends on how the employees feel. The feedback helps the employees to understand where the company can improve and add more excitement to engage the employees. 

Essential tips for a successful employee recognition process

So, appreciating employees not only encourage them but also helps in improving the overall performance of a company. In the modern world, you must see that the most successful companies establish some appreciation programs for their employees. They know employees can only meet the expectation of the management when the company gives them the right value. If you agree to this point then you must check how to take the initiative for an effective employee recognition process.

  1. Enjoy the achievements

    Recognizing the employees when they achieve success is a way of appreciating them to go ahead. In the modern days, companies celebrate the work anniversaries of the employees and give them a small reward. This appreciation is for investing their effort in escalating the company consistently.

    The employees enjoy special treatment from the management or leaders for a particular achievement. They feel engaged and valued when the company celebrates the small achievements of the employees.
  2. Offer treats to your employees

    Offering good food to the employees can not only energize the employees but also let them feel valued. The managers and leaders need to choose a team that is doing good collaborative work. Then for revitalizing them the managers can offer different types of foods like fries on Friday, fruits on Monday, toast on Tuesday, and so on. Just think how enjoying the working environment can be. This initiative keeps the employees motivated, engaged, and happy during working hours.

    This special treatment from the higher authority can add an extra charm to the performance of the employees. So, they try to give their best output and hold their position in the company. This employee recognition program also takes part in establishing an impressive workplace culture.
  3. Personalize the appreciation

    Personalizing appreciation to deserving candidates for their input can impress them in the best manner. The managers and leaders can send a token of appreciation to the candidate and his or her family. The employers should give a thank to the family of the employees for supporting them.

    This acknowledgement strategy helps the employees to balance their professional and personal life of the employees. The valuable thanksgiving to the family members of the employees makes them more loyal to the company.
  4. Recognition wall

    Create a wall for the employees where they can praise each other’s work. This builds up a strong employee community. The employees can draw an image or write a message with the name of the employee for contributing the best in a project. This innovative employee recognition process keeps the team members well-active, engaged, and joyful at the workplace.

    Receiving a valuing message from the other team member insist the other employees to do the same. So, the process leaves a positive impact on the entire workplace culture. This can also develop a good bonding among the employees and the collaborative output from the team becomes more efficient.
  5. Use the social media platform

    The power of the social media platform is also not less when it comes to establishing a successful employee recognition process. Millions of users are active all the time on social media platforms. People like to glorify their achievements by sharing their appraisals on social media platforms. What if the name and achievement of the employee are published on the social media page of the company? It adds more respect to the appreciation message when the company publishes it on its page.

    This employee recognition process on the social media platform has now become popular among small to large-scale companies. The management understands that identifying and declaring an employee for his or her contribution to the company’s achievement adds an extra score to his or her career graph.


The employees add their extra effort to be more efficient when they know they will get its value. A healthy competitive working environment takes place. The performance evaluation of the employees helps the management to decide which skill they need to improve. And accordingly, the management decides in which developmental programs they need to invest. The evaluation of their performance can also give a transparent picture of their progress. Don’t you have established an employee recognition process yet? You are just a few simple steps away from making your employees happy and bringing success to the company.