Enable Employee Automated Timesheet Software & get top 6 benefits

Performance management isn’t easy! Rather we can say that employee performance management is getting more and more complicated day by day. The market is filled with tremendous competition. In order to grow in such a situation, pouring special attention on employee performance management is crucial. When it comes to employee performance management, a lot of organizations invest in various types of performance management and employee time tracking software solutions. But we prefer to have a centralized employee automated timesheet software solution with remote benefits.  

For complete performance management, spending lots of money and time on various software solutions is not an effective decision, especially when the pandemic is making the situation complicated for each business organization. For proper performance management, you should choose a software solution that comes with an automated timesheet feature. In this way, you will be able to get detailed attendance and performance data of all your employees. 

It is not that you will only be able to track what your employees are doing, how they are doing, and so on. In the same way, employees too should know their total working hours, time spent on specific tasks, and so on. You can make this easily possible just by enabling an Employee Automated Timesheet Software system. 

The market is filled with lots of average solutions and those may not add much value to your organization. You may know that every business organization is unique and comes with unique requirements. And that’s why following others’ strategies may not work for you. You should choose Employee Automated Timesheet Software that perfectly satisfies all your requirements. 

How can you understand an Employee Automated Timesheet Software system is perfect for your organization? 

Such a question is truly valid. There is no logic behind spending money on any random timesheet management software if that fails to satisfy all your organizational and employee management requirements. There are some elements that your timesheet software should come with such as start and end timings (will be recorded in real-time), total work span, over-duty hours, off days, leaves (organizational leaves + applied leaves by employees), work descriptions, etc. You should get all this information in a monthly sheet manner so that at a glance you and your employees get an understanding of their monthly performance details. So, while choosing an Employee Automated Timesheet Software solution, you should consider all these mentioned things otherwise you will not get the best benefits. 

Now you can say that how these elements are gonna help your organization to do perfect employee performance management and take productivity to the next level. Well, let’s explore that in the below section-

  1. Real-time start and end timings of a workday of each employee

The days are gone when employees used to write down their start and end timings in a paper-based manual register. This process is not only improper but also makes time theft easier for anyone. Data manipulation to data lost- everything can take place if you are following such a practice even in 2021. In order to avoid all these hassles and risks, organizations are enabling automated timesheet software solutions. 

The start and end timings are the first and most essential elements of such a timesheet. The software solution will help you in recording these timings in real-time. You know that it is important that the activity reports of your employees will reflect the actual time of starting and ending their work shift. If you fail to record these timings in real-time, you are going to face many management issues. There are a lot of software solutions also that let employees enter their start and end timings manually. You should refrain from enabling that type of employee timesheet management software. 

The leading Employee Automated Timesheet Software solutions will offer you a monthly timesheet of each employee. There you will be able to see start and end timings, total working hours, breaks, overtime, leaves, and so many other details about each employee. It will make your employee tracking more effortless. When you have the best sets of real-time data, you will be able to make informed decisions that will boost employee performance and overall organizational performance. Apart from this, you will also get data-driven reports to make effective decisions without spending a lot of time. You will not feel the need for an additional time tracking system solution to track all your employees. 

  1. Descriptive work detail opportunity  

Only the start and end timings of the workday of each employee will not say more about his/her performance. You should know everything in detail. Your chosen software solution should provide an opportunity where your employees will be able to put their descriptive work detail. It will help you in knowing what they are performing on which day. You should ask your employees to input proper time spent with detailed performance history. It will be better if you ask them to put each hour’s work details in every hour. In this way, you will be fully able to track your employees and they will not get any chance to commit data theft. 

We can understand that tracking each employee in each hour is not possible, especially when all your employees are working from home. The remote Employee Automated Timesheet Software will let your employees put descriptive work details of each hour. If it is not possible for you to track each employee on each day, you can do it once a week or month. Everything will be recorded in real-time and you will get performance data without any kind of manipulation. Not only performance management decisions or strategy generation but it will also help you in deciding the promotion, appraisal, and training sessions for employees. 

  1. Easy work file upload to the cloud storage 

There are a lot of companies where employees need to upload some data files at the end of the day. Emailing those files to the manager or the team leader can be complicated. The manager or the team leader will get hundreds of emails from the entire team and it will be tough to check every email at the end of the day. Apart from this, we can say that this process is not also updated enough rather stressful. 

If your chosen Employee Automated Timesheet Software comes with cloud storage benefits, you can ask your employees to upload their work files there and the manager or the team leader will be able to check those files whenever they get time or according to the requirement of the organization. 

The best thing is that you will be able to track each and every activity within the remote system. Which employees are uploading files on a regular basis and which are not, you will easily identify them. Tracking working style, productivity, accuracy, etc will help you in setting promotion plans, training sessions, appraisal, and so on. Most importantly, you will be able to take your production capacity to the next level. Increased production capacity is important to ensure the constant growth of any organization. It will help you in serving multiple clients at the same time without reducing the quality level of your work. Your organization will be able to take more new orders and you will easily make more money. 

In the previous point, you can see that Employee Automated Timesheet Software will offer an opportunity where employees will put descriptive work detail. You know that only descriptive detail is not going to work if there is no supportive file(s). In order to make this thing possible, you should choose an Employee Automated Timesheet Software solution that offers file upload benefits too. 

  1. Easy employee retention 

In order to keep an organization truly functional, retaining the best employees is important. But we have seen that sometimes companies cannot decide which employees are truly important to retain which employees are in need of more training and guidance. 

The timesheet will help you to have a clear view of how much they have worked and what they have accomplished in a specific time span. When you will be able to identify the true performers of your organization, the entire employee retention strategy generation will be easy for you. 

On the other hand, there will be some employees who are performing for pretty good hours on a regular basis but not getting the desired result. You have to turn these employees into good performers. While tracking their performance details, you have to find out the mistakes. Once you can find their flaws then guiding and training them will be easier. And as a result, you will get more quality work. If a company helps its employees to grow and have more skills on a regular basis, employees prefer to stay in that organization for a longer span of time. 

  1. Easy payroll and appraisal management 

You are going to pay your employees based on their performance. And that’s why you need to store their performance details in real-time. At the end of the month, you will have accurate performance data and you will be able to easily calculate all payroll things without facing any kind of confusion.

It is not that if you do not track your employees you will either overpay or underpay your employees. You know that a single mistake in the payroll procedure can drag your organization to court. We have seen that there are some leading  Employee Automated Timesheet Software solutions that come with automatic payroll management benefits also. So, there is no scope for manual data input and having errors in the payroll calculation. 

There is another important fact that is offering appraisal to your employees. Which employees should get the best appraisals and which employees deserve an average level of appraisal, you can easily decide that with the help of an Employee Automated Timesheet Software system. If you successfully impress your top performers via appraisals, you will actually retain them for a longer span of time. 

  1. Easy client billing

There are some companies that offer services at hourly rates. Generally, such types of companies have a lot of clients. In order to accurate billing, you should track how many hours your employees have actually performed. The Employee Automated Timesheet Software will also help you track the total performing hours. Along with the bill, you will be able to offer a screenshot of the spending timings by your employees as proof. You know that errors in time calculation also affect the amount of money. If you mistakenly bill higher than the actual price, it is going to affect the relationship you have with your clients. Even some clients will not prefer you for their future work. So, when it comes to customer billing with accuracy, you should take the help of a leading time tracking software solution. 

If you are in need of all these benefits, you have to enable the mentioned software solution. If you are unable to find the best Employee Automated Timesheet Software system for your organization, you can take the help of HRMWARE. It is a leading complete hr management software solution with an automated daily activity report facility. 

It comes with all the features that you will require in order to boost the performance and productivity of your employees. From employee timesheet management to payroll management- you will get all types of human resource management benefits via this single software solution. 

This is basically a versatile software solution that comes with various types of subscription plans so that all types and sized companies can enjoy their benefits. The best thing about this software is that it is available free of cost for companies that are running with up to 10 employees. During this COVID-19 pandemic, when small companies and startups are facing various hurdles to survive, such a software solution will definitely help them to survive as well as grow. Employee management, performance management, payroll management, etc will be managed automatically and owners will get more time to concentrate on other important areas to make the organization grow even when the market is filled with difficulties and competition.