What not to do for developing a healthy startup culture?

We often fail to fit ourselves in a culture that makes us uncomfortable. We prefer to be in a place where people share common interests and interact respectfully. When it comes to the culture of the workplace, we should make it impressive, productive, and healthy. The management should always remember that startup companies need potential employees who prefer to work in healthy working culture. So, emphasizing the point of improving workplace culture is a concern of management and a key to retaining talented employees. The management should follow and avoid many points to develop a productive startup culture. This keeps the employees happy and potential at the highest level.

Before getting into the restrictions that the companies need to manage, the concept should be clear to you. So, let us know what we understand as a healthy startup culture. 

How do you identify a healthy startup culture?

startup companies need to be very conscious about the culture they offer to employees. The workplace culture leaves a strong impact on the mind of the employees and their production. A very strict and non-flexible company can decrease the production rate of the employees and make them disappointed while working.

The negative feeling about the organization can never bring the best output. Again too much liberal workplace culture can also develop a casual approach among the employees. As a result, they may not use their highest potential to produce the best. So, balanced and healthy startup culture is essential where the employees can work comfortably and confidently. And they get good satisfaction at the end of the day. 

A healthy startup culture indicates an environment that gives scope for upskilling and reskilling, using their best potential. Different companies use several ways for improving the culture of the workplace. The employee retention rate in the cultured workplace remains good. Check the experience of the employees in the organization to understand whether the culture is worker-friendly or not.

Mistakes not to while developing a startup culture

Keeping an alert in your mind about what you can do and what you may avoid is very vital to remember. If you know the possible mistakes that may ruin your workplace culture, then implementing the best creative culture becomes easy.  So, check the following points to know what you should never do to make the culture at your workplace positive.

  • Don’t take work culture casual at the beginning of the startup

This is the most common mistake that most startup companies do. You may think it is too early to impose a strong workplace culture strategy at your office. But you should also remember that you will never get an alert about the time when you can start this initiative. Rather delaying in implementing a strong culture-building strategy can be damaging. So, you need to be very conscious from the very beginning of implementing the right workplace culture.

How to avoid this mistake

The management of the company should understand what type of startup culture suits the production or service of the company. The workplace setup should be done accordingly so that the employees get a good vibe while entering the office. No matter how small the team in the beginning is, the management needs to keep the goal in mind while investing. Startup companies should keep the workplace clean and comfortable for the workers. Moreover, the higher authorities should be polite to the employees and work as a team in the beginning. It helps the employees to feel free to share their ideas and improve production in the beginning.

  • Don’t define the culture of your workplace wrongly 

What does culture mean? A place where employees get good food, and frequent breaks? Or flexible working hours? Every company has its own value depending on the industry. The company culture depends on the type of service or production and the required abilities of the employees. The culture of another company can not be copied by any company.

Elaborating or defining the cultural value of the company properly is not something to write and distribute to your employees. The management can not leave it to the employees once they set some values. They need to check whether the employees are understanding those, adopting and making the working place more appropriate or not. 

Some companies become too strict while setting cultural values. Whereas some other startup companies don’t care to check whether the employees are maintaining them or not. Gradually the employees also forget the core values to follow at the workplace to sure others’ peace of mind. This lead to a poor startup culture which can defame your company as well. 

How to avoid the mistake 

The management needs to decide the flexibility and restrictions for the employees at the same time. The management should set the cultural values and define them properly to the employees. So that they can understand what to follow and why to follow. 

The employees should also get encouragement from the management for maintaining the startup culture properly. Companies need to provide some incentives to the employees who contribute to keeping the workplace culture productive and maintaining value. For example, the company can announce token money for the employee who gets the highest recommendation in the organization for maintaining good harmony with co-workers in the workplace.

  • Don’t forget your values to get temporary benefits 

We all act the best when we attend a party or welcome our guests to our house. Losing a temper under the stress is very common. You may need to handle many unwanted circumstances in your professional field. But you should be alert to be patient and behave professionally to maintain workplace values. Maintaining the startup culture in such a situation is most important. 

How to avoid this mistake

When you are dealing with a stressful condition in your workplace you need to handle it more carefully and positively. A positive attitude in a hard situation helps anyone to overcome fast and steadily. By developing this skill, you can also take your career to the next level of success. It highlights your ability to lead a situation calmly in the workplace and encourages your skill with reward. If this is your cultural value then you should train your employees to develop this ability before leading a team. This ability also increases the production of the employees.  

  • Don’t show arrogance in your professional position

Imagine when someone shows you an arrogant attitude for holding a position in a higher authority. How does it feel? You must not like the attitude, right? Then how can one tolerate a similar attitude from a co-worker? You should never instruct your subordinates rudely and get their negative impact for any reason. If any of your team can not complete a work, you can deal with this politely. You should understand the problem and try to solve it. Remember that being rude can never be a solution and it also leaves a negative impact on your mind. So, you should handle the problems softly and professionally. 

How to avoid this problem

Showing arrogance in the workplace has become a zero-tolerance policy for many companies now. You can also implement this term and condition so that the employees at your organization follow this value properly. The employees should never insult another worker or say any abusive language to maintain the culture at the workplace. You can keep this point in the official document so that employees take this point seriously. 

  • Don’t overlook the values of the candidates while hiring them 

When you are hiring an employee, you may become busy checking the eligibility and skills of the candidates. You will make a mistake if you become impressed with the skills of the candidate and overlook the cultural value. Remember that training a fresher and preparing them for a task is possible. But it is difficult to incorporate cultural values at a mature age. So, an employee with no cultural value can be dangerous for your organization. 

How to avoid this mistake

When you are hiring an employee you need to be conscious of this point and check the sense of values of the candidate before making a final decision. The hiring manager should never make a decision in a hurry and check the personality as well to get the best output and maintain the cultural values of the organization at the same time. You should search for a perfect cultural fit for your agency. 

Step-by-step guide for developing a healthy startup culture

When you are starting an organization, the first thing you need to understand is the ambience of the workplace. The workers should like the place where they are going to spend the maximum period of their day. Good startup culture can attract the best talents from the competitive market. This is because the employees like to work in peace rather than work for high-paying posts. So, emphasizing the point of implementing healthy startup culture can bring you the best output. 

Care for the employee

Every startup organization wants its employees to work with utmost care to produce the best. If you are interested in similar output from the company then express care and love to your employees. It is essential to encourage them. It is effective to leave a positive impact on their minds. The management of the company should have an attitude that reflects their empathy towards the employees. Wellness programs and medical allowances are some initiatives that most startup organizations take. It impresses the employees and insists they work hard. 

Acknowledge the achievements of the employees

When you want your team to achieve a long-term goal then split it into some short-term ones. Once the team achieves the short-term goals, as a leader you should always appreciate it. Appreciation creates a positive impact on the minds of the employees. So, they get encouragement to continue the good work and achieve more goals. Sometimes, the management also set an incentive for achieving a target. 

A healthy relationship with the team 

Regular interaction with the team members and productive discussion can build up a strong connection. This can not only help you to know about their professional motive but also get updates about the projects. On the other hand, you can create a good place in employees’ minds by being humble and friendly. You should maintain good behaviour while communicating with the team that is working well in the startup company. 


The entertainment scope is very important to charge up the employees who are working at a stretch in your company. A break once a year is required to maintain the mental health of the employees. Some companies also celebrate their achievements to boost the energy level of their employees. A proper mental refreshment can help the employees to eliminate stress and increase their ability to produce. 

Upskilling and reskilling programs 

The employees should get the best learning environment at your startup company. In startup companies, the employees expect a better scope to learn skills and develop themselves. You should include it in your startup culture to attract the top talents and help them in upskilling and reskilling. 

Summing up

The goal of startup companies should be clear when they are hiring new faces for securing a position. The culture of the company should be secure, developing for the employees, and peaceful. The employees should get encouragement to work happily at their workplace. And that should be the goal of startup companies to stand out in the competitive market.