How To Choose The Best HRMS Software In India?- Check 9 Features

There are two types of companies in any industry in 2021. One type has understood the benefits of having an hr management software solution. And the second type is still clueless about the benefits of hr management software. But we find some business owners struggling more- they know they need an hr management system but cannot decide how to pick the best one from the crowd. Picking the best Hrms software in India is tough especially when the market is filled with lots of options with impressive claims. Nothing seems difficult when you pour effort and dedication in the right way. Today, we are going to make you understand how to choose the best HRMs software at a reasonable price. 

Having an hr management system activated means your HRs are free from any paper-based practices. Your entire human resource management will be super secure and there will be no chance of data theft, and so on. 

But it is not that choosing the best Hrms software in India is an easy task. In order to choose the best solution, you have to do some research. You have to list down the best software solutions, their features and benefits, prices, check ratings and reviews, and so on. We can understand that being a busy employer all these things are not possible for you. And that’s why we are here with an easy trick that will help you in choosing the best solution amid the crowd of average solutions with big claims. 

There are some features that make a software solution versatile. A solution with those features can satisfy all your human resource management requirements. So let’s know those features that can simply transform our hr management experience. 

Features you should consider before buying any HRMs software in India 

  1. Recruitment- It is one of the most important tasks that HR executives and managers need to perform. But this task includes a lot of manual effort and wastes a lot of time. Smart organizations have decided not to waste manual effort and time on this area of human resource management and enabled an advanced hr management solution with an automated recruitment feature. This feature will help you in preparing a fast job advertisement and sorting candidates for the next rounds. There will be no manual candidate shortlisting, no error, and no time wastage. With such a solution you will be able to boost the pace of your recruitment process and equip your organization with the best talents just after having a vacancy. From safely data storing to sorting candidates- everything will be done with care and there will be no error. Manual efforts are prone to error and it can affect your recruitment decisions.
  1. Employee self-service (ESS) portal- You should choose a solution that comes with an employee self service (ESS) portal. There is no logic behind keeping your HRs busy in performing tasks of all your employees that each employee can perform on their own without any error. All leading hr management software solutions come with an easy-to-use employee self-service portal. They can easily give attendance, access payroll details, apply for leaves, see upcoming organizational holidays, explore tips and news by the organization, track self-performance hours, and so on with the help of an ESS portal. 

So, while choosing the best Hrms software in India, you should only shortlist options that come with an advanced ESS portal. Cloud-based solutions like HRMWARE come with such benefits. Here, all information of employees gets saved in real-time with full-on security. 

  1. Attendance management- Managing employee attendance in manual registers means, employee attendance data sets are prone to error, easy to manipulate, and even any theft can take place at any time. Modern business organizations do not take such risks and they manage the entire employee attendance regime with the help of advanced hrms solutions. 

With the best Hrms software in India, your employees will give attendance and timings will be recorded in real-time. You will have an accurate attendance report of each employee’s attendance. Proper attendance reports also help in payroll and leave management. 

  1. Payroll management- This is one of the must-have features that an ideal hr management software solution should have. Payroll management is an integral part of human resource management by any organization out there. Manually dealing with all payroll things does not only require a lot of time but also invites many errors. And you know that just a single error in the payroll process can do many harms to a business organization. Even a single error can drag an organization to the court and ruin its reputation. 

In order to keep everything error-free as well as do payroll management within minutes, a lot of organizations are choosing hr management software solutions with advanced payroll management features. From salary calculation to payslip generation- the payroll management feature can help you in many ways that you cannot even imagine. With such a feature you will get some prominent benefits such as-

  • Easy and transparent access to employee compensation and reward/bonus data
  • Reduced scope for manual data input
  • A huge reduction in staffing time and overheads
  • A better and coordinated manner that does not depend on collections of organizational databases, files, and spreadsheets. 
  1. Leave management- Leave management is essential when it comes to keeping your employees engaged, satisfied, and highly productive. Organizations with a huge workforce may not find leave management that much of a tough task. But organizations that are running with a limited number of employees with a solid workload, find leave management harder than anything on this planet. Being an employer you need to approve leaves and need to keep the organization super productive. Sometimes, it becomes hard and some work gets pending. Pending tasks affect your relationship with the client along with your market reputation. And that’s why you need to do leave management with great care. You can actually master leave management with hr management software that comes with advanced leave management features. 

So, while choosing the best software solution for your HR department, you should consider a solution that has an advanced leave management feature. HRMWARE comes with an amazing leave management feature. It lets employees easily apply for leave and all responsible people get notifications about the leave applications. Multi-level leave approval to a calendar that will show the upcoming absence list of employees- you will get everything via this feature. You will get a quick view of upcoming leaves and plan the best work schedules to complete all tasks without messing with the deadlines. 

  1. Performance tracking- When it comes to ensuring the growth of an organization, there is no better method than analyzing the performance of the organization. In order to make it possible, you have to start with tracking the performance of each employee. Maybe you have hundreds of employees and tracking each one’s performance manually is not possible for you. Organization owners like you prefer to help the best Hrms software in India when it comes to performance tracking rather than employee performance management. 

A single hr management software is now sufficient to track the performance of each employee. There are a lot of companies that are unnecessarily spending lots of money on various types of performance management tools. But with HRMWARE, you can enjoy all employee performance management benefits under a single roof. There is no need to spend thousands of bucks on multiple software solutions for perfect performance tracking and performance management. Hr management solutions like HRMWARE come with all the best features that help in error-free and effortless performance tracking. From attendance timings, duty hours, to performance reports with graphical views, you will get everything to boost your organizational performance via effective decision-making.

  1.  Safe and secure data storage- Running an organization means each day you will get lots of important as well as confidential data sets and you have to store them with proper security. Today’s leading software solution comes with advanced cloud storage. The business owners and the hr professionals will be able to store everyday confidential data to the cloud and access it easily whenever required. 

There is no chance of data theft or data manipulation. Most data sets will be recorded and stored in real-time and individuals with access permission will be able to access the data according to the requirements. Apart from this, allowed individuals can easily access these data sets remotely and do the needful. There is no need to rush to the office to analyze some data sets in a time of urgency. So, while choosing the best hr software in India, you should consider this factor. If you do not safeguard all your organizational data, any kind of legal or theft-related harassment you can face at any time. 

  1. Data analysis and HR reports- You may know that HR professionals need to spend a lot of time on data analysis and report preparation. If they are managing all these tasks manually, they have to spend a lot of time. We must say these tasks will also seem like brain eaters to them. A single error in data analysis or report generation can badly affect organizational decisions. 

But thanks to smart hr management software solutions that come with advanced data analysis and report generation features. These solutions record data in real-time, do the analysis, and prepare reports with zero error. Manual report generation can include lots of errors. With advanced HRMS, we can get accurate HR reports and make the required decisions and ensure the better growth of the organization. 

HRMWARE offers amazing data-driven reports with proper graphical views. It helps employers and HRs quickly understand the entire scenario and make effective decisions without facing any kind of dilemma. 

  1. Organizational announcements- It looks backdated if your HRs are still roaming from one department to another to deliver organizational notices and tips. It is not the best way to convey organizational messages to all employees. In this way, absent employees will not be notified. It simply creates lots of miscommunication or confusion among employees and employers. You can drag and end such problems with the help of the best Hrms software in India.

HRMWARE, the best HRMS software in India comes with an ‘organization news and tips’ feature. It delivers all notices to each of the employees in no time. The employers and the HR professionals can also track which employees have viewed the notices and which are yet to see the messages. It helps in keeping all employees updated and keep all practices free from any kind of confusion or miscommunication. So, while choosing you should also consider this factor otherwise you have to invest separately for the announcement purposes of your organization. 

How to choose the best HRMS software in India? 

You should start with preparing a list of the hr management software solutions that have the best feature sets. If your chosen solution has all these features and falls under your budget, you can easily go for that solution without having any kind of second thought. An HRMS solution with these leading features means you are going to enjoy the best HR management experiences without pouring much effort and money. 

If you do not have much time in hand or you are a busy business owner, you can go for HRMWARE without any doubt. This is a leading software solution for the next-gen human resource management of any organization. It comes with various subscription plans so that it can easily satisfy the requirements of all types and sizes of companies. The most stunning fact is that it is available for organizations that are running with up to ten employees. So, If you are running a small organization or having a startup but want to do better human resource management, you can enable this amazing solution today. After subscribing, your services will be activated in the next minute and you will be all set to better organizational growth. So, take your organization to the next level with HRMWARE, the best Hrms software in India.