HRMWARE: A New Payroll Management System For All Sized Companies.

A good payroll management system is one of the durable pillars that develop a company and make it grow constantly. Even in 2021, a lot of companies are trying to manage payroll things manually. As a result, they are getting more errors and they need to do the task, again and again, to make everything completely error-free. A single error in payroll management can drag a company to the courtroom and that’s not good. Modern companies are taking no risk and managing payroll with the help of leading software solutions. Payroll management system software is the only way to do payroll management in a completely error-free manner. 

What is this payroll management system? What are the benefits of payroll management software? 

A payroll management system is a tool or a software suite that lets a business organization easily handle all employees’ financial records in a hassle-free and automated manner. The process includes all employees’ salaries, bonuses, deductions, net pay, and other calculations along with the generation of payslips for every month. A leading payroll management system comes with a lot of benefits. Being the leading payroll management software, HRMWARE offers the below-mentioned benefits to your organization- 

  • Hassle-free employee attendance and record
  • A cost-effective manner
  • Tax updates
  • Easy and automatic payslip generation
  • Easy reminder set
  • Truly time-saving 
  • Added security 
  • No error in calculation
  • No need to hire multiple HRs
  • 24/7 customer service 

All these perks you only get when you can enable a perfect payroll management software solution. There are some features that an ideal software will have for sure. Before enabling any software, you need to check that the option is having the best set of features or not. Below, we are going to discuss the best features of an ideal payroll management system. 

Features an ideal payroll management system software should have 

Integrated accounting- days are gone when most companies used to manage payroll manually. You too can leave that prone-to-error process and enable a software solution today. Solutions like HRMWARE come with integrated accounting features. In this way, you will be able to eliminate the chances of miscalculation and important data placement in the wrong files. 

File and payslip recording- your chosen software should be able to generate reports. The reports should concentrate on leave summary, salary benefits, and salary statements. With the help of the digital platform, the software will be able to generate and print a payslip for each employee of the organization. Payslip preparation is a vital task and you need to perform it every month. If this entire task can be automated, you can save a lot of time and keep everything error-free. 

Expense management- employees should get a platform where they can submit their expense receipts and get the money back. If you try to do this task manually, there is a high chance of errors and dissatisfaction of employees. But via a software solution, an employee can easily upload the receipts and the software will notify responsible people for the review of the receipts. The entire process will remain transparent and you will be able to take effective decisions instantly. 

Earning management- this is one of the most beneficial features that a software solution can have in 2021. Via this feature, you will be able to manage the earnings of each of your employees. You have to set rules and the software will automatically produce results according to your organizational rules. Tax calculation to overtime calculation and deductions- everything will be managed by this amazing feature that you will get via the payroll management system. 

Direct bank account deposit- this feature will help you in depositing the payroll directly to the bank account of all your employees. Such a payroll management system saves the huge expense on the annual supplies and processing. It will also help you in taking care of any fraudulent activity related to the salary of your employees. Via this feature, you will be able to transfer the fund in no time directly from your company account to the employee account. 

The standard level of security- database encryption is the primary requirement of any payroll management software. Here, you need to save lots of important resources like tax files, personal information of your employees, payroll information, and so on. Software solutions like HRMWARE come with cloud storage and password protection benefits. Only allowed persons with the right user id and password will be able to access files based on the requirements. 

Easy and proper report generation- sometimes payroll tasks also require some reports. Or you can say that based on the reports, organizations need to prepare new payroll and activate that. This report generation process needs to be perfect in all areas. You do not need to perform it manually if you empower your payroll management process with a payroll management system software. Based on the recorded data, reports will be generated automatically and you will be able to make payroll decisions instantly. 

So, if you are going to enable any payroll management software, you should ensure that your chosen option has all these features. If any of these features are missing, you should not go for that option as it will not offer you the maximum payroll management benefits. 

If you are in search of a solution that has all these features, HRMWARE will be the best choice for you. For not only payroll management but also for complete human resource management, you can use this software solution and enjoy the added ease of automation. From creating error-free payroll reports to generating payslips- you will enjoy the real definition of automation in every area of your payroll management with this amazing software solution. 

This SaaS solution is free for organizations that are running with up to 10 employees. So, if you are running a startup or having a small business and want to improve your payroll practices without spending a lot of money, HRMWARE will be the best fit for you. It is designed for all sized businesses so no matter you are having a small business or a giant one, HRMWARE can be your great companion.