HRMWARE- Next-Gen Attendance Management Software For Businesses

Employees are the biggest assets of any business organization. Maintaining error-free and accurate information about all your employees is essential. But here the pain grows! There are a lot of organizations that face various problems when it comes to managing employee attendance and timekeeping. But thanks to technology and innovations, now we can manage all the employee-related things with more transparency via attendance management software.  

Managing attendance to tracking performance hours, everything can be possible with attendance management software. This amazing technology is not only effective in handling time but also completely transforms workplace wellness. 

Since 2020, we have been understanding the benefit of remote working. When the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting the world badly, there is no better way than letting your employees work from their homes. In this way, you can keep your entire workforce COVID-free and enjoy added productivity. 

But a lot of business owners also said that in a remote working mode, they are facing issues managing employee attendance. They are finding it less transparent as well as it is affecting productivity. But everything can be fixed easily if you power your employees with a robust attendance management system like HRMWARE. 

Traditional punch cards, modern access cards, biometric systems, and so many other options are there. But all these are not enough today especially when we are already familiar with a remote working regime. Modern requirements of modern business organizations can be satisfied only with modern solutions such as an attendance management system. An attendance management system does more than just recording the attendance timings of all your employees. From payroll management to storing important employee and organizational data- a modern attendance management system does more than we can even imagine. 

What is this attendance management system actually? 

A time and attendance management system software aims to generate, manage, and maintain records on taxes and payroll. These things are truly important when you need to perform the audit job. An attendance management system software is able to keep track of employee attendance, leaves, performance hours, overtime, integrated platforms, and so on. 

An attendance management system for employees comes with a lot of features. While choosing the best attendance management software you need to keep a close eye on its feature set. An advanced system will come with amazing features to add more ease and transparency to your employee management process. 

There are some features that you need to consider while choosing an attendance management system for your employees. 

  • Attendance capture from varied sources 
  • Geo mark attendance marking
  • Extensive shift management
  • Attendance processing
  • No-contact attendance management 
  • Employee portal
  • Configurable policies
  • Overtime management
  • Organizational news management
  • Salary and payroll management
  • Leave management
  • Performance management
  • Expense management

These are the main features that your chosen attendance management system should have. These features are going to add many benefits to a business organization. Below, we are going to discuss the benefits so that you can easily understand how an attendance management system software is going to transform your entire attendance management regime. 

Benefits of enabling an attendance management system software 

There are hundreds of benefits that one can enjoy while using an attendance management system for employees. Today, we have prepared a list of the top ten benefits that you are going to enjoy with an advanced attendance management system software like HRMWARE. So, let’s explore the benefits below!

Accuracy– We are human and we all are prone to error. Even with advanced supporting computational devices, humans can make some errors if there is no automation. But errors in attendance records or other employee information can lead to serious problems within a business organization. Enabling an automated attendance management system will ensure accurate time records. In this way, you will also be able to eliminate the inevitable as well as costly errors that take place when you try to do manual data entry. When you can get accurate as well as error-free data, you will be able to access accurate payroll and performance data and make better data-driven decisions. 

Economics– It may seem irrelevant to you that attendance management software can save your organizational cost. But this fact is true. When there is no error and increased productivity, you will be able to enjoy more ROI along with reduced organizational expenses. It will help you in saving money by offering an end to end accurate reporting, reducing absenteeism, tardiness, time abuse, buddy punching, and overpayment. When you can control all these errors in your business organization, you can automatically save a lot and build a better working culture. 

More productivity– You know that if it comes to manually monitor and maintain attendance of all employees, the process will be more time-consuming, more laborious, and more expensive. In order to process paper sheets, time cards, generate schedules, approve/disapprove leave, overtime, and so on, you have to spend lots of hours every month. Along with this, you have to do payroll management manually and that can bring lots of errors. An advanced attendance management system like HRMWARE can do all these time-consuming tasks for you automatically without taking a lot of time. It will help you in every area of employee management for the better growth of your business organization. Along with data accuracy, you will enjoy saved time and labor and can better optimize better resources. When you can properly optimize your resources, you will be able to increase productivity and improve the profit margin. 

Insights– Report generation is truly important as you need to make quick decisions on a regular basis in order to keep your business organization truly functional in all ways. Weekly, hourly, monthly, yearly, and so many other types of reports you will require in order to make effective decisions for the growth and profit of your organization. With an advanced attendance management system software, you will be able to generate any important report. Here, you will be able to use the centralized data and enjoy improved visibility and transparency within the organization. 

Generally, these reports will come with graphical views so that you can quickly understand, improve policies, and enable a perfect work culture to boost the productivity level. 

Easy workflow management– with an advanced attendance management software system, you will get transparent visibility of all your data. You can enable ease in the workflow of payrolls, leave, and performance reviews. The responsible person will get notification on early leave, overtime, any other leave instantly and can approve/disapprove based on the requirements and keep everything super functional without keeping employees on a waiting period for long or having communications for hours. 

Here, you do not need to do manual scheduling. Just enable the best attendance management system and you will be able to manage schedules, allocate work, track performance hours of each employee, and so many other things in just a few clicks. In this way, you will also be able to easily forecast resources, workloads, and even budgets. 

Flexibility- In order to run a business in 2021 and in the future, you have to enable a well-connected environment for all of your employees. Already a lot of companies regardless of type and size are pouring more attention on remote working. When your employees are working from home or any remote location, how can you track their attendance and performance hours then? You can do it easily with advanced attendance management systems. 

With an advanced attendance management system software, all your employees will be able to log in and log out from their smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, and start working. You too will be able to track the attendance and performance hours of each employee via any computing device that you use for performing the official jobs. 

There is no need to use a biometric system. The biometric system cannot enable a contactless attendance procedure. A contactless attendance procedure is truly required in order to stay away from COVID-19. No matter where the employee is working for you, with attendance management software, you can track him/her properly without facing any confusion. 

Easy integration– You can power your existing systems with an attendance management software solution. Maybe you are using a biometric system or have any other attendance hardware. You can integrate the attendance management software with your existing systems and make the process robust enough. In this way, you will be able to enable some customization and enjoy added benefits. Every business organization is unique so as its requirements. In order to satisfy unique requirements, enabling some customization in the attendance management software will be an effective choice. 

Real-time tracking– When it comes to powering a business organization with an attendance management system, it will be better if you go for a cloud-based option. In this way, you will be able to enable real-time tracking and get automated inputs to perform required payroll processing. Such a procedure will help you in managing alternative payment schedules and access all information in real-time. 

Security– Generally, leading attendance software system solutions like HRMWARE come with highly secure architecture. You may have seen that biometric systems are highly secure when it comes to preventing time theft, buddy punching, and prevent administrative costs. With an advanced attendance management system, you will enjoy the benefits of a biometric system along with other security benefits. Many organization finds it hard to securely store all organizational and employee data. But with a cloud-based system, there is no added space to store confidential data. You can store all important data in the cloud and access it remotely but with full-on security. 

Compliance– If you fail to keep accurate records of your employees, you will face a lot of problems in overtime payment. It can also lead you towards labor law violation, expensive legal defense, and other fines. With attendance management software, you will be able to properly follow regulations. Generally, regulations ask employers to track attendance properly and pay the required compensation to all employees. And the process and compensation calculation should be transparent. 

An attendance management system will successfully integrate your payroll process and make it more transparent and you will enjoy a seamless employee management system. 

These are the top ten benefits that you are going to enjoy with an attendance management system. While choosing any attendance system in order to power your organization, you should check that you are getting all these benefits at the best levels. If your chosen software solution is not offering these benefits, you should not go for that solution. 

Now you can say that how you can know if an attendance management software is going to offer these benefits or not before using that for a sound span of time. There is a way that you can follow in order to ensure that your chosen attendance management system for employees is going to offer you all the mentioned benefits. 

In order to ensure, all you have to do is just check the feature set of the software for the attendance management system. Below, we are going to discuss a list of features that can offer you the best benefits. 

Must-have features of a modern attendance management system software 

Contact-less attendance regime- A biometric for attendance is okay but that cannot be safe especially when we all are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. There should be a completely contactless attendance system or feature in the software so that employees can punch in and out just by using their own computing device. 

Timesheet/performance hour- via this feature both employee and employer will be able to check the performance hours. An employee will be able to check his/her performance timings and an employer will be able to check the performance hours of each employee. 

Attendance processing- Leading attendance management software solutions offer a dashboard where an HR or the employer can see all the details important to attendance processing. An employer will be able to view real-time attendance information, configure the attendance regime in the best way, and check real-time reports. 

Employee portal- Employees should get some activity on the attendance management system instead of just giving attendance via the system on a regular basis. The software should come with an employee part where employees can check leaves, holidays, timesheets, salary details, personal information, organizational news, and so on. 

Configurable policy– Your attendance management system should provide a space where you can post and inform all your employees about new organizational news. You can share group-wise news and only the specific group will be able to see the news. 

Overtime management- You need to reward as well as check the employees who have been working overtime. If the organization has overtime requirements, it is okay to have some employees who work overtime for you. But if there is no overtime requirement, why one or more than one employee are working for more time, you need to check that. Who is working overtime in order to know that you can take the help of an attendance management system. In this way, you will be able to check the employees who are working overtime and how many hours they are spending at work. 

Salary management- An efficient attendance management system like HRMWARE also helps in calculating the total payout based on the total working days of each employee. There are so many things to calculate when it comes to preparing the salary list of all your employees. But everything is going to be hassle-free as well as automatic with an advanced attendance management system. 

Leave management- It is another important thing when it comes to managing the entire employee base without any error and dissatisfaction. Generally, leading attendance management systems come with leave management features so that employers can easily calculate leaves and make effective decisions without facing any problems. Leave calculation as well management is important in the area of salary management. So, having an automatic leave management feature is actually beneficial to both employer and employee. 

Profile and dashboard- Each type of user should get a profile and dashboard option. The profile feature will let a user store all personal as well as organizational details. The dashboard option will come with various sections based on the user type. 

There are so many other features that many leading attendance management software systems come with. You should choose only those features that you really want otherwise it will be complicated for you. Based on the feature set, the subscription price will be determined also. So, it will be better if you go for only the features that you truly require. 

The market is filled with a lot of software for the attendance management system. Before going for any option, you should do your requirement analysis on the first move. Once you are aware of your needs, you can pick the most appropriate one from the market. Genuine as well leading systems come with video demo, you can explore and decide which solution can best satisfy your requirements at the best level. You can try HRMWARE once and you will never get this one behind. This solution is more than an attendance management system yet comes at a very reasonable rate.