Re-shape your HR policies with 9 best Hr trends for the future

The outbreak of Coronavirus has just changed the way we used to live. There is no sector or aspect of life is left that is not affected by this deadly virus. From our communication practices to work practice- everything has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But we cannot get defeated by a virus; we should continue everything and grow in life. Maybe for that, we have to take new turns but that’s completely okay. The HR professionals and many organizations have realized the same thing and that’s why they are transforming their workplaces and make them pandemic-proof. Most leading companies are following some HR practices to shape a better future and those are going to turn into hr trends for the future. 

If you are running an organization or an HR professional but clueless about how to conquer the post-covid scenarios in the workplace, this blog is meant for you. Today, we are going to discuss all the best hr trends for the future so that all company owners can get a clear idea about what to do and what not in order to adjust to the new world. 

Now you can clearly see that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to work in a new way. It has forced the type of workplace experimentation that would have taken a long time to happen such as remote working, in-person training, re-thinking business modules, new communication ways, adoption of more technologies, and so on. 

Now we are in 2021 and we can see that how we work, where we work, and even technology adoption is changing forever. And the most important fact is that this change is not taking a long span of time, the pace of change is quite fast. Some practices are turning into trends in order to establish a new normal way of work. What are those trends that you too should follow to adjust to the new normal work style- let’s explore!

Best HR trends for the future (with or without coronavirus)

  1. Prioritize employee wellbeing- According to the experts, being an employer now you should prioritize employee wellbeing as a top business mandate. There are many companies all across the world that used to pour less focus on employee wellbeing before the pandemic. But now the scenario has changed. The pandemic is a major reason for adding mental stress to all your employees. In such a situation in order to enjoy the best productivity and quality work, you have to ensure that all your employees are physically and mentally fit. Maybe for that, you have to re-design your employee policies, re-create a better work environment, and keep your employees completely stress-free. 

So, if you want to grow in the post-Covid era, you have to make employee well-being one of the most important business mandates. Employees are the most important asset of any organization. If you keep them stress-free, they will definitely become more productive and deliver quality work. 

  1. Increased dependency on automated technologies- according to industry experts, they are coining a massive push towards the use of cloud software solutions as they automate nearly everything in the field of human resource management. They also expect that over the years, this practice will be enabled by more companies. 

You may have seen that lots of companies regarding their size and type, use the paper-based and manual hr management style. Such a manner is not only wasted a lot of time but also includes a lot of errors. 

A single error in the process can affect the entire organization especially the decision-making procedure. The decision-making procedure depends on organizational data and reports. Managing all these tasks is not possible especially when an organization is recruiting more and more employees. In this kind of situation, organizations are enabling cloud-based software solutions that are automating all tasks so that HRs need to put minimum effort and they can use their saved time on other important areas. 

  1. Remote HR management- from 2020, most companies are letting their employees work from home. Meantime, they have realized that when their employees are working from home they are getting more productivity from their employees. This has inspired more companies to continue the remote work regime even when the pandemic will be over. HR professionals are also working from home. In order to manage all remote employees, remote work environments, and to boost productivity, HR professionals need the best swords in order to win the war. 

Only technology and innovation can make everything easy when it comes to managing human resource things remotely. There are a lot of leading cloud-based HR management software solutions taking place in the market in order to support hr trends for the future. With such software as a service solution, everything seems truly easy. From recording real-time data to storing them with multi-layer security- everything is possible with SaaS HR solutions. 

  1. Virtual company culture and employee engagement management- this is one of the prominent hr trends for the future that most employers are now trying to manage company culture and employee engagement virtually. Maintaining both culture and employee engagement is essential as these are the main growth factors of any business organization. Employers are HR professionals are deploying new as well as creative ways to maintain a better company culture and boost employee engagement virtually. 

They are arranging virtual meetings, online surveys, deploying employee tracking technologies, and so on in order to improve the overall scenario of an organization. When employees are working from their homes, they are more likely to get distracted by many things. You will agree that they will not get an office-like environment at their homes. And that’s why you have to put more effort in order to keep them truly engaged with your organization. 

  1. Employee benefits modification- due to the pandemic, now organizations have to provide a whole new set of employee benefits along with required arrangements. The way we used to work before the pandemic has changed forever. Now we are developing a completely new way to work and grow. When the way is new, the benefits for employees will be new too. Suppose, you used to arrange vehicles so that your employees can easily reach your office. You used to offer a pick-up and drop facility. But when employees are working from home, this facility is no longer needed. Instead of such benefits, you have to offer something that truly helps as well as impresses them in this pandemic time. 

We must say that employees will be happy if you redesign your employee healthcare plans and wellness programs. Maybe, in order to keep your employees engaged and motivated, you used to offer them free lunch meals and offer concert tickets, and so on. But now those are not that much value unless you are offering any entertainment option that can be accessed online. 

More and more companies are pouring more concentration on the healthcare benefits of employees. And this is one of the most important hr trends for the future. Increased healthcare, flexible work arrangements, and more health and wellness programs should play key factors if you are trying to shape your employee benefits policy in accordance with the post-covid world. 

  1. COVID-19 specific sick leaves and accommodations- You can see that everyday coronavirus cases are increasing and it is a very common thing that your employees may also need extended time off in order to quarantine or isolate them. Here, we should mention a thing and that is COVID-19 is still not recognized as a disability under the ADA act. But companies should accommodate employees rightly if they face COVID-related disabilities and that creates a new circumstance for them. 

Another important thing from the list of hr trends for the future is that now companies also have to reconsider the sick leaves. If any of your employees face this virus, you should prepare a special leave policy for them. You can continue with the new policy until the world defeats the pandemic in all ways. 

  1. Employee vaccination programs- being the employer you can take the initiative in order to vaccinate all your employees. In 2021, multiple COVID-19 vaccines are prepared and released to the market. But in some countries, only the government has the authority to vaccinate all populations. If your country does not have the same rule as an employer you can take the initiative to vaccinate all your employees. Such hr trends for the future have both advantages and disadvantages. 

Mandating a vaccine for all your employees will effectively reduce the risk of on-the-job transmission. Along with this, it will also help to reduce the employer’s liability of COVID-19 related workplace illness. 

After vaccination, if any employee faces any adverse reaction due to the COVID-19 vaccination, it may expose the company to the potential worker’s compensation. 

If being an employer it is not possible for you to arrange vaccination benefits for all your employees, you can motivate all your employees to get vaccinated as early as possible. You can provide a paid day off for vaccination. When your entire workforce will be vaccinated, having some employees at your office premise will not be challenging. Just like any other company, you too can keep some of your employees at home and let them perform remotely in order to enjoy adding productivity. 

  1. Comply with laws will be challenging- the laws and regulations keep changing. Now healthcare laws are going to be changed at an increased pace and it will be challenging for the hr department to comply with the new laws and regulations. Another trend will be added to the list of hr trends for the future such as HR managers having to spend more time on writing employee handbooks in a new way. Apart from this, they also have to re-evaluate the existing rulesets of the organization. 

We can say that the pandemic has changed the way we used to live. From communication to HR management- everything is taking a new way in order to keep things functional. No matter how many times the laws and regulations are changing (state, local, national, and international), the HR department should have a clear understanding of the new laws. They should also update all practices according to the latest laws and regulations. 

  1. More investment in technologies- when there is no better alternative to a remote working style, there is no escape from relying on technologies. Employees are working far from each other. This distance can be easily eliminated with the help of technologies. Cloud technology along with advanced communication technologies should be in all remote organizations otherwise managing productivity as well as transparency will be a hard challenge. And that’s why all sizes and types of organizations are tending towards SaaS products and free and paid communication software solutions. While expense management, employers and HR managers are pouring added concentration on these technological areas. 

These are 9 future trends in human resources that we have started to face since 2020. The pandemic is re-shaping the way we used to live and work. In this type of situation, technologies like cloud-based software solutions are helping companies in many ways. 

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