10 applicable ways of using a Smartphone for increasing productivity 

These days, most people can not think of themselves away from their smartphones even for a few minutes. The upgraded technology of smartphones brings you different facilities to ease various tasks. The ill effects of smartphones are now known to all. But do you know that the right use of the device can bring you the best benefits as well? Now, you can also use the smartphone for increasing productivity and brighten your career in different fields. If you wonder how then go through the following points to understand the use of smartphones for increasing productivity.

How to use smartphones for increasing productivity?

Usually, smartphone users spend a long period scrawling the mobile phone and using it for entertainment. Spending time on the screen of the device without any constructive goal can not give you any productive output. If you want to get some productive results from smartphone use then you need to know how to use the same features of the device in some other ways to get the best productive result. 

  1. Schedule your tasks

Your smartphone can be your best time management tool. You can install applications like the Pomodoro technique on your smartphone and break the entire working time into 25 minutes slots. After every 25 minutes, you can turn on the alarm and take a break. For every 25 minutes, you need to select the task that you want to complete. This can improve the focus of the employees. This use of smartphones for increasing productivity has become popular in modern days.

The employees who need to work on their speed of productivity and improve focus can try the Pomodoro technique which provides the desired improvement within a shorter period. Practising this technique can improve your overall performance and quality of productivity. 

  1. Use the search option 

We often load our phones with too much information and make it difficult to get the one we need. You may spend a long time searching for a particular application on your mobile phone if you don’t use the search bar. Every smartphone provides the searching option to the users and gets the application or contact details or any information within a shorter period. 

It saves the time of the employees to find out an important contact within a few seconds. This can speed up the entire working process and help the employees to find out any data from the smartphone easily within the shortest time. 

  1. Use the phone for reading 

Now you need not to wait for buying a book when you have a smartphone and internet connection. You can download the pdf of the books or buy them online and start reading. The best part of buying books online is that you can use your leisure time by gathering essential information and upgrading your skills. You can read the books while returning from the work or going to sleep. So, you can use these free times for improving your productivity as well. 

You can also use your smartphone for checking the available books in the modern market. Buying the books online and collecting information from those for practical application increases the productivity of the employees. So, you can collect the information using the smartphone within a shorter period. 

  1. To-do-list for better work management 

You may have many things to do in a day and you may not be able to keep all these points in mind. So, you can take the help of the to-do list of your smartphone. Here, you can set reminders for different tasks that you need to perform in a day. This application can keep you relaxed and away from the worry of forgetting important tasks.

This application can help you to remind about downloading an important file or checking the official email even when you are away from the office place. So, arranging the tasks becomes easy with the help of this application. You can also repeat the tasks that you need to do on a regular basis. These features make the task easy and keep the employees more productive and well-performing in the working sector. 

  1. Turn on do-not-disturb mode 

Smartphones distract the employees most. When you are working at the office then it is better to turn on the do-not-disturb mode of the smartphone. Turning on this feature helps to stay focused on the work. When you need to concentrate on a complex task or you need to work under a tough deadline then use the do-not-disturb feature so that you don’t get any unnecessary notifications or call to divert your attention. It can help you to complete the task within a shorter period and improve the quality of the production as well. 

You can turn off the do-not-disturb feature when you take a break from the work and complete your personal important calls. This can balance your personal and professional life in an easy manner. The attention level of the employees becomes high when they know they will not receive any call or notification from other persons on their smartphones. 

  1. Use the white noise in the background

You may not be able to produce the best when you are working at the workplace. The background noise at the workplace, chaos, and discussions among the employees can interrupt you to take productivity to the highest level. In such a case, you can turn on the white noise in the background and keep your complete focus on the work. As a result, employees can improve their productivity using smartphones as well. 

  1. Use technical upgradations of smartphones

Smartphones are now available with various features and technical upgrades. Most phones are now compatible with smartphones. You can use project management, leave management, and task management applications on smartphones. Operating the applications from smartphones can make the entire process easily accessible. 

The employees can apply for a leave, and check the updates of the leave status using the valid credentials from the smartphone of the candidates. So, the employees get notifications from the company on their smartphones and take the essential steps accordingly. No matter whether you are on leave or not you can check important notifications and take essential actions from your smartphone from anywhere anytime. 

  1. Podcast listening 

Keeping yourself updated in your field is important to stay secure in your professional field. You may not have enough time on your hand to check the updated information after handling your regular work pressure. You can opt for checking the podcasts. Listening to recent podcasts when you are going to work or returning home can make the task easy and time-saving. You need not invest any separate time to upgrade your skills and handle your work. 

  1. Maintain your personal routine to balance your professional life 

The role of the smartphone doesn’t end with the installation of a few professional applications and using them. Rather you can extend its application in maintaining your personal routine so that you can stay energetic and become able to produce the best. Improving your productivity is possible when you sleep well. The smartphone can be used to sleep and wake up on time by fixing a timer and repeating it on a regular basis. 

  1. Get virtual assistance 

If you need to use your smartphone to perform different official tasks then you can take the help of virtual assistance. The virtual assistant can complete the task within a shorter period as per your command. You can only leave a command for placing a call or a message and the virtual assistant on your smartphone can take the necessary step. So, you can save time and be more productive by using the virtual assistant. 

Prepare yourself to use the Smartphone for increasing productivity  

The above-mentioned points have already proved that you can use a smartphone for increasing productivity. But you need to prepare yourself to implement it in the reality. You should understand that smartphones are basically used for entertainment and this is the main attraction of using the smartphone. But turning this interest and using it mostly for improving productivity is not as easy as it sounds. You need to prepare your mind and take the proper steps for using the smartphone in the best professional way. 

Determine your focus 

You need to determine your focus before you start using your smartphone for increasing productivity. If you decide that you need to improve your productivity and take performance to the next level then you will find using a smartphone a great option. The users of the smartphone can search for different ways that you can try to improve focus and increase productivity. 

Turn off the distractions

You need to turn off distractions when you want to use a smartphone for increasing productivity. You may have used your smartphone for social media surfing, connecting to friends, and listening to music till now. So, you must feel attracted to those entertaining activities whenever you look at your smartphone. So, first, you need to close the distractions when you are going to use your smartphone at the professional field and to improve productivity. 

Meditate and focus

When you are interested in increasing your productivity, practice meditation on a regular basis. You need to prepare the mind and give direction to your mind so that it can work for improving productivity. Meditation can calm down the mind and determine the focus so they can perform in a better way in the professional field and stay stuck to their decision. 

Set the goals

When you start the practice you may find it difficult and feel distracted. So, you need to set small goals and focus to achieve those. For example, you can start with the goal of listening to a short podcast while returning home. After that, you can check social media for a few minutes. You can increase the timing gradually and then use any time you get free for the same. 

Delete the unnecessary applications 

If you have an addiction to some particular games then you should remove those applications first. To shift your focus to using the Smartphone for increasing productivity  then you should eliminate all distractions. When you can see the gaming application that you like to play it obviously attract your attention. And it becomes difficult to shift your focus. On the other hand, if you eliminate the game from your sight then it can not distract your mind. So, you should uninstall the gaming application first. 


People change their priorities with time and when you focus on your productivity then you need to use your every scope. The use of a smartphone has become very common in modern days but you need to understand how you can get the best advantage of it. You can spend time on the mobile screen in different ways. So, you need to decide whether you want to use it for uplifting your skills or passing the time. The device can help you to make the tasks easy to manage and save your overall working time. But you need to prepare yourself for that. 

You can search for the best applications for time management, task management, and other skill development. The digital world is improving day by day and you can collect information to use it in the best way as well. So, don’t forget to research well in the market before using smartphones for increasing productivity.