Top 11 ATS features you will need today and tomorrow

Being the recruiter of your organization, you may feel like you have the supreme power to select a candidate. But the reality starts with- if that candidate wants to join you only then you can get the opportunity to interview and select that candidate. It depends on them. It depends on how you represent your organization in front of them. Being a recruitment solution creator for businesses/enterprises, we conduct several kinds of research on technologies and candidate behavior. We have found out that truly talented candidates prefer to join an organization if that is purely tech-savvy and has a modern recruitment process. When it comes to improving the recruitment process, it can’t be possible without the help of an ATS- Applicant Tracking System. Best ats features, systematic process, and transparency can attract a candidate more than anything on this planet. 

When it is about improving the recruitment process and bringing more ease for both recruiters and candidates, you should go for a feature-rich applicant tracking system. There are some best features of applicant tracking systems but not available in every ATS solution available in the market. What are those features? Let’s explore below-

Best ats features for modern-day recruiters 

  1. Easy n effective candidate search 

The main goal of any applicant tracking system is having job-candidate match according to the job position criteria and filters. In this area, the most manual intervention takes place. A robust applicant tracking system is able to purely automate the entire process including insights. If an applicant tracking system does not come with the capability to match, rank, and display similar submissions, we must say you should not invest in that application. 

In order to get accurate search results, there should be a filter facility. In this way, the recruiter will be able to customize the search experience and search results. Meeting the precise needs of an organization is the sole important duty of a recruiter. And that’s we suggest picking a robust software that comes with the best set of features and makes you enjoy the superior benefits. 

  1. Multiple popular job portal access 

Job portals are effective solutions to get both active and passive candidates. There are various important platforms where candidates and recruiters meet each other. In order to get the best candidates, you should get access to all popular portals. An advanced applicant tracking system will have the facility to connect the recruiter with all leading platforms. There is no need to maintain lots of login IDs and passwords to access all popular job portals. Modern applicant tracking systems will let you log in to various portals just in one click and you can easily perform the required tasks without facing any delay or interruption. 

The job posting process should be easy and straightforward. Apart from this, after posting a job ad, the recruiter needs to visit the portal frequently in order to view all applications, details of applicants, resumes, and to contact candidates. These tasks can be effortless also if you equip your recruitment process with an advanced applicant tracking system. There are stunning ats features that make job portal access easier than anything. 

  1. Mobile application support 

Modern recruiters prefer to work from any corner of this world. They want to stay at work 24/7. They want to perform their jobs in a more dedicated way. And as a result, they are tending towards applicant tracking systems that come with mobile app support. Generally, leading applicant tracking systems come with mobile app support for all leading app platforms. Not only a SaaS product will take care of all your recruitment requirements but also there will be mobile app support in the form of an ats to make you enjoy the best flexibility. 

So, when it comes to choosing the best applicant tracking system for your HR team, it is obvious to check the best ats features. The mobile app support is one of the best ats features that recruiters seek today. 

  1. Plugins 

In order to work in a versatile style, recruiters prefer to get all-in-one software solutions i.e. applicant tracking systems. Recruiters need to frequently visit browsers, mailboxes, various job platforms, and so many other things. In order to add more ease to the process, some leading applicant tracking systems come with plugins for Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, etc. the sole aim of these plugins is to let the recruiter perform more and better while experiencing the comfort of a custom system. 

  1. Analytics and dashboard

When it comes to looking for the best ats features, we cannot skip analytics and dashboard. Nearly all leading applicant tracking system software options are rightly equipped with the best set of analytics and dashboard. So that recruiters can get control of the entire process and practices in a single place. 

Apart from a feature-rich central dashboard, there will be analytics to measure the success of your every effort. You can use those analytics to prepare data-driven reports and make wise decisions. Advanced analytics will also help you in understanding the trends and predict future changes so that you can be ready before your competitors. 

  1. Integrated text recruiting 

Text recruiting is a super-liked trend by recruiters. This trend brings a lot of benefits on the table and that’s why recruitment experts are encouraging all to embrace this trend as soon as possible. This is one of the best ats features that completely transform your recruitment experience. 

With the help of such an excellent feature, communicating with applicants will be easier than ever. The recruiter will be able to directly communicate with various candidates and track applicants and store all transcripts. 

Direct communication with applicants is very effective in winning candidates. There are a lot of recruiters in the market. They all are trying their best to win both active and passive candidates. When it comes to winning talented candidates, welcoming communication is really effective. Advanced applicant tracking systems come with the best features to let recruiters easily communicate with the candidates. 

  1. Employee referral program 

Research says most successful hires come from referrals by existing employees. Actually, existing employees know who can handle the work better or what skills are required in order to perform the task with efficiency. When it comes to looking for the best ats features, you should consider employee referral program creation and management in the list. The advanced applicant tracking system will make it easy for both recruiters and employees. Employees will get an easy referral option so that they can refer to their known people who are able to handle the job. 

The recruiter will also be able to design or make changes to the referral program from time to time with the help of the applicant tracking system. 

  1. A custom career site 

No matter if you post on all leading job portals or not you should start with posting job vacancies on your own website. This is a must-to-do job for all recruiters. If there is no job posted on the site, it can confuse candidates. They may find your job ads on job portals but if they do not get the same on the career site, they will think that the vacancy is filled. 

A leading applicant tracking system helps you in posting job ads directly on the site and the recruiter can also customize the career site’s look as well as feel. We have already said that winning candidates starts with the very first step and that’s why you should not leave any stone unturned. The career site should be responsive enough so that the recruiter and candidates can explore the site whenever they feel like it. 

  1. Flexible workflows 

You should not go for a software solution if that claims to be a one-size-fits-all solution. It is a simple fact that every business is unique in its recruitment process. No applicant tracking system can satisfy the recruitment requirements of all types of organizations. 

Before going for any applicant tracking system or to list down the best ats features, you should analyze your own requirements. Once you are done with your analysis, you can search for the best applicant tracking systems and check the features of each one. In this way, you will be able to understand which software is powerful enough to satisfy all your requirements. Advanced applicant tracking systems come with some best features that offer great flexibility and make the recruiter enjoy customization while creating workflows. 

The recruiter will be able to create various roles, responsibilities, and control all accesses. According to many business organizations, an ats solution with such a feature is really beneficial as it eliminates all hassles from the workflow creation and management process while ensuring secure access. 

  1. Interview management 

Interview sessions with various candidates are effective parts of any recruitment process. The interview process should be fast, organized, and there should be no error that can ruin the attraction of a candidate. The recruiter should get a calendar and there he/she can schedule various interviews with various candidates. It will show a complete chart with progress. Which candidates are selected for the next round to other to-do things- everything should be managed from a single point of the applicant tracking system. 

Today’s smart recruiters go for ats solutions that ensure all these benefits instead of handling all these tasks manually. 

You know that a structured interview process can help you to get more accurate feedback. It also saves a lot of time. When you get proper feedback from your interviewed candidates, you can easily find out areas that require improvement and make hiring easy. 

  1. Employer branding 

Employer branding is too important to leave a good impression in front of the target candidates. When candidates see a job post, they try to see a lot of things! And that’s why we always suggest doing something truly organized and attractive. In this way, winning candidates from the very first step are possible. 

Job description, job application form, career web pages, and communication processes- everything gets noticed and analyzed by all candidates. An advanced applicant tracking software will come with employer branding features and it will customize all these impression-making factors. An ats with an employer branding feature is robust enough to bring consistency in the process. 

How to choose the best applicant tracking system? 

By this portion of this blog, you have understood that considering ats features is the most important thing when it comes to choosing an ats for your organization. Along with considering the best features of the applicant tracking system, there are some other factors for consideration. You need to consider the price, popularity of the software, reviews, pricing plans, etc. after analyzing all your requirements and these factors, if everything seems okay for you, you can go for that solution. 

Keeping a close look at the user reviews helps in understanding exactly how users feel about it and how the software is helping in their recruitment process. Apart from this, leading solutions also come with a demo version. Via the demo, you will be able to understand the effectiveness of the ats features or the entire solutions. 

It is also true that there are a lot of leading applicant tracking systems available in the market and they come with similar features. In such a situation, you can prepare a list of solutions according to your budget and user reviews. You can directly communicate with the sales team or owner of those products and understand the benefits and support facilities. After all these things, you will be able to choose the best one. 


Today’s recruitment procedures are relying more on advanced technologies such as HR management software, applicant tracking software, various communication software solutions, and so on. In order to exist and stay competitive, you have to take the same way. In order to improve the recruitment procedure, if you are looking for an ats, you should consider all the above-mentioned ats features at the very first step. Features, design, and customer experience together do wonders- we all have to agree that.