What to know before Passive recruiting process in 2022 for your company?


If you think only searching for a job and getting hired by a reliable company is tough then you are making a mistake. Searching, hiring, and retaining the best talents for running a company flawlessly is a real challenge that the recruiters face. There are numerous ways for finding eligible candidates and the companies are implementing new tools for filling up the positions. Passive recruiting is one such process that the latest companies try to hire the best candidates for filling up the vacant position in modern companies.  Let us check the details of the effective process and the benefits of applying it. 

Passive recruiting in 2022: definition 

It is a common step for the hiring manager to reach the candidates who apply for a particular position in a company. But when they find the candidates who are not actively searching for a job switch or apply for the position then the process is known as passive recruiting. This process is receiving a good response in the modern days and the recruiters are being able to fill up the position actively with the real talents. The recruiters opt for this type of recruitment when they find the candidate has considerable experience in the relevant field, impressive educational qualifications, a good reputation in the company, and more. This type of recruitment is challenging because the candidate may not show interest in switching jobs when they get good remuneration from their current job. 

Passive recruitment is a long-term strategy that the hiring professionals should keep on practicing. For example, if you are planning for passive recruiting then you need to be well active in searching for the eligible candidates for a particular position even if the position is not vacant in your company. The recruiters should keep on searching for the best candidates who are qualified and well active in the professional field. A healthy contact with such candidates can help you to give a good result in passive recruitment whenever needed. So, the experienced recruiters use their skills and contacts to hire the best candidates when a vacancy arrives. 

Let us look into the detailed strategies of the passive recruiting process to understand how to hire the right passive candidates for the particular position. 

Why should the recruiters choose passive recruitment?

Before jumping into the strategies of passive recruiting processes, the recruiters should know why investing their time and energy in this process is fruitful. The popularity of passive recruiting is increasing day by day for filling several positions with hard-to-find candidates. The eligible candidates with the proper potential can be hired to your office for improving the production of the brand. Let us check the benefits of this particular recruiting process

Productive assets 

The passive candidates work as the productive assets in a company. The investment in the passive candidates can be beneficial because of their experience in the relevant field and eligibility. The brands need not invest much time and effort to train them after hiring. Moreover, they can improve the productivity of the brand. So, investing in the passive candidate can be counted as a productive asset for the brand. 

Greater ROI 

When a company plan to get the best return on investment chooses a passive recruiting process. This is the way in which the recruiters may reach the real talents having proper experience in the relevant field. Candidates with greater managing skills and critical thinking abilities can bring the best return to the companies against the investment in them.

Less requirement for fast processing 

The recruiters generally work under time pressure when they need to source the candidates for filling up a position as soon as possible. In the competitive market, screening and contacting the applicants is urgent to lessen the risk of losing the candidate. The scenario, in the case of passive recruiting, is different because the passive candidates are not the applicants so the chance of other recruiters to reach them becomes less.

Passive recruiting strategies 

The recruiters are always upgrading themselves and searching for the best candidates to fill up different positions in the companies. The passive recruiting process can be done by experienced recruiters if they follow some strategies. You can go through the following points to understand how to improve the performance in passive recruitment and hire the best talents for improving the production of the company.

  1. Consistent organized process 

Organizing the list of eligible and qualified candidates is the first thing that you need to keep in mind before opting for passive recruiting strategies. The recruiters need to apply the automated tool that can send messages to the candidates at a certain interval. This process keeps the candidates alert about the company and helps the recruiters to maintain a healthy relationship with the candidates without any hassle. This adds benefits to the passive recruitment process which is a long-term process. 

  1. Brand image creation 

This is a very important point that employers need to keep in mind when they are moving toward the passive recruiting process. The hiring managers should keep in mind that the experienced and eligible candidates opt for the companies that have a good name in the modern market and provide the best facilities to the employees. The renowned brands get good responses from the candidates in the passive recruiting process. So, creating the best brand image should be the prime goal of the recruiters for passive recruitment. 

The recruiters need to work hard for building up a strong impact in the market for treating the employees in the best manner. The advertisement and promotion of the healthy employee relationship can build up a good brand image and impress the qualified candidates. 

  1. Use of social media platforms

In this digital era, the use of social media platforms can always give you the best result in both promoting your brand and finding a candidate. So, you should not only look into the list of job web portals and top-rated hiring platforms but also look into the social media platforms and find the best candidates with years of experience in the specific field. 

The recruiters can search based on the location or the specific job position on the social media platform and get a list of people using a similar keyword. Searching passive candidates on this platform gives an effective result because the recruiters can easily connect to them on this platform and get responses as well. So, in long term, it gives good results in recruitment if you keep on connecting with the eligible and active social media users. 

  1. Apply referral programs for the employees

This is a trendy way of sourcing passive recruitment. In this process, the employers offer a particular amount of referral to the employees against recruitment with the reference of the employee. That means, if you refer a candidate for a position in your company and the employee is hired then you get an amount of token money as a reward. This is a very popular process of the passive recruiting process.  

This passive recruiting strategy can give genuine leads to the recruiters and get a prompt response from the candidates. 

  1. Reach the previously applied candidates 

A list of the applicants should always be there for the recruiters so that they can reach them whenever a vacancy arises. The recruiters find the contact details of the applicants from their database and contact them to offer a particular position at their companies. This passive recruiting process has good popularity among the recruiters for receiving the best response from the candidates because once they showed interest in the position. So, the chance is there to get a positive response from the candidate. 

At the time of creating the database of the applicants, the recruiters need to include comments about the candidates. It helps them to take prompt decisions when they reconnect the candidates for passive recruitment. 

  1. Show the best working culture 

You should keep in mind that the work culture leaves the best impact on the passive candidates. So, you should improve and promote the positive points of the working culture at your office. You can highlight the positive work culture and the opportunities for career growth at your brand while offering a position to the passive candidate. The passive recruiting process becomes successful when the candidate comes to know how beneficial it is to join the brand for their career. 

  1. Transparent discussion about the pay scale and hikes 

The potential candidates are interested in financial growth. If you want to attract passive candidates then you have to show them a few reasons for offering the job roles. It is essential to convenience them for joining your brand and the payscale discussion can open this scope. You can offer a position where they can expect a good hike in their existing salary. The discussion about the pay scale and hikes should be transparent so that the candidate can take a firm decision without any hesitation. 

These are the most useful strategies that recruiters should maintain when they want to invest in passive recruiting. In simple words, offering the best position to the potential candidate in a reputed brand with an attractive remuneration package and good career growth opportunity is the key make the passive recruiting process successful. 

Step-by-step process of passive recruiting 

So, passive recruitment is not a hard-to-reach goal for the recruiters. But following a guideline is essential to make the recruitment process successful. If you are ready for passive recruiting at your office then the step-by-step guideline is here. 

Determine whether you want passive recruiting or not for a position 

Before starting the passive recruiting process, the hiring professionals need to determine whether they should invest in the passive candidates for the position or find the active applicants. Generally, the recruiters prefer to opt for the passive recruiting process when they need to fill up the hard-to-find potential candidates. The recruiters find the passive recruiting process useful for the executive and other higher positions of the companies. When the recruiters find that the applicants don’t have desired skills for holding the position of the company, they may opt for the passive recruiting process. This is a long-term process and finding the potential candidates relevant to your field should be a continuous process. So, it becomes easy to fill a vacancy with a potential passive candidate immediately. 

Remove the advertisements 

The recruiters should remove the advertisements from the job portals when they decide to opt for the passive recruiting process. They should stop screening the resumes of the active candidates and look into the list of the passive ones. They should start reviewing the profiles of the potential passive candidates for a particular position. 

Reconnect to the passive candidates

Once the recruiters shortlist the profiles of the eligible passive candidates they should start reconnecting them for offering the position. The recruiters should be conscious while offering the job to the passive candidates for a higher position. They should be conscious about their approach to real talents. It should be polite, confident, smart, and convincing. A clear description of the job role and the company background should be sent to the passive candidate so that they can take a firm decision. 

Call for interview 

Once the passive candidates show interest in the position in your company, you should arrange an interview as soon as possible. The recruiters should keep in mind that the potential candidates may be hired by the competitive brands soon and to lower the risk, the recruiter should progress the hiring process soon. An interview with the candidate can help the recruiters to understand the potential of the candidates for handling the responsibility of the job position. 

The selected candidates should find interest in the passive hiring process. The candidates with proper eligibility and qualification must get a quick response from the recruiters so that they don’t lose interest in the company and the position. Above all, the recruiters should keep in mind that the passive candidates are not tough to get if the recruiters know how to approach the eligible candidate and convince them.