Privacy Policy

This is the summary of our Privacy Policy that takes effect on 00/00/0000. This privacy policy only covers our Human Resource Management Software Service. The detailed policy (discussed later) follows the same structure and it also represents the actual legal document.


Vyrazu Labs never sells any kind of information to anyone for advertising or to make money. We are following this manner rather commitment since the very first date of our service and we will remain 100% committed to it. This Privacy Policy will tell you everything about how we collect information and why, who can access this information, and what a user can do about it, in detail.

Information Vyrazu Labs collects from you

Vyrazu Labs collects information only when it needs that for satisfying some legitimate requirements. Vyrazu Labs collect information mainly in 3 three ways-

  • When the user provides the information directly
  • Some information we collect automatically
  • And sometimes we obtain it from a third-party
We are going to elaborate on all the mentioned data collection ways for our HRMS- Hrmware

Information that users directly provide Vyrazu Labs:

Account creation and registration

When a person signs up in order to create an account and get our HRMS service, we ask him/her to provide a set of information such as name, email address, mobile number, Enterprise name, number of total employees, and country. After providing all these, a person will be able to complete the sign-up procedure. All this information needs to be genuine otherwise the verification process will not be successful. Apart from these, you have to create a strong password in order to complete the sign-up/registration procedure. After this, the user may need to provide us some other information such as photo, preferred language, time zone, office address, and branch details.

Quote form submission and other registrations

when you subscribe to our newsletter or any other mailing list and submit a quote form, we will record your information. Generally, in order to know details about our HRMS and to contact us, you have to fill a quote form and submit. The quote form will ask you to share your name, email address, phone number and you will also be able to put additional information in a message form. And all these will be stored by Vyrazu Labs to provide you a seamless HRMS service or to answer your query.


after providing our HRMS service, we may publish your name and other personal information such as enterprise name and employee numbers in form of a testimonial. But before doing that, we will take your approval.

Communications with us

Vyrazu Labs may record your interactions with us in order to analyze and provide the service. Generally, during the interactions, people share their name, email address, phone number, query, requirements, and total employee number. We may record this information for improving our services.

Information that Vyrazu Labs collects automatically:

From browsers, devices, and servers

When a person visits our websites, we collect information that devices, browsers, and servers keep available for others such as IP address, language preference, browser type, referring URL, operating system, time zone, device manufacturer, and the network information. Vyrazu Labs collect this information in our log files for research purpose i.e. to better understand the visitors.

Cookies and tracking technologies

Vyrazu Labs collects both temporary and permanent cookies in order to rightly identify the users of our services and to boost the overall user experience. We have enabled some smart identifiers in our software service for the smooth and proper tracking of product usage. We use beacons, cookies, scripts, tags, and other similar smart technologies in order to-

  • Get demographic information of our visitors and users
  • Track website navigation
  • Understand the benefit of an email campaign

Vyrazu Labs only uses first-party cookies and we never use third-party cookies and other third-party tracking technologies on our website and product. Apart from this, we use LSOs to perfectly store the content information.

Mobile analytics and application logs- Vyrazu Labs collects information about your use of our software product in order to understand how you are using our product as a service and how we can improve it in the future days. This set of information includes-

  • Clicks
  • Scrolls
  • Access time
  • Most accessed features
  • Frequency
  • Errors generated
  • User settings and configuration
  • And devices used to access our product

Information that Vyrazu Labs collects from third-parties:

Signups by using federated authentic service providers

You can sign-up or register to get our HRMS using some supported federated authentication service provider such as Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Webmail. Actually, these services authenticate a user’s identity and give him/her options to share some personal information with us such as name and email address.

Signups by using federated authentic service providers

You can sign-up or register to get our HRMS using some supported federated authentication service provider such as Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Webmail. Actually, these services authenticate a user’s identity and give him/her options to share some personal information with us such as name and email address.


If we generate any referrals program, a person can send you our product to you and that person will also share your name, email address, and other information with us. If you want to remove your information from Vyrazu Labs’ database, you can email us directly and we will do that instantly. If you or any other person gives us some information, we will only use that for the specific purpose and you will be aware of that.

Information that we get from reselling partners and service providers

if a person contacts any of our reselling partners or express interest in our product to them, the reselling partner can share your name, email address, enterprise name, and other information with us. If you attend any event that is sponsored by Vyrazu Labs, the organizer can share your information with us. We can collect information about you from the review sites. It can be possible when you will comment on any review of our products.

Information that we get from social media and other public sources

when a person interacts with us on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ via posts, comments, messages, and other interactions, Vyrazu Labs may collect that publicly available information along with the profile information to rightly connect with that person. It helps us to understand users’ reactions, issues and we can improve the service accordingly. That person may delete the post, comment, or even the account yet the previous information will be stored in our database.

Why does Vyrazu Labs collect such information?

We have mentioned some reasons in the previous parts that why we collect such information. Apart from that, we can use the collected information for the below reasons-

  • In order to communicate with you via email about our HRMS that you have subscribed to in case the changes to our terms and condition, privacy policy, or any other important notices.
  • In order to keep you updated about our future products, services, events, offers, and any other information that Vyrazu Labs considers to share with you.
  • In order to ask you to participate in surveys or to provide feedback after using our HRMS
  • For setting up and maintaining your user account or to do other tasks to ensure the smooth flow of our services
  • For understanding how users use our product, prevent issues, and to improve the product
  • For providing the required customer support and to improve interactions with customers
  • In order to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions and any other illegal activities
  • In order to update, expand, and analyze our records
  • In order to monitor as well as improve the marketing campaigns

Data sharing by Vyrazu Labs:

Vyrazu Labs only shares collected information with individuals or other companies out of Vyrazu Labs in the following circumstances-

Vyrazu Labs can share its collected information to its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, and other trusted individuals or companies in order to process the information on behalf of Vyrazu Labs. We ensure that these parties agree to access the information based on our instruction and in compliance with the privacy policy.

Vyrazu Labs believes that access, use, preservation and disclosure of such information is reasonable for-

  • Satisfying any applicable law, legal process, regulation, and enforceable governmental request
  • Enacting applicable terms of service
  • Investigation of potential violations
  • Protecting Hrmware, its users or the public as permitted by the law

Information that Vyrazu Labs processes on behalf of you

Information entrusted to Vyrazu Labs and purpose

An individual or a company can entrust information to Vyrazu Labs for the use of the service/ HRMS or for getting technical support for the product. This information set includes data about your employees or any other data you hold and use via our product. The data can be saved on your servers when you will transfer or share that with us or while you use our product.

Ownership and control of the data

We trust that you own your service data. Vyrazu Labs provides its users the complete control of service data by giving you the ability to-

  • Properly access your service data
  • Share such data via supported third-party integrations
  • Export and delete the service data

How Vyrazu Labs uses service data

Vyrazu Labs mainly processes service data only when the user provides required instructions via various modules of our service.

Push Notifications

If you have enabled the push notification on our product, we will send push notifications through a reliable push notification server. At any time, you can disable these notifications or change your push notification preferences.

Information Retention

Vyrazu Labs holds the data as long as you choose to use our HRMS. Once you terminate your user account, your shared data will be removed from our active user database in the next-clean up process that generally takes place once in 6 months. Once we remove your date from the active database, it will be in the backup database and after three months, we will remove that too.

Personal information about children

Our product/HRMS is not directed to any individual under 18. We do not collect information knowingly from individuals who are under 18 years of age. If ever we that an individual below 18 has provided us some personal information, we will take the required steps to instantly delete such information.

How secure your information is with us

How Vyrazu Labs uses service data

At, Vyrazu Labs, we take data security very seriously and maintain it over the years. And that’s why we are certified for industry standards such as. Vyrazu Labs has implemented the right administrative, technical as well as physical safeguards in order to prevent any kind of unauthorized access, use, change, disclosure, and destruction of the information a user entrusts to us.

Blogs and social media

We offer publicly accessible blogs on our HRMS site. If you provide any kind of information there, Vyrazu Labs may use that to connect with you. We urge our blog readers to be careful in disclosing their personal information in our blog comment box. Vyrazu Labs will not be responsible for the information that you choose to leave at our comment box. By visiting our HRMS site, you will get several social media widgets and that lets you share our blogs and even our HRMS site on those social media sites. These widgets may collect some information like IP address, pages you have visited in the site, and even set a cookie to ensure the functionality of those widgets. Your interactions with these social media sites will be governed by those companies (social media companies).

Transfer of our business

We do not intend to sell our business. But in the unlikely event that we sell our business, merge, or get acquired, we will ensure that stored data of you will be protected and we are legally bound to do that. We will inform you if such scenarios take place via email or a prominent notice along with choices you can take at that situation.

Compliance with the privacy policy

Vyrazu Labs makes every effort including the time to time reviews in order to ensure that all the personal information users shared will be used in conformity with this Privacy policy. If you have any concerns about our Privacy Policy or the manner we are following, you can write to us at We will coordinate accordingly.

Notification of changes

Vyrazu Labs may change the Privacy Policy at any time and we will let you know via a service announcement or by sending an email to your email address. We will send you that email or notice at least 30 days in advance so that you can determine if the changes will affect your rights or not. If you think that changes are affecting your rights, you can terminate your user account by sending us an email within thirty days. If we do not get any response after making the service announcement or email and you continue to use our HRMS, it will be deemed to be your agreement to the new/modified Privacy Policy. You can check this page periodically to see how your information is being used by Vyrazu Labs.

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