Refund Policy

Vyrazu Labs aims to create robust and dynamic software that any enterprise out there can use for human resource management. We have set a standard in order to rightly satisfy all our customers out there.

Price calculator

Our HRM software is free from any kind of hidden charges. And that’s why we provide a calculator for easy and fast price calculation. The calculator will help you to get both monthly and yearly estimates based on your employee/user number. The calculator will give you a fair estimate. But it does not include integration with biometric devices and external tools.

Free Access

If you are presently running with less than 10 employees, our HRM software is free for you! You will get purely free access to our HRM software and no credit card is required.

15 days of free trial

Hrmware is a stunning cloud-based that helps SMEs to large business organizations to properly improve their HR practices and make wise decisions. Start your happy HR days with 15days of free trial!

Get instant discount

Long subscription days mean more savings! While availing of the annual subscription, you will get an instant 20% discount.

PRO version of the HRMS

If you have 0 to 500 employees, you can choose our PRO version. The PRO version comes with some outstanding features that instantly smoothen the entire HR practices of an enterprise. The PRO version includes some superstar features like payroll management, attendance management, responsive support, leave management, HRIS, strategic HR policy generation, performance management, custom workflow, and so on.

500+ employees? Get something exclusive

We offer exclusive benefits to the enterprising that have more than 500 employees! The benefits are dedicated support, cloud hosting, account management, and so on. The enterprise version of this HRM software will provide all the basic benefits along with additional features. It will help enterprises to set a greater level of security as well as a dedicated work environment. In case of any technical assistance, just an email or rind will be enough to reach us. Lastly, managing strategic customers along with the key accounts will seem effortless to you than ever!

Subscription Renewal

You do not need to renew your subscription every month or year! Once you subscribe to us, we will keep the service open for you. If you want to cancel the subscription or do not want to renew it, you can just email us. Before auto-renewing your subscription, we will send you a specifying email with the estimate (will be charged to your credit card). After every renewal, you will get a proper receipt along with the charge and next renewal date.


It is quite common that our customers forget to cancel the subscription. And that’s why we let them cancel any monthly/yearly plan even after 5 working days after the renewal. If you inform us within 5 business days, we will process the cancellation as soon as possible and give you a full refund.


We do not entertain any kind of refund request when we suspend or terminate any account for violating our terms and conditions.

For more questions, please email us at or call us at +91-9748716966

30 days free trial now! No credit card required