Terms and Conditions

This is an agreement between you and your entity that you represent and Vyrazu Labs governing your use/subscription of Hrmware, an eminent HRM software.

Agreement parts

This agreement between two parties contains the following terms and conditions if any, specific to the use of any individual services. Here general terms and service-specific terms are referred to as the ‘Terms’. If any conflict between General terms and service-specific terms takes place, the service-specific terms shall prevail.

Terms Acceptance

In order to accept the terms, you must be of legal age to enter a legal agreement. If you cannot agree to the general terms, we will not be able to offer you our services. If you agree with general terms but cannot accept the service-specific terms, we will not be able to offer you the corresponding services. In order to accept the terms, after checking the checkbox or hitting the button that indicates your acceptance of our terms.

Service Description

we provide a dynamic software solution for better Human Resource Management. The solution comes with stunning features like contactless attendance, attendance management, leave management, appraisal management, payroll management, employee management, and related other features. You can use our HRM software for your enterprise needs. In order to use this software, you should have an internet browser option. You will be responsible for having access to the internet as well as devices necessary to use this software. In this HRMS, you can easily create as well as edit content with your user account if it is needed. You can also publish and share those content.

Service Description

We can offer some specific services in the form of closed or open beta services for testing and evaluation purposes. You should agree that Vyrazu Labs will have the sole authority as well as discretion in order to determine the beta services testing and evaluation time period. Vyrazu Labs will be the sole judge to determine the success of testing and evaluation and the decision, if any, in order to offer beta services in forms of commercial services. Yous should be under no obligation in order to get a subscription to use a paid service as a result of the subscription to any Beta Service. Vyrazu Labs reserves the right to partially or fully discontinue, at any time and from time to time, temporarily or permanently, any of the beta services with or without prior notice to you. You need to agree that Vyrazu Labs will not be liable to you or any other third-party in the case of any harm related to, caused by, or arising out of the suspension, modification, or discontinuance of any of the offered Beta services for any reason.

Terms of Service Modification

Vyrazu Labs can modify the Terms at any time and notify you via a service announcement or by sending an email to your primary email address. Due to the changes in the Term, if any of your rights get affected, you will get at least 30 days advance notice of the changes via email. As compensation, you will get prorated refined of the unused part of the paid service. If you continue the use of services after the effective date of a change to the Terms can be deemed to be your agreement to the new Terms (modified terms).

User Sign-up Liability

In order to use our services, you need to have an account. After signing up by providing all the required information, a user will be able to use our services. If you are going to use our service for the corporate internal, we will suggest you and other users from your organization to sign up for having an account by providing the required corporate contact details. As a service user, you should agree to-

  • Provide genuine, accurate, and current information about yourself while sign up
  • If your provided information is untrue, incomplete, or outdated or Vyrazu Labs find reasonable ground to suspect that the provided information is not true, incomplete, or outdated, Vyrazu Labs may suspend or terminate your user account and stop current or future use of any or all the offered services.

Accounts and administration

In order to sign-up for an account for your organization, if you wish you can specify one or more administrators. The administrator will be responsible for configuring the services based on your criteria as well as manage end users in your organization account. If the organization account is created as well as configured by a third-party on behalf of you, it will be assumed that the third-party is there to perform the administrator role of your organization. You should have the proper agreement that specifies the roles and responsibilities of that third-party as the administrator of your organizational account.

    You should be responsible for-
  • Ensuring as well as maintaining the confidentiality of your organizational account password
  • Appointing expert individuals as administrators in order to manage your account
  • You need to ensure that all account activities from your side will finely comply with this agreement
Vyrazu Labs will not be responsible for account administration as well as internal management of the services for you. Along with this, you need to take the required measures in order to ensure that your organization will not lose control of administrator accounts. In the case of loss of control of the administrator accounts, you can set a particular process in order to recover the control and that you should send via an email at...If there is the absence of any particular administrator account during the account control recovery, Vyrazu Labs may provide control of an administrator account to an individual. The individual needs to provide satisfactory proof on behalf of your organization. You should also agree not to hold Vyrazu Labs liable for the consequences after the action taken by Vyrazu Labs in good faith in this regard.

Privacy and Personal Information

Your provided personal privacy policy will be governed by Vyrazu Labs privacy policy. Your choice to use our service indicates your acceptance of our privacy policy. You will be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username, password, and other sensitive information of your organization. You will be the sole responsible for all types of activities in your user account. If you find any kind of unauthorized use of your user account, you should immediately inform us via email or call. Vyrazu Labs will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage to you or any third-party incurred as the result of unauthorized access or use of your user account.

Communications from Vyrazu Labs

Our service may include some communication from Vyrazu Labs in the forms of service announcements, newsletters, and administrative messages. You should understand that these communications are part of the service. You will also get a choice to opt-out from receiving newsletters from Vyrazu Labs. But in the case of service announcements and administrative messages, you will not get the same choice.


If we receive any kind of complaints from any person or organization against you with respect to your activities as a part of the use of our services, we will send you that complaint to your provided email address of the user account. You should send us the response within the 10 business days of receiving the complaint. Based on the requirements, we may disclose your name as well as contact information to the complainant. If we get no response within the 10 business days, it will be accepted as your consent to disclose your name and contact information by Vyrazu Labs.

Charges and payments

The HRM Services are available under subscription plans of several durations. Payment of subscription plans of less than a year can be done only via Credit Card. Your subscription plan will be automatically renewed at the end of each subscription plan. You will get 5 business days after the auto-renewal to cancel or choose another plan. If you cancel the subscription within 5 business days after the auto-renewal, you will get a full refund. The subscription fee will be charged to your issued Credit card. If you have up to 10 employees, you will be able to use our service for free of cost. From time to time, Vyrazu Labs may change the price of any free service or stop offering an instant discount. Any increase in the charges will not be applied to you until your subscription reaches the expiry date.

Restriction on use

In addition to all mentioned terms and conditions of this agreement, you should not-

  • Transfer the service to any third-party or let any third-party use this service
  • Offer the service without taking written permission from us
  • Use of any third-party link to the site without agreeing to their terms and conditions
  • Post any links to third-party sites or use any third-party logo, organization name, etc without their written permission
  • Sharing of any personal or confidential information of a person or entity without proper write permission
  • Use our services in any way that could disable, damage, overburden or harm any server, computer system, and network
  • Violate any applicable state, national and international rules, and legislation
  • Generate a false identity to mislead any person or organization in form of any communication

Illegal activities and spamming

You will be solely responsible for all contents of your transmission via the service. You should not use the service for illegal purposes. You should not use the service for defamatory, unlawful, libelous, promote racism, offend religious sentiments, threatening, pornographic, vulgar material transmission. You should not use the service for sending chain letter, junk emails, spamming, phishing, or any unsolicited mass distribution of email. If we find any illegal or unauthorized activity, we reserve the right to instantly suspend or terminate your access to our services.

Account policy for inactive users

Vyrazu Labs reserve the right to terminate an unpaid account that is inactive for 120 days. In the case of such termination, the associated data will be deleted. Vyrazu Labs will give prior notice of such termination with an option to back-up the data. The data deletion policy will be activated with respect to any or all the services. In order to calculate the period of inactivity, each service will be accepted as an independent as well as a separate service. If an account has more than one user and one user remains active, the account will be accepted as an active account.

Data ownership

You will be the sole owner of the content created or stored by you. If you do not specifically permit, your use of the services will not grant Vyrazu Labs to use, adapt, reproduce, change, publish or distribute the content either created or stored by you for Vyrazu Labs’ marketing, commercial, or any other similar purpose. But you should grant Vyrazu Labs to access, distribute, copy, store, transfer, reformat and publicly display the content of your user account in order to let Vyrazu Labs provide the service to you smoothly.

User-generated content

You can transmit as well as publish the content created and stored by you using any of the services of us. Accordingly, you will be the sole responsible individual for such content generation, transmission, and consequences of its publication. If you make any content public, it will be accessible using the internet and may be indexed by the search engines. You need to ensure that you will not make any private content publicly accessible accidentally. You may receive any content from the other users of the service. Those contents will be shared with you for your information and personal use. You need to agree that you will not use, copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, display, sell, or license those content for any purpose without collecting the written consent. While using any of the services, if you get any content with copyright protection, you should not remove or disable the copyright protection. If you use any copyrighted content while using our service, it will be considered that you have the required consent, authorization, and permission to do so from the actual copyright owner. If you violate any copyright rule and use the copyrighted content without permission, Vyrazu Labs will remove the content if we receive any complaint from a third-party. Vyrazu Labs does not entertain illegality and infringement of third-party rights.

Applications and sample files

Vyrazu Labs may provide some sample files and applications in order to demonstrate the proper usages of the services. Those files and applications may contain random data. Vyrazu Labs offers no warranty of the accuracy and usefulness of the information contained by those sample files and applications.


Vyrazu Labs’ logo and the name of individual services, their logos, and trademarks of Vyrazu Labs are not permitted to display or use in any manner without the written permission from Vyrazu Labs.


You should understand as well as agree that the use of the services is at your risk. Generally, we offer services on an AS-IS-AND-AS-AVAILABLE basis. Vyrazu Labs actively disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of business and for a specific purpose. Vyrazu Labs does not provide any warranty that the provided services will always be uninterrupted, secure, timely, or error-free. Downloading any material or obtaining via the usage of the services will be at your risk. You will be responsible for any damage or harm to your system via this download. Vyrazu Labs does not provide any written or oral information or advice to its service users.

Liability limitation

You need to agree that Vyrazu Labs shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, special, indirect, punitive, or other damage such as business loss, business interruption, etc. In no event, Vyrazu Labs shall be liable for business information loss, or any other losses due to your use of the services. Along with this, Vyrazu Labs, in no event, shall be liable to you in respect of any of the services.


You should ensure that you indemnify Vyrazu Labs, its employees, directors, suppliers, and affiliates from any kind of losses, fines, and expenses that take place due to violation of any third-party copyright, law, and rules by you.

Suspension and termination

If we find any illegal activity, a long period of inactivity, or request by government agencies, Vyrazy Labs may terminate or temporarily disable your user account. we can terminate a user account after the 30 days of disabling or suspension. You can send your objections to suspension or termination at the provided email address. Vyrazu Labs reserves the right to make the final termination decision if the user violates the Terms. The same condition will be applied in case of any unexpected technical error or discontinuation of the Beta service. A user will also have the right to terminate the account if it finds Vyrazu Labs breaches its obligations mentioned in this agreement. In such a case, the user will receive the prorated refund of any prepaid fees.

Suspension and termination

The terms and agreement will be activated until we bring any modified version. The terms will be ended after the subscription cancelation by the user or by Vyrazu Labs.

For more queries, drop ab email at info@vyrazu.com

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