The best payroll software for modern manufacturing organizations

We know that the manufacturing industry has been playing a vital role in the economy of a nation. Experts accept this industry as one of the greatest supports of strengthening a nation’s economy. It is a wide organization with critical HR operational requirements. With the increased need and size of every manufacturing organization, the HR operations are getting tougher day by day. And that’s why Vyrazu Labs is ready here with the best manufacturing payroll software to support SMEs to giant firms of the industry. We not only make the HR operations in an organization smooth but also let the organizations cut the operational costs effectively.

With the help of this software, you do not need to invest in multiple devices to satisfy all the manufacturing organization’s Human resource operational requirements. We aim to let organizations save thier time, money, and efforts at the same time.

Problems, today’s manufacturing organizations face without smart payroll software

  • The huge mess while processing a large amount of payroll data across multiple places
  • Computing each employee’s overtime
  • Expense on multiple devices for proper attendance and performance management
  • No off-site time tracking
  • No remote performance tracking
  • Problems during enabling labor law compliances
  • Paper-based work manne
  • Mis-communication
  • Errors in leave management and sift fixing
  • Time wastage
  • Manual wage calculation with chances of mistakes
  • Improper tax calculation and management
  • Improper employee benefits, taxes, and insurance calculation

Perfect employee management

  • Instant notifying all the employees
  • Proper attendance and performance management
  • Remote performance tracking facility
  • Easy office notice announcement
  • Easy and paper-less payslip creation
  • Easy salary calculation
  • Error-less tax calculation and management
  • The easy over-time wage calculation

Onboarding facilities

  • Employees can give contact-less attendance
  • Employees can easily apply for leave and get an approval notice
  • Employees can check their detailed salary calculation procedure
  • Employees can easily get working tips for overall growth

24/7 live remote HR support

  • 24/7 Hr support for our clients
  • HR will work remotely
  • Cost-effective system

We have a good record of satisfying our native and oversea clients. We always use cutting-edge technologies always let expert minds work to create era-best software solutions for our clients. We are always ready for after project delivery support. And that’s why clients have rated us the best payroll software provider in Kolkata.

If organizations want to reduce their operational cost, they can take the help of our HR executive support. The HR executive will work remotely for our client according to the client’s requirements. In this way, a client can avoid the hiring hassle as well as department maintenance support.

Yes, this can be customized according to the clients’ requirements.

You can reach us at any time. Our support and technical teams are online always.

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