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The information technology industry is one of the most leading industries in India in 2020. The IT industry has been in the race for so long and growing. Along with the growth, this industry has been also facing an emerging number of challenges, especially in the Human resource section. Hrmware is here to add some novel tech trends rather some advancement in the form of software to let IT companies get the best HR operational experiences.

Vyrazu Labs has defined the major challenges that the SMEs to Giant IT companies experience during the HR operations and made an effective payroll software solution as well.

Challenges IT industry faces during the HR operations

  • Settling salaries every month
  • Poor cross-cultural workforce management
  • Remote workforce management
  • Lack of Superior and transparent HR policies
  • Tax management
  • Lack of communication
  • Performance management
  • Poor centralized HR database
  • Improper performance tracking
  • Errors in wage and other payments
  • Poor web-based services
  • Poor transparency in payroll data
  • Lack of Superior and transparent HR policies
  • Poor time tracking
  • Time-consuming paperwork
  • Poor HR and employee engagement

Easy employee management

  • An advanced cloud-based payroll solution for the leading IT industry
  • Increased payroll flexibility and mobility
  • Smart and fast payroll as well as wage calculation
  • Error-less and automated attendance track
  • Easy, smart, paper-less, email-less leave management
  • Easy and automatic overtime salary and incentive calculation
  • Smart remote payroll processing
  • Advanced biometric integration
  • Accurate time-tracking system

Faster HR operations

  • Faster and error-free tax calculation
  • Fast and effective benefits, compensation, and bonus calculation
  • Time-to-time tax updates and policy changes
  • Easy, fast, and accurate MIS report creation
  • Centralized employee information database

Unique HR operational support

  • Automatic and advanced performance management
  • Centralized payroll software solution
  • 24/7 live additional HR support
  • Remote HR support to decrease the business cost

Hrmware, the best payroll software provider in Kolkata is ready to offer you the smart, advanced, and automated payroll software solution with 24/7 live remote HR support. There are lots of providers in the market but Vyrazu is best for many reasons. Its 24/7 additional support is simply making it the best payroll software provider in Kolkata without any doubt.

There are so many other challenges that HRs as well as company admin face due to lack of proper payroll software. But now you do not need to worry for more as Vyrazu is ready here with its smart, cloud-based intelligent payroll software. After the deep research and hours of experiment, It has built software with multiple gem-like features and remote HR support.

We offer personalized payroll software with 24/7 live remote HR support to reduce the operational cost of SMEs.

Vyrazu aims to offer you the best end-to-end cloud-based payroll software solution to help the IT industry. This solution is enough to solve each and every HR and related operational mess in an organization. Vyrazu is ready to offer the best software within a very short span of time to its clients. Not only the IT industry Vyrazu has self-made advanced software solutions for all the industries out there beyond any geographical barrier.

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