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Labor intensive companies need solid payroll management otherwise they need to deal with a huge mess. We can call it an administrative challenge. And the matter becomes more complicated when it becomes mandatory to include complex union policies as well as pay rules. Tax management, grievances, labor, and employee management- everything becomes so hectic if the HR department tries to enable a paper-based regime. There are some organizations that are investing in multiple devices to manage all the HR operations. But we don’t want to let you make that kind of silly decision when you can have smart and advanced cloud-based payroll software from us. Our Hrmware is a perfect solution for all the HR operations in a labor-intensive company.

With the help of our payroll software, construction companies can better perform the key HR functions within a very short span of time without any kind of error.

Problems labor-intensive companies generally face without advanced payroll software

  • Huge mess during running multi-state and multi-union payroll
  • Paper-based overtime calculation with chances of errors
  • No contact-less attendance system
  • Improper off-site attendance and duty hours tracking
  • Errors in multiple wages calculation due to manual procedure
  • Errors in tax, benefits, and salary calculation
  • Delay in providing payroll data
  • Paper-based absent and leave management
  • Problems during shift fixing


With the help of our cloud-based smart payroll software solution, the Hr department can easily follow an effective payroll burden allocation methodology. From calculating an individual’s salary to other expense even tax calculation can be easily done with the help of this stunning HR software.

Generally, construction companies run projects on multiple places and that’s why they need a centralized system where employees can remote give their attendance record their duty hours as well as performance. And that’s absolutely possible with our advanced HR software.

Vyrazu Labs, the best payroll software provider in Kolkata does not only offer a smart cloud-based payroll software but also helps organizations to cut thier operational cost. A client can get an expert HR executive along with the software and that executive will be working remotely according to the client’s need. In this way, an organization can easily reduce the hiring hassles as well as department maintenance cost easily.

We are one of the leading companies in Kolkata to use cutting-edge technologies with full-on securities. We always use market-best technologies and let expert minds work for our clients. We always offer something ahead of time and greater than a client’s need to let the client enjoy some competitive advantage.

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