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The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries in 2020. Here each organization needs to face tremendous competition. They always seek ways to save time, effort, and money to invest in some other places for better growth. Vyrazu Labs has properly understood this need and that’s why today we are ready with the best payroll software for the real estate companies. We know that these organizations have unique HR operational requirements and they need cloud-based smart software for full satisfaction.

Hrmware is one of the best software solutions out there in 2020 to help real estate organizations satisfy their unique admin and HR departmental needs.

Common challenges today rising real estate companies face without a proper payroll software

  • Hectic and complicated workforce management across various geographies
  • Improper payroll automation or no payroll automation
  • Improper time tracking and shift management
  • Errors in attendance management
  • Improper duty hour tracking
  • Errors in reports and salary details
  • Errors in statutory compliance as well as reporting
  • Mess in tracking leaves, vacation, and absent
  • Improper employee benefits calculation
  • Manual tax calculation
  • Manual earnings and deduction calculation
  • Poor increment and performance management
  • Lack of HR and employee engagement
  • Paper-based HR works
  • Manual attendance
  • Problems in the full and final settlement
  • No centralized and secure HR database
  • No remote work support


Generally, in a real estate company, there are several employees with several payroll settings. Our cloud-based payroll software enables proper payroll support to stream time, attendance details, commission information, and other related details into the payroll feature.

Our payroll software is smart enough to properly keep track of all taxable income, deductions, and even compile reports for filing. No matter how many agents are there with different rates, our software will com with the right payroll. It will be truly helpful for HR managers to file and send the tax reports with the help of our HR software.

Our software will help organizations to balance with applicable labor laws and regulations. The system is capable enough to provide updated information and let the organization balance with that.

Vyrazu aims to offer you the best end-to-end cloud-based payroll software solution to help the IT industry. This solution is enough to solve each and every HR and related operational mess in an organization. Vyrazu is ready to offer the best software within a very short span of time to its clients. Not only the IT industry Vyrazu has self-made advanced software solutions for all the industries out there beyond any geographical barrier.

Not only the payroll software but also we, the best payroll software provider in Kolkata, are ready to provide an HR executive who will work remotely for our clients. Here the aim is letting our clients reduce their business operational costs. This is a great thing for startups and SMEs to get broader work support without breaking the bank.

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