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Educational institutes are not only about students, teachers, blackboard, and attendance register. There are a lot of tasks that an educational institute needs to maintain on a regular basis apart from teaching the students. Managing any kind of organization is challenging today. The number of employees, tasks, and size of the institute when grow, loads of works automatically get added there for the HR department. And a single mistake there can lead towards a complete mess of every related and required calculation. And today we cannot even think about manual HR works as it wastes a lot of time and effort. To make everything more organized as well as smooth, Vyrazu labs is ready here with the best payroll software for schools and other educational institutions.

This is a smart cloud-based payroll software with unique 24/7 live remote HR support to easily manage bulk HR operational workload.

Common challenges every school HRs face without a modern payroll software

  • Boring and time-consuming paper-based attendance management of all the employees
  • Hectic payroll processing for multiple job profiles
  • Manual earnings and deduction calculation
  • Calculation with errors
  • Manual and complicated manual tax and benefit calculation
  • Manual and paper-based record of bonus, increments, and appraisal
  • Improper time-tracking
  • Paper-based leave management of all employees
  • Lack of transparency in payroll data
  • Less HR and employee engagement
  • No automation
  • No onboarding option for employees
  • Statutory compliance problems
  • NO centralized HR database
  • Improper data security

Hrmware: Advance and centralized support

  • A secure and central hub for payroll and employee information
  • Proper statutory compliance
  • Payroll with proper alignment of state and central pay commission
  • Centralized and secure HR database

Hrmware: Smart automation

  • Automatic earning and deduction calculation
  • Automatic calculation of tax
  • Smart and fast tax management
  • Automatic TDS calculation
  • Automated and error-free HRA and allowance calculations

Hrmware: No manual manner

  • No manual or paper-based leave management
  • Proper attendance and duty hours tracking
  • Automatic MIS report generation
  • Easy contact-less punch-in and punch-out for attendance

Hrmware: 24/7 live remote HR support

  • 24/7 an HR executive will help organizations to manage the huge workload

Hrmware, the best payroll software provider in Kolkata is ready to offer you the smart, advanced, and automated payroll software solution with 24/7 live remote HR support. There are lots of providers in the market but Vyrazu is best for many reasons. Its 24/7 additional support is simply making it the best payroll software provider in Kolkata without any doubt.

There are so many other challenges that HRs as well as company admin face due to lack of proper payroll software. But now you do not need to worry for more as Vyrazu is ready here with its smart, cloud-based intelligent payroll software. After the deep research and hours of experiment, It has built software with multiple gem-like features and remote HR support.

Yes, it can be. But for that, you need to have a detailed conversation with the technical team.

Vyrazu aims to offer you the best end-to-end cloud-based payroll software solution to help the IT industry. This solution is enough to solve each and every HR and related operational mess in an organization. Vyrazu is ready to offer the best software within a very short span of time to its clients. Not only the IT industry Vyrazu has self-made advanced software solutions for all the industries out there beyond any geographical barrier.

For detailed pricing and other details, contact us directly. You can visit our contact us page. We aim to help startups and SMEs to reduce their operational costs and that’s why we have managed to become the best payroll software provider in Kolkata in 2020.

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