The best cloud-based payroll software for rising retail Industry

We know that the retail sector has the highest number of employees than any other sector in the world. And managing the huge employee base is a very difficult task. There were days when the retail organizations used to manage everything manually and they were just puzzled with the errors and mess. After that, with the help of technological advancement, the retail organizations started to invest in various applications to manage their huge workload. But now with the help of our single enterprise solution, the retail organizations can manage all HR operations smoothly without any error. And there is no need of spending bucks over multiple devices.

Our cloud-based smart payroll software is able to do multiple tasks remotely at a fast pace without having any error.

Critical HR challenges for any retail organization without HR software

  • Manual paper-based attendance records
  • Improper employee attendance tracking
  • No payroll automaton
  • No centralized HR database
  • Errors with payroll\
  • Manual tax calculation
  • Hectic tax management
  • Multiple device expense
  • Errors in employee’s salary calculation
  • Manual and messy leave management
  • Improper performance tracking
  • No self-service portal for employees
  • Risk of data loss
  • Poor data security
  • No instant access to payroll data
  • Mess during shift selection and changes
  • Paper-based absence record
  • No automatic HR MIS reporting option
  • Improper specific store’s employee performance tracking and so on

Ease and pace

  • Fast in-house payroll solutions
  • Easy and fast calculation of payroll taxes
  • Paper-less payslip process
  • Fast and error-free report generation

Versatile HR operational support

  • Support lots of employee account on a single software
  • The proper and automatic wage calculation
  • Wage and other payment clearance tracking
  • Contact-less employee attendance
  • Seamless performance track and management

Enhanced automation practice

  • Automatic increment management
  • Intelligent tax deductions
  • Proper timesheets
  • Self-service by employees
  • No paper-based work practice
  • Remote work support

Cloud support, 24/7 live HR support, and secure database

  • Centralized database
  • More security for huge HR database and operations
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Perfect HR compliance
  • Full and satisfactory statutory
  • Automatic sick leave and holiday calculations
  • Instant notifications for all the employees
  • 24/7 live remote HR support

Hrmware, the best payroll software provider in Kolkata is ready to offer you the smart, advanced, and automated payroll software solution with 24/7 live remote HR support. There are lots of providers in the market but Vyrazu is best for many reasons. Its 24/7 additional support is simply making it the best payroll software provider in Kolkata without any doubt.

The retail industry has the highest number of employees now. And that’s why it needs a robust cloud-based centralized payroll software to organize and smoothen its each and every operation. The market is already filled with high competition and a single mistake inside the business can lose in overall performance and growth. And why we, the best payroll software provider in Kolkata, are suggesting you enable the best cloud-based HR software with 24/7 remote HR support.

We will offer you an efficient as well as expert HR executive who will manage your workload according to your organizational requirements. he/she will work remotely.

Smart HR works with ease and pace without exceeding the budget of an organization.

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