11 Ways Employee Activity Monitoring Software Helps An Employer.

The COVID-19 has changed the way we used to work in our offices. Both employees and employers are taking new turns in order to work properly and keep the productivity level up to the mark. When social distancing is the best way to break the chain of virus spread, there is no better alternative to working from home. Across the globe, a lot of employees are working from home and ensuring the smooth growth of their organization. But employers are also facing the productivity issue. I mean they are not getting the desired productivity from their remotely working employees. They are embracing employee activity monitoring software as the best solution in such cases to boost productivity levels. 

When there is no better solution than working from home, we cannot deny the contribution of technology. It is the only thing that is making everything smooth even when we are apart from our co-workers. From communication software solutions to advanced cloud-based hr management software- employers are leaving no stone unturned in order to keep their organization well functional and prone to growth. 

If there is no tracking system available, a remote work regime will be a headache to any employers. Employees are far from the sight and time theft, buddy punching, poor productivity, less employee engagement, and so many other issues can take place. And all these are enough reasons to completely ruin the growth and popularity of a modern organization. In order to handle all these things with no error, there is no better solution than enabling an employee activity monitoring software or an hr management software solution with employee tracking features. 

Now you can ask how an employee activity monitoring software solution can boost productivity while employees are working remotely. No matter whether your employees are working from their homes or coming to the office, these software solutions are always helpful. How? Let’s explore the ways how employee activity monitoring software helps an organization in 2021- 

Ways employee activity monitoring software ensure the best productivity when employees are working remotely 

  1. Easy and effective project management 

There are a lot of employee productivity tracking software solutions available in the market that will help you in managing the project smoothly by planning, scheduling, organizing, and prioritizing the tasks. The task will be divided properly and assigned to all project associates rightly. You will be able to track how much time each associate is taking in order to complete the assigned task. If you find that some associates are taking longer than needed, you can guide them or solve their pain points and simply boost the productivity level. In this way, you will be able to complete a project successfully even without messing with the deadline. 

  1. Time tracking and resource planning 

Resource planning is not that easy. It becomes harder when employees are working remotely. In the previous point, we can see that an employee activity monitoring software solution helps in effective project management. But if you do wrong resource planning the success will be unachievable for you. 

Generally, hr management software solutions with effective employee productivity tracking feature help in having a real-time picture of the resources that are required in order to successfully complete the project. You will be able to better plan resources and track timings in order to ensure the perfect pace of the project development. Today’s maximum organizations are having such software solutions in order to accomplish projects with success within the deadline. 

  1. Streamlined and interruption-free communication

While managing a project, an organization needs to deliver various types of news and tips so that all employees remain motivated and perform in the right way. We have seen that organizations that conduct this type of communication manually (door-to-door announcement), face a lot of confusion along with miscommunication issues. Employees that are on leave or not present in the cubicle may miss the news and tips. 

In order to eliminate all these chances rather than risks, you should enable a system that will deliver important messages to all employees. Modern employee tracking software will help you in delivering messaging to all employees in no time and you will be able to track who has seen your messages and who is yet to see them. It will clear all chances of miscommunication and confusion while managing a project. 

  1. Easy performance evaluation

This is the utmost benefit of any performance management system. Eliminating errors at the early stages is possible with such software solutions. Errors later take against form and ruin the project completely. The employee activity monitoring software not only helps in identifying the errors in the performance but also helps in finding who is responsible for the error. In this way, you will also be able to guide employees and solve their difficulties at the early stages. 

  1. Check real-time employee performance 

When the project is complicated or truly valuable to an organization, managers need to track day to day performance of each employee. With employee activity monitoring software, you will be able to view real-time employee performance and make an informed performance strategy. Along with errors, you will be able to note down good works by your employees and reward them rightly to set a better work culture. 

Checking performance at the end of the month may help you in managing payroll but that will not be effective in the case of project management. Based on the importance of the project and its complication, sometimes real-time performance tracking seems mandatory, and that you can easily make it possible with an employee tracking software solution. 

  1. Develop a strong bond 

Regular performance and activity tracking by advanced software will help in having a better bond with all your employees. Here, an employer will get an effective way to know more about each employee. It will help him/her in preparing a performance-boosting strategy and turning his/her workforce into a talent hub. 

After properly tracking the activity and performance of each employee, managers and team leaders can have one-to-one communication with each employee. It will make each employee feel more valuable and connected to the organization. In order to boost employee engagement and retention rates, such a software solution will be really helpful. 

  1. Track employees who are violating rules & policies

It is nearly impossible for managers and HR professionals to check manually that all employees are following the company guidelines and policies or not. If you do not consider it as an important thing, soon your work environment is going to be biased and it will ruin your company culture and reputation. 

With the help of the employee activity monitoring software, you will be able to track whether all your employees are following all rules and policies or not. Such software solutions mainly record all activity details in real-time so that you can check everything according to your free time. If you find any violating activities by your employees, you will be able to enforce the required disciplinary actions with valid proof. 

  1. Proper employee recognition 

You need to recognize the true heroes of your organization. Employees that are going miles extra in order to ensure the growth and success of your organization, should be recognized and appreciated in the best way. It is not that employee activity monitoring software is always being used in order to find out their mistakes. It also helps in finding out the best performers of the organization. 

When an organization rewards the best employees, it motivates others to be rewarded in the near future and they pour more dedication into their work. It helps in creating a better work environment and a better organizational culture. When best employees get appreciated in the best way, they feel more connected to the organization and prefer to serve the organization for a longer span of time. Such a practice is really helpful in boosting employee engagement and employee retention rate. 

  1. Remote working solutions

It is not that only during the pandemic, an organization needs the remote working regime. Most companies have decided that even when the pandemic will leave us, they will continue the remote working manner. In this way, they get better productivity. But according to some employers, tracking employee performance and activities is not possible for them as their employees are out of their sight. 

If you too are facing the same issue, you can instantly solve it with an employee activity monitoring software solution. Or you can go for an hr management software solution that comes with all the best employee performance and activity tracking features. In this way, you will be able to set a better remote working environment for your organization. All your employees will remain aware, dedicated, and engaged to the organization. With such a measure, you do not have to worry at all about the productivity level and growth of your business organization. 

  1. Boosted employee efficiency and productivity

Buddy punching to time theft- anything can happen when employees are out of your sight and working from their homes. If there is no one to track them, they can be less attentive to their work. But if they know there is an employee activity monitoring software system to track their performance and activities, they will automatically be more attentive, dedicated, and keep their productivity level up to the mark. 

The employee activity monitoring software will provide real-time productivity reports so that you can make better and informed decisions in order to take your organizational performance and productivity to the next level. Such a tracking manner creates a positive competitive environment and employees try to top each month so that they get promotions and rewards. 

  1. Amazing cloud security 

Only tracking employee performance and activity is not enough when you want to make all your steps and decisions completely future-proof. Today’s employee activity monitoring software solutions come with real-time data recording and saving benefits. I mean the software solution will record each detail regarding employee performance and other activities and store them in cloud storage. It will help HRs to get data-driven reports and the employer and managers will be able to analyze reports in order to make informed decisions in order to ensure the best growth of the organization. 

HR databases are now the soft targets of many cyber attackers. In order to protect all your organizational data, there is no better alternative to cloud storage. Many HR management or employee activity monitoring software solutions come with the cloud storage benefit. All organizational data will be super secure. 

The days are gone when organizations used to maintain lots of paper files and cabinets in order to store organizational data. If you are still following such a procedure, any kind of data theft, data damages (fire or worm attack), data manipulation, data loss, and so many other things can take place. 

So, it will be always better, if you take the help of a software solution that comes with cloud storage benefits. Your data will be password protected and only allowed persons with the right user ids and passwords will be able to access them based on the organizational requirements. 

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