Learning Workplace Etiquette to Build Stronger Relationships

We spend more time at our workplace than at our house. But we can not behave in the same way as we do with our family members and friends. There is some etiquette that professionals need to maintain when they are on duty. Depending on this etiquette we build up the culture at our workplace. And a good workplace culture attracts the best talents in the market. So, learning workplace etiquette and keeping your behaviour polite can help you to hold a prestigious position in the workplace. So, it is important to understand and apply workplace etiquette knowledge in the professional field.

Why workplace etiquette is so important to maintain?

There is no doubt that your behaviour reveals your identity. In the case of a company, the behaviour and the sense of etiquette can give you an idea about the workplace culture. So, maintaining workplace etiquette can bring your business success and help you in building up the right image. Moreover, if the workers at your company know how to maintain their behaviour with their other co-workers then they can build up strong relationships among the employees. 

Coordination among the employees is very important to maintain when they do teamwork. The development of a project depends on each employee’s pace of work. One needs to wait till the other worker completes his or her portion of the project. So, a healthy bonding among the workers is very important to maintain following workplace etiquette. 

Workplace etiquette that the employees need to maintain

Everywhere we go, we change our appearances and try to cope-up with the etiquette of the place. We certainly maintain decency when we go to a family restaurant and keep ourselves presentable which we may not need to do when we are at home. The concept is the same here. Employees from different sectors usually follow some essential workplace etiquette to show respect to the other employees and maintain the value of their positions. So, what are those etiquettes that you should remember before stepping into a company? Let us look into the following points. 

Don’t reply to your email blindly 

When you receive an official email and you need to reply to that then you need to be very conscious about whom you are replying to. You may get two different options reply, or reply to all when following the thread of the email. Avoid replying to all of them always. You may choose any of the options to reply to a few persons or all of them who are present in the email thread. In this case, you need to check whether you should reply to only one person from the senders or all of them. 

You should keep in mind that none wants to get unwanted mail in the inbox. You need to send the email only to whom the mail is important. This is a basic workplace etiquette that every employee should maintain when going to respond to an official email. 

You should also maintain the language of the email and keep it formal as well. Maintaining the formal pattern of the email is also very important to leave the right official impact on the sender. 

Avoid personal conversation at the desk

When you are at work, keep your gesture professional and maintain professional etiquette as well. You should avoid discussing personal conversation that is not related to the work at your desk. If the discussion is an emergency then you can go outside of the office premises and then discuss it. 

If you discuss your personal matter at the desk then the other employees may feel distracted from their work. So, you should be conscious about what you are discussing with your workers at the desk and whether it is interrupting other employees or not. This workplace etiquette should be maintained properly to keep the working place peaceful and motivational.

Keep your emotions away from your workplace

It is always better not to come to the office with your emotions. If you have any personal problem which is distracting you from the work then you need to make some time to manage your emotion, control yourself and then work again with a fresh mind. If you can’t manage the situation and concentrate on work then it is better to take leave rather than give trouble to the other workers by sharing your emotions with others at the workplace. 

You may want to share your personal problems and emotional state with your coworker but he or she may have work pressure and no interest in your personal problem. So, always choose your friends to share your emotional state outside of your house. Your coworker can also be your friend but not at the workplace. You can share your emotions with them but not in the office place. 

No negative discussion 

Negative discussion is a bad habit in any place. Especially, when you practice sharing negative remarks about the senior and junior workers,  you spoil your time. The negative feeling about the workers increases at the workplace and as a result, the entire ambience of the place changes. The negative feelings and discussing those thoughts with others means generating their negative energy and turning the ambience of the workplace negative.

You need to keep in mind that the negative impression of the senior and junior workers can demotivate you in work at the workplace. So, you should not utter any negative words about your boss or a team member. Otherwise, you may lose your own production ability. Moreover, you are wasting time by gossiping with coworkers. 

Be helpful to your co-workers 

When your coworker needs help you should go one step forward if you can. The helpful employees build up a good image in the office. They can motivate the other workers and help them to move one step forward in their careers. Creating a developmental work culture is always good for the brand and the employee. So, maintain helpful behaviour in the workplace and don’t compete with the team members. 

Celebrate with your coworkers 

You can bring some good food for your coworkers on a special day and celebrate the occasion with them to build up a strong and steady relationship. It can be your birthday or an anniversary celebration at the lunch break with your team members. This adds an extra spark to your working profile and professional character. 

The attitude to gel with your team members can give you an extra interest in the workplace. You can also get to know your team members closely while spending time together or celebrating an occasion. 

Be flexible 

If your job profile for an employee is rotational, then you need to be flexible about the timing. because you may be put into another shift as per the requirement of the project. You should also be flexible when your coworker wants to alter the shift with you for one or two days. This workplace etiquette can give you benefits when you are in need of the same.

You may work on a holiday and take another day off to adjust the rotation with your coworker. If you are not ready to go for this understanding then it becomes tough to survive. Especially in the case of the IT sector, you need to understand this type of situation and adjust accordingly. 

Keep yourself presentable 

You can not come to the office in a super casual or revealing dress. Maintaining your appearance at the workplace is very important to create the right impression of your personality. In most companies, employees can wear formal attire on their working days. You should come to the office in a comfortable yet formal dress so that you can concentrate on the work. This is a mandatory workplace etiquette that every employee should maintain even if the company policy doesn’t cover it. 

On an occasion, you can opt for casual or gorgeous attire as per the direction of the company. But you should be conscious about how it looks on you at the workplace before finalizing it. You should always carry yourself in a valuable manner and it allows others to behave properly with you at the workplace as well. So, maintaining your personality as well as presentation is essential. Your dress is a major part to draw an image of you in your coworker’s mind. 

Handle the assets of the company carefully 

Where you are spending 8 to 9 hours, you need to use the assets of the company. But you should be very careful when you are using any asset of the company. You need to bear any loss to the company due to your mistake. So, be conscious when you are working on a company’s laptop or using the gym equipment of the company in your free time.

Be polite 

It is not possible to spend every day the samely at the workplace. You may experience ups and down and that is completely normal. But you should maintain polite behaviour with all your coworkers. The rude behaviour of an employee is never appreciated. So, you should keep yourself calm and steady in different situations at the workplace. 

When you interact with an employee you should wear a smile. This can leave a positive impact on your personality at the workplace. If you feel demotivated at any point in the workplace then you can take time and think in a positive way. There are many stress-relieving ways available that you can try to feel good. But maintaining the right behaviour with your employees is basic workplace etiquette. 

Be responsive

You should be responsive to your coworkers during working hours. You must have some ways to connect with the workers during working hours and you need to be active on that platform. Prompt responses from the employees can make your impression good and you can also build up a strong relationship with your coworkers. 

You need to check the official mail and other platforms through which you may get information from the other employees. Prompt responses from the employee can also escalate the pace of the project. So, be responsive to the other employees and be responsible as well. 

Have patience

In a workplace, you must have the patience to shine bright. In the middle of a meeting, you can not interrupt if you have a query. Here, you need patience. Again if you want to get permission from a higher authority, you may need to wait. So, you should not hurry up or poke the higher authority repeatedly. A gentle reminder after a certain interval comes under workplace etiquette.

Be clear to the employees 

It is always better to be transparent and communicative with the other employees at the workplace. You may have some confusion when you are taking a new charge at the workplace. It is better to talk face to face with the other related employees and clear the confusion. The employees can not only clear their queries but also avoid misconceptions and delay in competing project. 

A face-to-face meeting on a subject is always a better idea to escalate the speed of any task. This type of interaction also strengthens the relationships among the employees. So the organizations should also encourage this type of direct interaction as per the requirements of the company. 

Maintain your desk 

You should maintain your desk and keep it clean. A neat and clean workplace can reduce distractions. You should never dump unnecessary things at your office desk. This is an important workplace etiquette that you must remember when you want to make a good impression in the workplace. 


In final words, you should be prompt, punctual, responsible, and polite at your working place to earn a good name. The way you spend a day at the workplace builds up your image here. So, you should think positively and feel motivated when you appear at the workplace. If you face any trouble you should talk to the human resource department of your company and get a solution.