Pomodoro Technique: A process that makes you more productive

We all get 24 hours in our hands every day, and everyone uses it differently. Some people use it to be productive whereas some people find no time to do something meaningful. The same thing happens at the workplace as well. Managing time is the most important thing an employee needs to maintain to achieve their career goals. The employees should utilize the major part of their working schedules and produce the best. But keeping your focus stuck to the work 8 to 9 hours long is tough. So, different modern time management techniques are gaining popularity among employees, and the Pomodoro technique is one of those. 

Pomodoro technique: know in brief

If you are going through the blog then you must have an interest in different effective time management tools and techniques. Pomodoro is one such effective time management tool that the employees can use by following some easy steps.

The Pomodoro time management tool was designed and implemented in the kitchen first by Francesco Cirillo. In simple words, in this process, the user has to cut the time of an entire long-term project and split the timeline as well. The user needs to divide an entire task into shorter parts and set the alarm to ring after every 25 minutes. Make the goal to complete each small part within this specific duration. 

The long-term goal may make the task boring to the employees. Whereas when they break the task into multiple sections and set a short-term timeline for each then you must feel more engaged and focused on the work. You need not worry about the lengthy process and reaching a tight deadline. You only need to split the task in such a manner so that you can deliver the task on time.

After completing each task you can take a break and after completing a few short-term goals you can take a longer break in this time management technique. You should also count the break times while splitting the work with the goal of completing a task on time. 

A step-by-step process to work in the Pomodoro technique

You should understand the basic idea of the Pomodoro technique from the above-mentioned section. If you find it interesting then you must be interested in implementing it. The question arises that how to implement the technique. Here, you will get the answer. 

Determine the task 

Before setting an alarm you need to pick a task that you need to accomplish within a targeted time. You can select a task in which you can not focus long time or a task that you need to complete under a tough deadline. You can also opt for a task that generally takes time to complete. Then you can understand whether Pomodoro is useful or not. Once you make it your habit you can use it to do any task you want. 

Focus on your task only

When you are setting an alarm for a task you need to keep all the distractions away from you. So, close your personal emails and social media accounts, keep the phone away from your desk and work on a clean desk. This can keep you focused on the task that you target to complete within the next 25 minutes.

Work with full attention 

You should keep on working 25 minutes at a stretch and give your best. This attention to your work speeds it up and minimizes the risk of errors. It helps you to complete a task properly within the selected time and not to repeat it again. 

Take a break

Once the alarm rings after 25 minutes, stop your work and take a break. You should check how much of the task you have completed. This is the time to go away from your desk for 5 minutes. You can enjoy a cup of tea, stretch your body or check your phone for 5 minutes. Refresh your mind and get ready for the next session. 

Take longer breaks

Take a long break after every four short breaks. In simple words, you can take a long break of 20 minutes after completing four working sessions of 25 minutes each. That helps you to refocus on the work once you come back from the long break. It refreshes your mind and gives you new energy to start the work once again. 

Repeat the process

You need to repeat this process until you achieve your final target. 

Why Pomodoro technique is so helpful?

The steps of the Pomodoro technique are enough to give you an idea about how easy to follow it. Once you start following it you will be able to add several advantages to your work. Now, taking your career to the next level of success can be a real-life experience if you start following these mentioned steps minutely. The advantages of the Pomodoro technique can also 

Make tasks less daunting 

We all know the nerve-cracking pain of completing a complicated and lengthy task under a hard-to-reach deadline. Now, you can simplify it by applying the Pomodoro technique. Splitting a lengthy and complicated task into shorter parts can cut down your stress as well. You need not take the load of the entire work if you divide it into small parts to be finished within 25 minutes. This allows the employee to focus on a particular part of the task and proceed to the larger target step by step. 

Improves your work quality 

A better focus on the work means reducing the risk of making errors. Spending duty hours at the office is not synonymous with serving what your manager wants from you. You may spend 8 hours staring at the system on the desks producing nothing or making mistakes in every work. That can never be the work your manager wants from you. What the management wants from you is good quality work.

Here, the role of the Pomodoro technique becomes highlighted. Employers can improve the quality of their work by giving them more attention. Implementing the Pomodoro technique helps to stay stuck to the work for 25 minutes. The chance of being distracted becomes less when you keep 5 minutes aside for refreshment after completing each 25-minute work. 

Improves productivity

When you are working on a project that you need to deliver within a short deadline, the Pomodoro technique can be a great help for you. It improves the focusing ability of the employees and that leaves a positive impact on the quantity of the work. Within 25 minutes you can produce much more than you do without a target. Fixing the shorter targets keeps the workers focused on the work and they complete a task within a shorter span. 

Takes care of your mental health

In the twenty-first century, the mental health of employees has become a great matter of concern in several organizations. Continuous working or taking too much pressure may develop anxiety, exhaustion, and depression. On the other hand, missing deadlines or delivering poor-quality work can also leave a negative impact on the mental health of the employees.

The Pomodoro time management technique can be a good solution to all these problems. Taking a short break after working every 25 minutes at a stretch can keep you mentally refreshed. And refreshed mind and brain work more effectively. A long break after working in 4 slots of 25 minutes helps you to reduce the stress of the work. 

Apart from mental refreshment, you can also keep your physical condition good. Because you need not sit in one place in the same position for a long period. When you take a break of 5 minutes you can stretch your legs and hands. The changes in your posture can prevent you from developing various health problems including spondylolysis. 

Stops your habit of multitasking

Doing multiple tasks at a time is known as multitasking. Practising the Pomodoro time management technique can keep your focus on one task at a time. You can feel less distracted when you have a target to fulfil within 25 minutes. So, you get less time to work on the other things within that time. Gradually you can leave the habit of multitasking and learn to focus on one task at a time. This improves the overall performance of the employees.

Keep you attentive for a longer period

People who have problems focusing on one task for a long time they must get a good result from the Pomodoro practice. Fixing a target to achieve within a certain period keeps you focused on the work for the duration. You can develop the habit of concentrating on a task for a longer period gradually with the help of the Pomodoro technique. 

Easy planning 

Without proper planning, it becomes difficult to complete a task successfully within a certain time. When you get the responsibility of doing a complicated task then you may become confused and stressed. But the Pomodoro time management technique is there to sort the problem out.

Now, split the entire work into different achievable parts that you can complete within 25 minutes. You need to complete each slot within the fixed timeline, take a break of 5 minutes and proceed to the next. In this manner, you can follow a plan to complete a task. 

Moreover, when your complete the parts of the task one by one you can measure how much is left to complete. Accordingly, you can bring changes to the plan and achieve the ultimate goal on time. 

Keeps on motivating employees 

The Pomodoro time management technique is motivating to the employees because they work to achieve deadlines. And every time they complete a particular part of the task on time they become happy and motivated to work on the next. The breaks after every 25 minutes are another point that keeps the employees motivated in the beginning.

Tips to follow for implementing the successful Pomodoro time management technique

Till now we have understood the process and it sounds very easy. But in reality, you may not be successful to keep yourself focused for the 25 minutes long in the beginning. Splitting a work can also be tough for you for the first-time implementation of the Pomodoro time management technique. So, are you worried about how to start the process? Don’t panic. Here, we are going to share useful tips for beginners. 

Eliminate all the distractions 

To implement a successful Pomodoro technique you need to focus on the task without any distractions. If you fail to meet the first deadline of the task then automatically you need to extend the following deadlines to meet the goals. So, you should keep yourself focused on the work as much as possible for 25 minutes at a stretch.

You should arrange your working place in a professional manner and clean the desk every day. There should be no other things not related to your task. You can keep other essential things in the drawer but not in front of the eyes. Practice meditation in the morning to improve your focus and eat well to improve brain functioning as well. 

Stick to the duration of breaks

When you are taking a break after 25 minutes, you should not exceed more than 5 minutes. Because a longer gap after a short-term achievement may not only waste your time but also distract your mind from the work. You should keep in mind the larger goal. 

Make the breaks exciting 

You should set some plans to enjoy the break. This can motivate you in a better way. For example, you can set a goal to enjoy your favourite coffee in the coming 5 minutes break. Or you can plan to call your friend for 5 minutes after completing the 25-minute slot. You can also enjoy music for 5 to 7 minutes during the break. These ideas can not only refresh your mind but also helps you to enjoy the work and stay motivated.

So, till now we have discussed why you should start practising the Pomodoro technique and how to make it effective. Do you like the technique? Then start implementing it right now. Because if you plan to start it tomorrow then the day may never come. Employees who are really interested in uplifting their careers should try this process to experience better time management. And Pomodoro is the right answer for them. So, now enjoy your work and take the quality and quantity of your productivity to the next level.