7 Alarming Signs You Need An Attendance Management System ASAP

Keeping the production level up to the mark always is challenging. It becomes more complicated when it comes to tracking employee working hours and designing an effective performance management strategy. The performance analysis task starts with tracking and analyzing employee working hours. Many organizations face problems while implementing a performance-boosting strategy as they manage attendance things manually. If you too are doing attendance management manually, you know how much unsure you are about the total performance hours of each of your employees. Why take such risks when you can eliminate all errors and streamline the process with an attendance management system! 

If regularly, you fail to record the actual working hours of each of your employees, it is going to affect your productivity. Organizations that are still running with manual attendance system, they are surely missing the best productivity. But the good thing is that many organizations have enabled attendance management system software to keep records of everything related to employee attendance. 

So, what’s this attendance management system software? 

An attendance management system software is an advanced software solution designed to let organizations track employee working works, login time, logout time, breaks, time off, and so on to prevent time theft. 

Some companies use punching cards, biometrics systems, spreadsheets, etc to track the actual performance hours of each employee. These systems require additional hardware systems also. But if you go with a SaaS product, there is no need to enable any additional hardware system, still, you and your employees will be able to use the attendance management system. An ideal example of such a SaaS product is HRMWARE. This solution can be accessed via any popular browser from laptops, desktops, mobiles, and tabs. 

When should you enable an attendance management system? 

Well, before investing in a software solution, a lot of organization owners go through the reluctant phase. They know well that if they choose the wrong system and that cannot get integrated with the existing process, they are going to lose both time and money. They also think that switching to a new solution will be incorrect as they are somehow running their organizations with the manual style. If you too are facing such a reluctant phase, you need to verify whether your organization truly needs attendance management software or not. 

There are some signs that indicate an organization truly requires an attendance management system software. Does your organization too? Verify below-

Signs that your organization truly requires an attendance management software

  1. Lack of transparency in your attendance management system- If you facing a lack of transparency in your attendance management system, it will be better if you equip your HR department with an advanced attendance management system. Generally, when you have a high employee working hour rate but your production level is not up to the mark, there is the chance of time theft. 
  1. You cannot track exact working hours by your employees- which employee starts work when and when he/she end the day- if you are not confident about these timings or information, you should be confident by enabling an attendance management software solution. Generally, manual registers can be filled with the incorrect employee in and out time. And such a practice for a longer time seriously affects the performance and production of an organization. But with an automatic attendance management system, there are no such chances. The start and end timing will be recorded in real-time and there is no chance of manipulating it.  
  1. Attendance data can be modified at any time- If you are managing a pen-paper-based attendance register, the data can be modified by anyone at any time. If data can be modified at any time, there is a high chance of time theft and your payroll management will be difficult. You will also find it difficult to identify the best performing and poor performing employees of your organization. Apart from data manipulation, some employees enter the wrong date and time in a hurry several times in a month. The entire system will be confusing as well as unfair. 

An attendance management system software will help you in recording details of each employee in real-time. There is no need to enter attendance data manually and there will be no error as well. 

  1. There is no critical functionality support- attendance management is not all about recording the work start and end timings of all employees. It’s more than that. There are some important as well as complicated tasks such as multi-level approvals, biometric integration, mobile submission, and so on. If your present system is unable to perform all these tasks, you should enable a proper attendance management software solution as soon as possible. 
  1. You can’t prevent buddy punching- If you are finding that mentioned performance hour rate is high yet your production is not up to the mark, there is a chance of buddy punching. Not only you but also a lot of organizations face this issue when they go with the manual attendance management process. To prevent fake attendance, enabling a software solution is the only solution. In this way, employees will not get any chance of buddy punching as you will be able to track everything. 
  1. Lack of attendance information- detailed attendance information is required when an organization needs to make informed business decisions. But if you fail to record genuine information and save it for future use, informed business decision-making will be tough for you. So, you should equip your HR management team with the best attendance management software so that they can collect and store accurate information and make reports based on them. 
  1. Lack of employee availability- leave management is a complicated task. You need to provide paid and unpaid leaves and at the same time, you need to keep the production level up to the mark. Due to the lack of proper leave management, a lot of organizations face a shortage of headcount to deliver work on time despite having a sufficient employee base. Leave and production/performance management will be easy with attendance management software solutions. Based on your requirements, you will be able to design the availability of your employee base. You will be able to do better scheduling and achieve the daily work target without facing any interruption. 

These are the seven main reasons that lead an organization towards attendance management software solutions. If you are facing these seven symptoms or any of these reasons your organization is dealing with presently, you should enable the best attendance management software as soon as possible. 

HRMWARE is an ideal attendance management system with truly rich feature sets that will help you in having a fair attendance management process. You can get it free of cost if you are running your organization with up to ten employees.