Big & New HR Roles To Transform During And After COVID Scenarios

There’s no area left where the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t hit on this earth. We are facing massive disruption in every industry. And now it seems like all traditional ways of working have become a matter of the past including traditional hr roles and responsibilities. According to expert HRs, every organization should revamp their HR policies as well as hr management processes in order to maintain the balance with new normal settings and requirements. Organizations are in search of alternative ways to keep organizations functional amid the threat of the pandemic. In search of this alternative way, HRs are performing important and new HR roles. They are simply leaving no stone unturned in order to bring ease, smoothness, and interruption-free ways to keep the organization truly functional. 

While exploring alternative ways, HR managers and hr executives have realized the need to equip all organizations regardless of the size and type with an HRMS software solution. Since 2020, HRs are researching the best ways to keep an organization functional during the pandemic. Apart from this, they are also searching for ways that will let their organizations have some advantages when the pandemic will be over. We can say that they are performing and bringing fruitful results while concentrating on two different scenarios (during and after COVID scenarios). 

Due to the pandemic now our world has fallen into uncharted territory. According to industry experts, this pandemic is going to significantly impact the USD 180 billion Indian Information Technology sector. But the silver lining is that it seems like a short-term challenge for the information technology industry. The pandemic has increased the demand for remote technologies and as a result, the IT industry will gradually see an increase of opportunities in the market especially the product companies that seem to be more profitable in the near future. 

Remote working 

Due to the pandemic, there is no better alternative than remote working. Most organizations are trying to let their employees work from home. Such a sudden change in work style is increasing the demand for automation and collaboration tools along with rising in the shift to cloud computing. Now HRs also have the responsibility to keep employees motivated and enthusiastic to achieve all these mentioned things together. In such a situation, the HR department of nearly all organizations is tasked with ensuring sufficient enablement and engagement of teams along with preparation for some hard decisions. 

Before the pandemic, there were a lot of companies that used to manage human resource management things manually. Or there were some companies that used to use various spreadsheets, excel files, and software solutions (needed to install on all computers) for complete human resource management. Such practices now should be replaced with automated and cloud-based human resource management software solutions in order to satisfy the present and upcoming requirements of organizations. 

Already a lot of companies have enabled cloud-based hr management software solutions with next-gen feature sets. These systems are actually SaaS products and satisfy various types of hr requirements single-handedly. If your company has a support of such a robust software as a service system, there is no need to spend money on various types of software solutions. 

Before the pandemic, many organizations used to spend lots of money and time on various software solutions such as payroll management software, attendance management software, employee management software, leave management software, and so on. But during the pandemic, spending unnecessarily this much money is not appreciated at all. You should enable a cloud-based hr management software solution like HRMWARE that will satisfy all your remote work requirements at the best level. 

Create a workplace with more sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy

Now HRs are in an attempt to achieve progressive organizational change. It is actually imperative to attract, retain, and nurture a diverse workforce without the help of proper remote technology. HRs are leaving behind all manual procedures and equipping each and every performance area with a robust remote hr management software solution. With such a technology HRs will be truly prepared for bigger and new HR roles during and after the pandemic. With hand in hand with such a technology, we can see changes in hr roles. How are they going to manage human resource things with cloud-based hr management during and after the COVID-19 pandemic? Let’s explore this below- 

Attendance management- there were some companies where HRs used to maintain paper-based attendance registers. Some companies also had biometric so that employee in and out time could be recorded in real-time. But now neither employee can go to their offices nor use the biometric. In order to do proper attendance management, today’s HRs are doing attendance management with the help of a cloud-based hr management software solution. 

HRs will get a dashboard where they will get attendance-related information for each day. They will be able to see how many employees have started their day and who are yet to login into their work system. Here, everything will be recorded in real-time. So, HRs do not need to verify attendance-related data again and again in order to keep everything completely error-free. No manual error will be in the process and HRs will be able to deliver accurate attendance data to the management and owner of the company. 

Such new HR roles are really attractive as here we can see the amazing blend of automation and innovation. We can predict that even after the pandemic, HRs will prefer to continue with such technologies in order to manage paper-based and time-consuming new HR roles. The pandemic is actually making us show a great shift to technology. It’s like there is no better alternative than holding the hands of technology if an organization wants to survive as well as grow amid the pandemic. 

Leave management- most organizations have let their employees working from home but that does not mean employees will not require any leave. On the other hand, it is also true that when employees are working remotely they take less leave in comparison with the time when they used to work at the office. 

Just like the attendance management system, in the case of leave management, many companies used to depend on specific leave management software solutions or they try to do it manually using email. But such a manner used to bring too much confusion and production used to get hampered due to improper leave management. We must say that some organizations are smart enough that they didn’t take any risk even before the pandemic and equipped their HR departments with the best hr management software solution with great leave management features. 

In order to do proper leave management now HRs and organization owners are enabling cloud-based HR management software solutions. It will help in managing everything remotely. Employees will be able to apply leaves via the leave section of the HRMS and HRs and owners can approve based on the organizational policy while keeping the production level up to the mark. HRs will get a quick list of leaves to approve along with a calendar of leaves applied by all employees. It will help them to make quick leave and production management decisions. No matter which type of new hr roles are there to deal with during and after the pandemic, it seems that every role will require the assistance of technology. 

Payroll management- This is another important aspect of any organization. From calculating salaries to updating policies- there are so many things to take care of. Some small and medium-sized companies used to follow manual processes in order to do complete payroll management. Here, HRs need to deal with a lot of confidential data and a single error can take the organization to the court. Manual calculators, spreadsheets, excel files, paper files, file cabinets, and so many things HRs used to access in order to perform their roles. But you can realize that in order to carry out this process, HRs need to visit the office but now remote work is the only way to perform administrative new HR roles. 

Cloud-based hr management software solutions like HRMWARE are ideal in such cases. These solutions help at the best level so that HR can easily perform payroll-related new HR roles. From calculating salaries to preparing a payslip for each employee, everything will be done automatically. There is no need to spend days just calculating wages and prepare salary slips for all employees of the organization. These things will be done automatically and HRs will get more time to concentrate on other important areas such as keeping employees truly engaged even when they are working remotely and so on. 

Employee management– employee management is one of the most challenging new hr roles. It has become harder now. Employees are working from their homes. How they are performing, where they are spending most of their time, employee engagement, and so many other things are there that being an HR you need to track. Employee tracking is truly important when it comes to employee management and performance management. When employees used to come to the office, the HRs or the team leaders could track each employee to check their work status. But in the remote work environment, there is no such chance. 

But you can track your employees’ performance easily with the help of a cloud-based hr management software system. From their workday start timing to their leave history and other details- you will be able to track everything. It will help you in understanding which employees are engaged and performing well and which employees need more guidance. It will also help you in preparing a training strategy and employee engagement strategy. 

Easy recruitment and onboarding- you know that these are basic and new hr roles and responsibilities. Maybe the world is fighting with a deadly virus but for that recruitment and onboarding cannot be stopped. Organizations will require quality employees and candidates will search for better companies. When organizations are working remotely, candidates will not come to the office for interviews as it will increase the risk of virus spread. 

In order to do effective recruitment and onboarding now, companies are conducting interviews online and onboarding the hired ones in the same way. From preparing job advertisement descriptions to shortlisting candidates- you can manage everything with the help of a cloud-based hr management software system. For face-to-face interviews, there are a lot of paid as well as free audio and video call tools. 

When it comes to onboarding, such a software solution will also help you to guide the newly hired employees. Such software solutions generally come with an employee self-service portal so that employees can do many things on their own and HRs get more time to perform other important and new HR roles. Newly hired employees will be able to insert their bank details, professional documents, and other required details to the cloud storage, and HRs and owners will be able to verify or use that information based on the requirements. There is no need to visit the HR department in order to submit the required documents. The ESS portal will also say a lot of things about the organization and it will help your newly hired employees to have a better perspective about your organization. 
These are basic yet important and new HR roles in a company that HRs need to perform perfectly without having any error. If you too are running your organization remotely and want to shape the new hr roles for present and after pandemic scenarios, you too should equip your entire organization with robust cloud-based hr management software solutions. After having a deep analysis of the present scenario, we can say that no new hr roles will be performed perfectly if there is no support of any SaaS solution. In order to have such a solution, your employees do not need to install any additional software or hardware. All you will need is a browser and an internet connection. In this way, you have to prepare for the new normal world. The new normal setting will also bring challenges but you have to overcome that with the help of technologies, expertise, and intelligence.